Tuesday, December 30, 2014

It's Contagious

Seems everybody is getting it,,, that bug of "NOTHING TO SAY" Had to say that, lol. I seeDD hasn't been on for 3 days!!!!!! Now, that's a first.

Then a few more, saying no more posts, nothing to say. I do mine when i have a little, sometimes i think i shouldn't.

I do have one good thing to say today. I'm off oxygen right now, have been for 2 days. Off all the other too, like that nebulizer, nose sprays, inhalers, etc. But still have some steroids left, so not sure what will happen then. My appointment is the 19th. I had an application put in to be qualified for the rides to and from doc appointments, but even tho it's been over 30 days, haven't heard anything yet. Wouldn't you know  that when it was sent in, is when the program has had all the upsets.

Got someone coming this morning for home health care sign up. My doc told me there wasn't anybody doing that any more, BUT, there is! In fact, several companies around here are. Now i need to find out just how many, get a list, and give it to them at the clinic. She said there were people asking all the time.

Weather getting bad, now, front came in this morning, DD and BB. Might have ice, a little, by Thursday AM.

I was so glad to see my Lifetime movie channel back to normal, not just Xmas movies. In fact, i watched "the Heat" last nite, with Sandra Bullock, and the one on Mike and Molly. ?,,,

These were so popular as Xmas gifts, Walmart might be sold out by now. I gave them to everybody on my list then some were wanting more, or asking, where did i get those?,,, lol. In case you can't tell, they are ceiling fan pulls. My niece opened theirs, said WHAT???? YEARS!!!,,,lololol,,, shorthand for why did it take years to do this? I added a mail box alert to some too. It's a yellow ball that pops up when you have mail put in.

Might be back, or not, before New Years, but just in case, Have a HAPPPPY NEW YEAR!!!!!!
Also, tc, and


Friday, December 26, 2014


DD reminded me of my son, when he was in high school, came home from school for the holidays, sick. Really sick. High fever, stayed in bed til Xmas day, had to get up and go out to skate on his new skates with the others, you know. Put him back down, I even took him to the ER, and was told he had the same thing everybody else did, but the doc didn't realize how bad he was. He needed to have been admitted. He lost a lot of weight, looked grayish for a long time, til i took him back in March. He was told to stay home, do nothing, take double vitamins, don't remember what else. But he finally got well doing that.

I made that jello salad and that's all i did. Just wasn't much able this year. Were LOTS of people there, good thing they have a big house, big breezeway, and big patio. And it was warm enough for the little ones to go out. lol The smallest took her shirt off, already barefooted, and went out. About dark time the trampoline just flat broke thru the middle....Not a new one, was from last year. But there were riding toys, lots of other stuff.

We actually had enough food to make it thru supper too. 3 turkeys, 2 hams, all kinds of sides. I put a plate in a microwave for later, and later, it was gone! Had to get a little more for it.

My nephew is coming over today to get my new printer working. I know he'll sleep all morning,,, lol. He's the tech guy who gets stuck with helping all of us.

Gonna get some laundry going, yall tc, and


Wednesday, December 24, 2014


Got my green stuff, jello salad, made, and yeah, had to have some for supper. Will do so today too... lol. Gosh i love that stuff. All it is, is large cool whip, small pistachio jello, 16 oz can of crushed pineapple. I doubled it. Dump all in, even the juice.

All the small gifts are in bags, found them at Alco for 50% off. Was well worth it, not having to dig everything out to wrap with.

Saw a recipe on Facebook, tried it, and it IS good. Use a can of crescent rolls, sliced apples, sprinkle with cinnamon and sugar. 15 mins on 350. The pepperoni and cheese are just ok. Heck you can stick anything like that in em, gonna try cream cheese with something, maybe that pepperoni. lol. O yeah, you do roll em up.

Ok, that's it yall, tc, and



Sunday, December 21, 2014

WEEEE, Winter Solstice Today!

I'm always ready for this one, but then, the summer one too. lol.

I think i'm ready for Xmas, didn't do much. Family got too big so i cut everybody out but just my own. Was looking around in the Alco (that's closing) and there weren't any Xmas cards so, snooping around in the Xmas stuff in the back, i found this little bitty Xmas stocking, about 6" tall with white fur around the top, glittery pink stocking. OOO yeah, perfect for g/daughter to put some money in, with a note that's it's only for personal. Hate to give money, but in this case i'm gonna. She's getting a divorce, moved, and money is tight, so i know she wouldn't spend anything on herself now. I have to shop where there's electric carts to ride.

