Saturday, September 1, 2012

White Cranes




These were a group of white cranes, out at the city park ,,,yesterday.  There is just one large one, and the rest are about 1/2 that size.  The large one is right at the point on the bottom.  I know my pics aren’t good, but,,,, it’s this or   nothing.  The reason I know they are cranes, is because J and I looked them up on here a few days ago, determining what some blue birds were.  Saw the white at that time.  But why there’s so many little ones, I have no idea.

Got my mower man, and bro’s snake out there this morning,,,and,,,wouldn’t work.  He jabbed and jabbed, and it never changed a thing.  Soooo,,,came in and called a plumber.  Gonna get to see some butt crack,,BB,,lolololol.   He’ll be by today.  Better not be lying!!!  He’s new here in town, and they’ve rented bro’s car lot space,,,She does the great burgers,,,(used to).

Sis N’s having us all out there later today.  Bar b q.  Think I’m gonna take those firecrackers.  Darn,,,need oil.  But I can get that at the $Store.  Not going til later,,,too darn hot.  There is shade tho. 

Got flea med on Jude,,,and 2 filters cleaned,,one more to go.  It’s the first.  Jude was sure scratching last nite,,,was time.  I am convinced those bad bites I had were from the fleas.  He always sleeps on my lap when I’m watching tv at nite and at one time,,,those fleas were giants.  Just 1 or 2 is all I ever saw on him.

Well folks,,yall tc, and