Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Full Moon Tonite

Hey,,how are you today?  I'm good,,thx..

Stopped by friend S yesterday, and somehow the word "salad" came up.  I told her i was craving a chef salad, and before i knew it, she was handing me all this stuff to make one,,like, boiled eggs, some ham, tomatoes.  I had to get lettuce and some dressing,,(yeah, dressing,,1 carb per serving) and when i got home, i chopped up this big bowl half full.  Now,,i didn't go overboard and get some garlic bread, made myself have crackers with it.  Was just right!  Couldn't eat but half of it, so i have more today.  Plus,, i just boiled some eggs too.  Eating high on the hog,,,lol.

Long time ago, when i had teen age boys, maybe their friends too, i'd make BIG bowls of chef salad for supper sometimes.  The reason i bring this up, is cause they had never eaten salads before and when i made myself one, they said they'd like to have one too.  Never mind i had to have a bottle of salad dressing, ranch, for each...lolololol.,  So,,every once in a while, that's what we'd have... Amazing, to get them to eat green.  Oops,,i used to make that dressing by the quarts.  I got the mix and added the buttermilk.  By then, it didn't make them gag to hear that word,,buttermilk.  They had found out that's what i had used for years for batter for frying.

Somewhere along the way, i figured out i could buy a lb of ready to cook shrimp, batter it up, deep fry it, and have a HUGE platter of it.  4 of us couldn't eat all of it.  That sure beat buying it at the sea food market in Austin, cleaning all those stinky things, then cooking them.  Took hours to do that.  I even had that little tool to devein with.

Can you tell what's on my mind?  If you said,,,FOOD, you're right....

On MysticMud's blog today,  she's talking about minding your own business.  Especially in the South.  Well,,i can do that just so far, but,,,like her, when i see an animal or person being abused,,i can't stand it.  When i lived in the last house before this one,,i was out one day watering and the pit bulls behind me, kept barking and whining.  When i got closer with my hose,,all that water,,,i was horrified to see they didn't have any!  It was so hot that day too.  Here they were, seeing all that water, and they had none.  First thing i did was go over with the hose and put some in their bucket, but no one was home.  I tried calling the boy's family and even got in my car and went by their house and still couldn't find anybody.  So i ended up calling the animal control.  By then the dogs were my best friends...lol.  You can tell around here, whoever has those pit bulls are druggies.  The boy was selling there, i would see it at all nite hours,,quick stops...lol.  He did fix their water buckets so they wouldn't turn over.

OMG,, just remembered something.  At that place.  One morning i got up and went out for the paper, and there was something floating in my pond.  Furry.  When i went back out later, found out it was a dog. I had never seen it before.  I got a shovel and a trash bag and loaded it up, took it out to a road side park and dumped it in the trash container there.  It was a short legged dog, and i think it fell in, then couldn't get out. 

Did i ever tell you about dumping about a 5 foot chicken snake in the trash container at home?  Guess when the men picked it up and dumped it out, musta almost had a heart attack.  THEY LEFT IT!!  Still lmao about that.  Gal's gotta have a little fun,,,don't we?  I had already terrorized my 2 siamese with it for hours, laughed til i hurt.  When i carried it in past my female, her back bowed up, hair stood straight out, and her tail looked like a bottle brush...hahahahaha.  So you can imagine how they reacted with it laying in the floor still moving sometimes....

I can NOT believe my friend S and another went to see Magic Mike and didn't call me!!  It was in Marble Falls.  She said if they could find an excuse to go back,,she'd call....lol.  She was laughing about all the old women there in wheel chairs, on walkers,,hhahahaahaha...

Enough nonsense,,,yall tc and