Now for my health, hate to even bring it up, but was doing so bad, went to see my doc on Tues, then went back Thurs and she put me back on steroids to try to get me along the way to see the lung doc. That's the only thing that has helped, dont know why. My O2 won't stay above 90 without it. That's with the elbuterol treatment, 2 different inhalers, and the oxygen! Need to get me fixed! Oxygen on 93 right now, lololol, good for me. I still think i have something that will go away, allergies?, lots of stuff coming out of my head, and coughing up stuff too.

Well. guess thats all ive got, sitting here staring at the screen, so yall tc, and


Mentioning those burr stickers reminded me of what my son and bro did a few days ago....They built a torch,, hahaha, my x heard them and asked what they were doing, and when they told him, he said "i remember what happened last time yall played with fire",, lololol. (set the back lot on fire, had to call FD). I haven't seen it, but bro told me it burned BIG. So he's been in the process of burning them out of his yard, they would never be able to get them out of the house since they are having Xmas there. When others heard about it, he had to go do theirs too. I'm waiting to hear about my son getting burned,,,was always that way. If things happened it was to him. O yeah, they did his yard too. If i remember, (brain won't work good with low 02) i'll try to get pics.

Friday, December 12, 2014

LOVE This one,


1.  My mother taught me TO APPRECIATE A JOB WELL DONE.
    “If you’re going to kill each other, do it outside.  I just finished cleaning.

2.  My mother taught me RELIGION
    “You had better pray that will come ot of the carpet.”

3.  My mother taught me about TIME TRAVEL
    “If you don’t straighten up, I’m gling to knock you into the middle of next week.”

4.  My mother taught me LOGIC
     “Because I said so, that’s why.”

5.  My mother taught me MORE LOGIC
     “If you fall out of that swing and break your neck, you’re not going to the store with me.”

6.  My mother taught me FORESIGHT
     “Make sure you wear clean underwear, in case you’re in an accident.”

7.  My mother taught me IRONY
     “Keep crying, and I’ll give you something to cry about.”

8.  My mother taught me about the science of OSMOSIS
     “Shut your mouth and eat your supper.”

9.  My mother taught me about  CONTORTIONISM
     “Will you look at that dirt on the back of your neck?”

10. My mother taught me about STAMINA
      “You’ll sit there until all that spinach is gone.”

ll.  My mother taught me about WEATHER
      “This room of yours looks as if a tornado went through it.”

12.  My mother taught me aabout HYPOCRISY
       “If I told you once, I’ve told you a million times.  Don’t exaggerate!”

13.  My mother taught me the CIRCLE OF LIFE
       “I brought you into this world, and I can take you out.”

14.  My mother taught me about BEHAVIOR MODIFICATION
       “Stop acting like your father.”

15.  My mother taught me about ENVY
      “There are millions of less fortunate children in this world who don’t have wonderful parents like you”

16.  My mother taught me about ANTICIPATION
       “Just wait until we get home.”

17.  My mother taught me about RECEIVING
       “You are going to get it when you get home.”

18.  My mother  taught me MEDICAL SCIENCE
      “If you don’t stop crossing your eyes, they are going to freeze that way.”

19.  My mother taught me about ESP
       “Put your sweater on, don’t you think I know when you are cold?”

20.  My mother taught me about HUMOR
       “When that lawn mower cuts off your toes, don’t come running to me.”

21.  My mother taught me about HOW TO BECOME AN ADULT
       “If you don’t eat your vegetables, you’ll never grow up.”

22. My mother taught me about GENETICS
      “You’re just like your father.”

23.  My mother taught me about my ROOTS
      “Shut that door behind you.  Do you think you were born in a barn?”

24.  My mother taught me WISDOM
       “When you get to be my age, you’ll understand.”

25.  And my favorite:  My mother taught me about JUSTICE
       “One day you’ll have kids, and I hope they turn out just like YOU”!!!

Thursday, December 11, 2014

Health Issues

I think i posted i was seeing my doctor Tuesday, HA, got sent to the hospital, for observation while they changed my meds. Could barely breathe. I did drive myself there, and got started on oxygen immediately. Stayed in my clothes until i came home Wednesday.....Well, took my pants off to sleep, and surprisingly, slept pretty good with that tube in my nose.

One good thing, no pneumonia, just some wheezing. My heart doc even came by, told me it was NOT my heart being the problem, was my lungs, then put me on a med that will help both interact better. Reason my heart was racing was because of my O2 getting too low, under 90.

