Monday, September 5, 2011

Labor Day? Monday? Well, OK

Labor Day,,,,means nothing any more.  Monday,,,the same.  That's what happens when u get to where i am.   But,,,this first front?  OOO yeah!!!  Darn crippling heat gone!!!  I even have my windows open today. 

About 5 pm yesterday, tho, i had a terrible scare.  A grass fire on the block across the street to the North!,  which has nothing but an ol house about to fall down, fire hazard.  I heard the call on my scanner,  looked, didn't see anything, but,,,less than a minute later, i saw flames, then less than another minute had come all the way over to my street!!!  And was approaching the back of that house.  That's when i left.  I got in my car and went to the North a block, and watched til they had it out.  They got there real quick.    Had to air my house out later, what with all the smoke.  Then about the time i was ready for bed, they were called back for one spot that was flaming again.  Waited til that was over, and to bed i went.  Believe it or not, i had a good nite's sleep.  lololol,,  We had 3 fires here in this county, but there were so many more in central Tx, was horrible.  Still is.

Took a container of soup out of the freezer yesterday, forgot about it and made oatmeal for brunch.  Well, got supper. 

Boy, there was a storm opened up about vista,,hahahahaha.  NO ONE LIKES IT.  Like someone else said, too, BB, it's just not compatible with anything.  And never gets better.  By the time Dell was letting u choose which u wanted, it was a few months down the road for me, and i had gotten used to vista.  HP was top of the line for a while, might still be.  Back when,,,u know,  (cause i don't know how long ago) my first one was compaq.  Wow,,,only one internet company anywhere around here, (i'm in the sticks)  and we were limited to 40 hours a month!!  Was so slow, i never had a problem with it.   Think it was 256K. hahahaha,,,Won't even get into  the modem not working for months , having compaq pick it up and take to Houston to figure out the problem,,(was plugged into wrong place).  Best Buy went on my *&^%% list.  Took it back lots of times, never fixed.  Even had repairmen come to my house.   Wow where was i?  Think that was the one lightening got.  Yeah kinda sure of it.  Had insurance.  

Gosh, it's 12;30 and still nice.  When that first really cold front comes, i always cooked deer chili or stew.  Loved it.  Now since i rarely cook, don't know what i'll do.  Only reason i have that soup is cause i cleaned out my freezer, found that beef needed to be used.  Lol, i put rib eyes, and chuck roast together.  hahahahaha  Made a good soup.  You seen those boxes of the 6 oz rib eyes at Walmart?  Had a couple of those left.   There are T-Bones too.   Can't eat beef much, now.  Gotta be falling apart tender.

Think i've bored yall enough, for now, anyway.  TC, HAGD