Monday, July 23, 2012

Time for a New Chair

Strange,,,my page won't load.  Won't let me reply, won't show blogs i follow.  Think it has something to do with IE?  Hmmmm,,,think i'll check that out.  Yep,,guess that's it.  I keep getting pop ups saying i need to update IE,,But,,i have the latest one, so why?  I've tried running it, and it will stop and tell me that.

Well, we sure have the dog days back,,probably thru Aug.  I'm considering myself lucky to have had this summer cooler and wetter.  LOLOLOL,,,sure cost me in mowing.

I'm gonna go and check out new lazyboy chairs later.  There's nothing wrong with the one i have, just not comfortable for me.  I bought it because it didn't sit as low as my old one, easier to get out of.

Well, just got back and having that new chair delivered between 1 and 2.  I think i'm gonna love it.   Gosh,, need to remember to get my camera out of the car, i'll show you.  I had talked to J earlier and told him i was going there today about a chair,,and they were wanting a sofa or futon...i told him to check there.  While i'm waiting for the paperwork to get filled out,,she gets a call about a futon,,,lololol,,,wasn't him tho.  

So stupid,,i keep hearing about gun laws.  Don't they realize if someone had been carrying,,,that shooter in CO might have been stopped?  Thank God,,here in TX, we can.  Years ago,,in Killeen at a Luby's a gunman went in and started shooting.  This one woman had taken hers out of her purse, left it in the car because a sign said no fire arms.. Her parents were killed sitting there.  Amid others, don't remember how many now.  That was something she would have to live with the rest of her life.  IF she had left it in her purse, she could have shot the gunman.,,,,saved some lives.  If i had a permit, i would darn sure keep it with me, in this day and age, wouldn't you?  I just have my shot gun now, no hand gun.

Just got a call, they are bringing the chair,,yall tc, and