My new printer is still not working, need a new color ink cartridge, cause i pulled off a piece of tape that i shouldn't have. Don't think i can find one here. Gonna try one more thing here, putting in the one out of my old printer, not the 61, but is the 60 and looks like it might work.

O yeah, i was put on oxygen 24/7. Got that going a few hours after i got home. Not sure if i need to do the sleep study or not, now. Think i'd better call. HATE this!

Hope yall liked that Taxes thing,, tc, and


Taxes, Taxes, & More Taxes


Tax his land,
Tax his bed,
Tax the table,
At which he ' s fed.

Tax his tractor,
Tax his mule,
Teach him taxes
Are the rule.

Tax his work,
Tax his pay,
He works for
peanuts anyway!

Tax his cow,
Tax his goat,
Tax his pants,
Tax his coat.

Tax his ties,
Tax his shirt,
Tax his work,
Tax his dirt.

Tax his tobacco,
Tax his drink,
Tax him if he
Tries to think.

Tax his cigars,
Tax his beers,
If he cries
Tax his tears.

Tax his car,
Tax his gas,
Find other ways
To tax his ass.

Tax all he has
Then let him know
That you won ' t be done
Till he has no dough.

When he screams and hollers;
Then tax him some more,
Tax him till
He ' s good and sore.

Then tax his coffin,
Tax his grave,
Tax the sod in
Which he ' s laid...

Put these words
Upon his tomb,
' Taxes drove me
to my doom... '

When he ' s gone,
Do not relax,
Its time to apply
The inheritance tax.

Accounts Receivable Tax
Building Permit Tax
CDL license Tax
Cigarette Tax
Corporate Income Tax
Dog License Tax
Excise Taxes
Federal Income Tax
Federal Unemployment Tax (FUTA)
Fishing License Tax
Food License Tax
Fuel Permit Tax
Gasoline Tax (currently 44.75 cents per gallon)
Gross Receipts Tax
Hunting License Tax
Inheritance Tax
Inventory Tax
IRS Interest Charges IRS Penalties (tax on top of tax)
Liquor Tax
Luxury Taxes
Marriage License Tax
Medicare Tax
Personal Property Tax
Property Tax
Real Estate Tax
Service Charge Tax
Social Security Tax
Road Usage Tax
Recreational Vehicle Tax
Sales Tax
School Tax
State Income Tax
State Unemployment Tax (SUTA)
Telephone Federal Excise Tax
Telephone Federal Universal Service Fee Tax
Telephone Federal, State and Local Surcharge Taxes
Telephone Minimum Usage Surcharge Tax
Telephone Recurring and Nonrecurring Charges Tax
Telephone State and Local Tax
Telephone Usage Charge Tax
Utility Taxes
Vehicle License Registration Tax
Vehicle Sales Tax
Watercraft Registration Tax
Well Permit Tax
Workers Compensation Tax


Friday, December 5, 2014

The V/Q Scan

That's the lung scan.  I had to do research on the words, but what i got out of it, these tests were mainly for blood clots in the lungs, which my result is, very low probability of there being one in my lungs. Now, that's me reading from My Chart, not talking to the doc. Sounds pretty good to me, tho. Nothing about the heart one, yet. Had to go to my heart doc to be read, so i don't know when it will get to My Chart. (love this place).

Our health system started using that chart thing and it covers everything you do in this health system, available to you any time after you sign up for it. Shows future appointments, prescriptions, results of tests, gosh, everything. I use it a lot. Of course, it's all available to your docs too.

Wish i knew what i wanted to eat for lunch. My 2 major decisions every day, are: lunch and supper. I ate oatmeal yesterday, and just wasn't that satisfying. Maybe a grilled cheese, getting tired of those, too.

BB picked a good time to come back. Warm enough for the next week, and he'll be settled in by then.

I had forgotten how good John Grisham was to read. Back a few years ago, i had read them all up til that time, so now there's more. You just don't want to put em down. Then, there's new ones by Lee Child, another fav.

OKOK, nothing else to say, lol, so yall tc, and


Tuesday, December 2, 2014


This is the name of that lung test i went thru yesterday. V/Q Scan, lung ventilation/PerPusion Scan. Horrible thing. I had to lay on a little narrow table like for an MRI. Had a thingy with a pillow for my head, and one for my knees to go on. There were 8 sections, (parts) and the first one i could leave my arms down. Took 10.? minutes. 2nd, arms over head or shoulder height for one, took 20.?. Got to move for a minute, then back in same position for #3. Took, OMG, 29.? minutes!! Can't do #4!!! Wasn't gonna do #3, but he said he'd rush it up but had to do it or nothing would count. By then my hip, and shoulder are bothering me.

I know this is long, but so was that. The next, and last, 4 were a lot shorter, and i got thru those. Could move between them more often.  They were like, 5, 6, 5, 5 minutes each. These took about 2 1/2 hours, total for all 7, (missed that one lonnnnggg one).

The heart Echo test was nothing to it. She put that jelly stuff on, and slid around that monitor, for about 20 minutes.

Thru til the sleep test on the 17th. Then back in Jan. for 2 more somethings, forgot. One had to do with walking,,, lolol,,, i'll fail that one for sure.

I've done what i can to get help with transportation, a man sent in the app, should hear around the middle of this month. I really need it, for anybody to take me they have to take off work. And there are times i can't drive back and forth, like, 60 or more miles.

Everybody seems to be putting up trees, getting ready for Christmas.  Not sure if i will even put up my "get out of the box, plug it in" one or not. Already done what shopping i'm gonna do.

We got an Alco here a few years ago, and now it's closing. All of em. Horrible. Only place this side of Walmart, at least 32 miles away, you could get tech things, etc.  It was like a mini Walmart. My sis worked there, but the $Store asked her to come to work for them, and she's already there. They marked their prices up to give like a 5% discount! lololol. They did have my Iams cat food, probably will change.

Yall tc, and


Sunday, November 30, 2014

DD Gone Missing,,, AGAIN

Where are you DD????

Yall tc, and


Saturday, November 29, 2014

No Black Friday For Me

I did look online for a couple of things tho... lol. I've had a printer ordered for 5 or 6 weeks, no hurry, and i did find out it wasn't coming. I have a printer, but it's not an all in one, and my scanner is just about gone. Even with black friday prices, they were not any cheaper than what i had looked at. Then i've been looking at vests, lots more comfortable than jackets for me. Found one this morning but the 9.00 shipping made me forget that one! Was at J C Penny.

My g/daughter had asked me to join them for Thanksgiving dinner at her friend's house out at Buchanan, at 2 pm, so that's how i had 2. Our family one is always at noon. I came home and kicked back in my chair, not able to move,,, lol. Didn't make it back to my bro's house for games, nor supper. Watched 2 movies tho.

I'm ready to know what i need done to be better! Somehow, i'm gonna make it thru one of those tests Monday that requires me to lay on my back with my arms above my head for 20 mins. Not an MRI, so i hope it's not as bad. I've sworn NO MORE MRIs. Might take 1/2 a hydrocodone before.  The echo one for my heart takes an hour, the other for the lungs, 3 hours.

My sis just called and she is having a bar b q later today, for her dotter's bd. I think she told me she was 21. Going to Tech in Lubbock.

Breakfast time, yall, so tc, and


Tuesday, November 18, 2014

Gonna Be Busy

For the next 2 months, i have so many things scheduled, but was assured i would be like new,,, well maybe. The next thing is doing the sleep study, hate that thot. Can't do it at home like my SIL did, got too many things wrong with me,, lol. That's on the 12-17, then in mid Jan., 3 other things. Also, 2 things here at the hospital, which they will call me when they schedule me.

I was prescribed a nebulizer, which i HATE. Used one before. Supposed to do it every 6 hours, but not gonna get up in the nite.

Proscribed an antibiotic, little wheezing he said, and it was the strangest thing. never heard of it. It was a liquid one dose!...And the way the pharmacist talked when he told me about it, it was measure exact to 25ML. I did, and there was a little left, which i poured in, then thot, better not. So i poured it back in the bottle to re-measure, and missed with some of it. HORRIBLE STUFF. Was the stickiest stuff i've ever seen! I would wash and wash, then find another little sticky spot, kept doing this. I did finally get that 25ml down. lol. Then a horrible taste for hours. It would kinda crystallize, was strange.

My dotter took off work to drive me,,, thank heavens. There's just times i don't feel safe to drive. I feel like i can't stay awake, and kinda groggy.  My 02 was 90 this morning when i got up, which is better than the 88 or 89. Below 90 is NOT good. Right now it's 91.

I know this is sooooo boring, but it's my record. Easiest way to keep it.

That icy front that blew in with the high winds, was blowing in around my AC in the N window, and i couldn't stuff enough around it to stop it. Not able to heat my house with that. Then yesterday morning i heard the 2 workers next door, and when i saw one outside, i called him over and asked if they could remove it from the window. Took them about 2 minutes. I had it ready, so all they had to do was lift it out and carry it inside. He had done that before i could tell him he could do it from the inside. Wow, what a difference! I tried to pay them but they would NOT take it. I have an AC sitting on my couch... lololol. BUT, no icy wind...........

The lady that lives next door was taken to the hospital 2 nites ago, and last nite it was all dark, so i think she might have been sent somewhere else. I saw on Facebook where she said she had a preferated colon, been making her hurt bad.

My cat, Jude, had been pulling out little hunks of hair all over my rugs by the back door, and my granddaughter had said he was probably trying to bite a flea. I hadn't seen any on him, but,, a couple of nites ago, i did. Then i looked on down his back close to his tail, and there was like, clusters of eggs, or something. Still no fleas, but i sure put the flea med on him! That was where he had been pulling out the hair. Now he has gotten his white hair so dirty where i put the med. not sure when that will be gone. Gonna get a small brush and some water with a bit of Dawn in it, to clean up the cluster spots. Dawn kills fleas... accidentally found that out when i took a kitten home and stuck him in a bath. Fleas started floating immediately. There was no hair on the rugs today...

Well, yall tc, and


Friday, November 14, 2014

Got a Good Nite of Sleep

Yep, so rare. I slept from 10-6, then dozed til 7;30. Wish i knew how i could do that sometimes.

Between my doc and the insurance company, i'm not gonna get that inhaler, not disappointed tho. With it connected to Advair. Seeing the specialist Monday and i can make it that long, i think, lol. If not, i'll go back to the ER.

It's been horribly cold here, and another Artic front coming Sunday. Hi in the 40s today. HEY weather, this is central TX! It's lost it's mind....

I sure miss MsB.

That''s all i've got yall, tc and


Thursday, November 13, 2014

Can't Sleep

Was told the steroid meds can do this. I saw my doc Tues. and she gave me the pills that will last a week. We tried another breathing treatment with that nebulizer but didn't help either. I'm seeing a specialist Monday, see if he can tweek (her words) my meds, and if i need anything at home for treatment. I also told her i would do a sleep study, and i really hate the thot, but, maybe it's necessary.
When i got up this morning my 02 was 89, then 90, so the pills are taking effect.

My brother came by and put on the AC covers, the old and the new, so i didn't have any icy wind blowing in. That wind is still blowing! Freezing tonite. already in the upper 30s.

I had my house cleaned yesterday,, and ooo boy, does it look and feel good. Especially the kitchen. She's gonna come once a month, which will help so much. I just look and think, gosh that needs done.. lol. Used to clean once a week, everything. Took me half a day just to change my bed, and put my electric blanket on.

It's so late. I made myself some hot chocolate, and ate some kind of little bar thingy. Apple flavored, crunchy. A snack always makes my sleepy.

Got these from my 6 yr old niece,,she's the greatest. I call her Lizzy Dizzy. lol

I taught her how to make jello, and then she had to do it all the time.. lol. When she was 2 i showed her how to tie her shoes, and she DID IT. also showed her how to tie water balloons, she did that too! Smart kid. They moved about 16 miles N of here, so i rarely see her any more. Sure miss her AND her little sis.

Had to get the card up too.

Good nite all, tc

Sleep good

Tuesday, November 4, 2014

Short Today

Had a strange thing happen yesterday. My son dialed a company in Austin on his cell, and when he hit send, my phone rang. I thot he had dialed me, but,,nope. This lady asked for him and it turned out, was from the same place! We did this at the same exact time! I've had someone dialed at the same time as someone else and the 3 of us connected, but ,, not this..

I've been trying to pay my phone bill online since Friday, and the website won't let me. I was on the phone with them for a LONG time Monday, then left. Got back on the phone today, and was transferred just once, (not 3 or 4) and was told i wasn't the only one that had reported this and she would turn it in so they can fix THEIR problem. I could pay it another way, but would have to pay a fee, and WHY would i do that when it's THEIR problem??? She's gonna call me when i can, i have til the 18th.

We're supposed to have lots of rain,,HA! Will report later.

Slept pretty good last nite, feel that i'm adjusting.

Yall tc, and


Sunday, November 2, 2014

Time Change

Started changing time on stuff yesterday. Now i have to remember what i did, and what i need to do.. lol. I'm using my cell phone, first thing i did this morning, so all will be on the correct time. Only thing i still need to do is my vcr. It did it last weekend, and it's good i noticed it when it didn't come on at the time it should have. I quickly put the hour back.

I woke up at 5 and couldn't go back to sleep, sooooo,, was up at 6:15.

My forearms are getting those big bruised looking spots, like i'm taking cummodin, but,, not. A friend said it could be the napraxon, and probably is. I had to increase it about a month ago for my hip but not working. The pain is out from the joint, on the side sorta. Hurts when it touches things and i have to shift around when i'm sitting, to find a spot that won't hurt. I remember when i was about 35, and my doc told me,,,,"you're getting older, you're gonna have aches and pains." Was so shocking!! hahahaha Me? Older?

The doc said if that didn't work, i would need to do some therapy. Don't know if i will do that or not!

I've tried and tried to make an online payment for my phone bill, been doing it forever, and it WILL NOT let me. Means i have to call tomorrow and see wth is going on. I haven't set it on the auto pay, i like to see what is coming out of my bank account before it's done.

I've finished all of the Nevada Barr, Anna Pidgeon series. But there are 4 new J C Box, and i got 3 of them. It's like i just read the previous ones! Finished one of those already!

Deer season started yesterday, heard shots from the river, and 2 blocks E is out of city limits, so hunters around there too. It's packed here in town, but not like it used to be. Back then i didn't get out on that Friday afternoon, was crazy, dangerous to drive. The price of gas and the leases did it. You can hunt on the river for free. The deer know days ahead and get crazy too, and get hit running out on the roads. This county is the deer capitol in the US. They come up from the river, around here, i see the tracks all the time.

Gotta go, yall tc, and


Wednesday, October 29, 2014

No Comments

I had NO COMMENTS on my last post, so that makes me feel there's no reason to do this, no one cares. And maybe i don't have any readers, how would i know?

Sunday, October 26, 2014


As tho it matters, lol. Nothing new to report. Son has one more of the neuro tests tomorrow, and maybe that will be all. He was told that so far the doc had looked at all the MRIs, nerve tests, etc, and hasn't seen the problem with his right side, from the fall. But, there was no test from the elbow up, and that's what will be done tomorrow.

I'm loving this weather. I have one window in the front room, North, that the new AC was put in, (in a hurry) and i'm trying to find someone to take the other one out of the wall, and put this one in. Not simple, the new one is smaller. My bro doesn't want to do it, has problems with lifting, so i'm looking. Left a message this morning to be called about it. But this is the guy that overcharged me for the front doors so i want the price first,,, lol.

Just saw this guy eat a maggot on TV, on Dirty Jobs, making bird food,,,lololol. Watched earlier, how they made marbles. Now they're on spider food,,,,

Don't remember if i told you i got a new scanner, but anyway, thot i would order another 110 plug for it so i could move it around without using the batteries. HA, got the thing yesterday, and it's a cable to plug into a computer. After talking to the company, asking WTH did they send THAT for, he told me he would credit it back and not to send it back. Gonna check at radio shack now. Heck might have one around somewhere. Not that i can ever use that thing. The original kit has a plug to go from it to the computer.

Watched a good movie last nite, The Majestic.  Had Jim Carry in it, who i can't stand, BUT, this one is a drama and he's not acting stupid. Didn't know he did that, lol.

I've watched things about houses being invaded with things, and even one was with garter snakes. Thousands. Never knew if it was true or not, but then, i saw on the news about one that really was, with them. The people moved out so it could be treated, hope they show a follow up.

OMG showing now the spiders being milked,,,they can have it.

Got some kind of beef cooking, trying to get it tender enough to make stew. lol, been in the freezer so i don't remember what it is. Doesn't matter, after it gets tender it will be ok.

Ok, i'm babbling, so yall tc, and


Friday, October 17, 2014

Good Morning

Hi yall,

Nothing to say, again. For me, still the same, for son, hasn't heard from the doc yet. That MRI was 2 weeks ago? About that anyway. He called yesterday, didn't get a call back.

I went out to the city park a few days ago, to feed the geese some old bread. This big bird was sitting on the rocks in the river, and i didn't pay any attention 'til it flew...It was a bald eagle! It flew across, then in a bit, back across. That's when i realized there were 2. Of course, didn't have time to grab my camera. Went back yesterday and they weren't there.

I'm on the last book of the Anna Pigeon series. Sure hate that. Every one has been soooo good. The CJ Box series is too, and there are a few more, since i read them last. They are written so you don't have to read them in order, but i always do.

What do yall think about this Ebola crap??? I'm not scared or anything but i sure wouldn't fly anywhere. There's been a few exposures in the Central TX area, like Belton and Georgetown. Was kids in Belton and now there are some schools shut down. Reminds me of AIDS. OMG, just saying on news, more schools are closing.

My high school reunion is tomorrow, still not sure if I'm going or not. Hate to make plans.

Well, yall tc, and


Monday, October 6, 2014

Can't Remember What Day It Is

I always have to look on my calendar on laptop screen. MONDAY.  Yep, all day.

I also remembered i had to go to the library and the grocery.  Got my rear in gear and did it, gonna be hot today and all week, aaaagain.

I tried and tried to use my hot pad on my elbows, just no way.  If i lay it on the table it hurts to get my arm in position, can't wrap, no plug close enough to my laz z boy, soooo, i gave up.  It IS getting a little better every day.  Another week, month, or so,,,hahahaha.

When i got home i turned my AC on, low 90s today. Got the last 2 books of the Navada Barr series. They are sooo good i hate to finish them. But i think CJ Box has some new ones, and they are excellent too. The Barr ones are about a ranger in state parks. Box's are about a game warden up in Wisconsin or somewhere like that.

Short but sweet? today,, lol, yall tc, and


Saturday, October 4, 2014

Been A Long Time

Same ol thing still going on.  My son fell 3 weeks ago, and now the neurosurgeon has him on a hurry up to do surgery on his neck.  His right arm and leg look like he's had a stroke but he didn't.  He has to wear a boot on his right foot because the toe won't lift up.  Still not sure if that's part of the neck nerves or not.  His neck would lock up and make him fall at times.  He's ready!  Monday is his last test, another MRI, then a date set.  He's had so many.  The EMG and nerve conduction ones were done last week.

Then, i fell last Tuesday, just stumped my toe and down i went, face first.  I landed on my hands, messing up the tendons in my elbows,,bumped my nose and glasses enough to make the inside of my eye black.  My nose is still sore, but not broken.  My arms are black from the elbows up, lol.  I didn't even know it til yesterday when i raised my arms to show my sis and she went,,, OMG... I can't straighten them all the way, nor bend them up all the way either. Had a hard time eating, couldn't get the fork to my mouth with my right hand... They are better each day.

Otherwise, loving the weather change. Had to use some heat this morning. Gonna be in the 70s today.  What a change!

Even tho i don't post every day, i still read all the blogs. Well, the ones i keep up with. lol.

Got a class reunion coming up on the 18th. Will go if son's surgery not interfering. It's the 55th.  WOW

Yall tc, and


Saturday, September 13, 2014

Gosh Where Are We

Nothing new going on.  Why i haven't posted. The new doc ordered an MRI, done at the hospital there, and an EMG, nerve conduction tests.  The same driver took J down there last Thurs. for the MRI, and when they saw the first, went ahead and did a second one from another angle. These are on his neck.  When he told the doc about his swallowing, he checked all that out, and ordered these other tests.  The nerve one's appointment is way down the line on Oct. 21.  Unless they have a cancellation.

Well, night before last he fell. His right arm and leg wouldn't work, so his Dad and gf took him to the hospital and were there for hours,, of course. Ruled out a stroke and finally sent him home. His dad called me the next morning and i went over to his house, and when i saw his ankle, thot it might be broken, had to call an ambulance because he can't walk or crawl.  Hours again, just a bad sprain. In the meantime, the ER doc did talk to the Austin doc's nurse, (he's in surgery on Fri) and she said to get everything put on a disk and get to his office for him to review.  My dotter sent it to be delivered on Mon. So that's where we are.

I talked to him this morning and he's a little better. Had used my walker with the wheels and seat, (i don't use it) to get himself to the bathroom. Very carefully.  His leg is still numb from the knee down, and his arm won't work but his hand would grip today. It has swelling on the back of his neck, and i think it's pinching the nerves there.  As it goes down, i think the arm will get better.

He was also starving, and ibupropin has helped with the pain.

I was so tired i was barely able to drive home, did go by and pick up a milkshake. Sat in my chair most of the remainder of the day, quit a movie with 15 minutes left and went to bed and slept good last night. Feel normal today. Even went to the library and got 2 books, almost finished with my last one.

Hey, it's cold! I'm wearing a jacket and just turned on some heat. WOOOHOOOOO.  LOVE IT.

Now i'm needing a nap...My breakfast is putting me down. lol.

Yall tc and


Friday, September 5, 2014

Rest of the Story

Well, we had a volunteer for a driver, dotter's "other", and went in my car, after me trying to get in his truck lololol.  I always fill my car when it gets down to 1/2, so we just got in it, and went....
He lived in that part of Austin, growing up, worked there too.  So, he took us on a better way?,,, lol.  sure did take a lot of extra time, to miss all that imaginary traffic, but we got there.. Even tho there was no time to stop and eat, so to curb my starvation, we stopped at a burger place and got fries. And yeah, would love for him to do the driving next time too....

Loved the doctor.  He was so thorough, listened, and went into detail with all of this.  No date yet, but wants 2 more tests done first.  An MRI on his neck, and a neurological test done on the nerves to see what is causing the pain in his legs, arms.  He doesn't think it is just the problem in the spine.  Did an xray too.  Used that and the maleogram to point out all of this.  He talked like the surgery for the lower spine was not much of anything.  He will insert screw, or screws, into the bone, crack it. and pull the bone out til it lines up straight, then he's gonna fuse about a 10" section.  (I think i got this right).

But i remembered that J should tell him about his swallowing, getting things stuck in his throat unless he lowers his chin to do it. Then he seemed more concerned with that, and that's when he ordered these other 2 tests. No doubt he's gonna get him fixed up, tho. The other doc had pointed out the place in his neck too, and told him it would have to be fixed later.

He also told him he would probably never be pain free, but thot this would help a lot.  I asked about what could be done post surgery for that, and he said there were the things to use to zap it.  So, got lots of encouragement, and we asked,, when can you do it? Tomorrow?,,, lol.  Reminds me, i need to call to see if both of those tests can be done on the same day..

Well, called and left a message,, isn't that always the way?

While we were there, it came a hard shower, lasted about 15 minutes... Loved it.

Well, that's all folks,, tc, and


Wednesday, August 27, 2014

I Was in Shock

When i read RVSue yesterday,,, was like i had lost my own pet.  Just caught me completely by surprise.
Been there, done that.  I've had some just disappear, and then you look and look, for a very very long time.  And i've never found those either.  That's what happened with a favorite cat,,, and i know someone had to have stolen him.

Took my son to a pain specialist yesterday, and he did a procedure that has done wonders.  Now, why didn't that doctor in San Antonio ever do that?  He went into the bottom of the spine with the medication and disabled (?) the nerves, like the sciatica,  then put some trigger point injections on the outside to release the muscles that were keeping it locked most of the time, causing horrible pain.  Just called him, and must have woke him up, said he's come by later.  No lock ups, but i couldn't tell how he was.

Chance of rain the next few days,,,yeaaaaaaaa.

Yall tc, and


Thursday, August 21, 2014

New State Park

The Powderhorn Ranch has been bought for using as a state park.  It's located on the Gulf coast, between Pt Lavaca and Pt O'conner, and it's over 17,000 acres.  It's the last tract of unaltered land there.  The article doesn't say when it will open.  Article original from Houston Chronicle.  Love it,.

Got up Monday feeling so bad, i called to see a doctor, but there were no openings... even with the 5 or 7 there.  Thot, if i have to i'll go to the ER.  Tuesday i was too bad to do it, but Wed. i got in at 10:45 with a PA that i really like.  Told her i thot i had pneumonia and with an xray, showed some.  I had been checking my O2 all the time, and that morning it was 85! but went up to 90.  When i had the BAD case, i bought that little finger thing, lol.  I asked her for a shot to start, knowing it takes 24 hours for pills to take affect, and now, this Thurs. AM, i am better.  At least my breathing is better.

My son's appointment to see the neurosurgeon is on the 4th.  He can't wait,, wants the surgery NOW.. After the 5 he's had, he knows it's instant relief, no pain..(BB..)  He's been hoping to catch a cancellation.  He's so glad this is all in Austin now, like home. Even tho it's 75 miles.  It locks up on him and it's hard to get it to release.

We had a little rain, again.  Cooler too for a couple of days early this week.  Then one day it sat on the West city limits all day and night,,,lol.  August is soooo near gone.

That's all i've got, yall, so tc, and


Tuesday, August 5, 2014

Yall Know It's Hot?

We're back in the upper 90s,,, o well, got lucky for a few days, which was unheard of in July and August.  Told my bro i'm always glad to see Aug.,, means just 4 more weeks, (which fly for me) until we have hope... lol.  Seen COLD fronts show up in Sept.

I haven't felt worth a plug nickel since i went with my son to Austin.  That got me down for 4 days,, then i remembered cutting my potassium in half,, to try.  Went back, but still not up to par.  Is it the heat?  Can't go with him tomorrow for that myelogram.  He has to leave at 6AM, and it will take 3 hours to do. Then he still has to stay down for 12 more hours.

He was looking thru some papers and found one that said a nurse would call him 3 days before, and since he hadn't had one, he decided he better call them...OMG!!!  They wrote his appointment down wrong!  A day off.  It would have been HORRIBLE if he had gone today, and found out he had to go back tomorrow.,.OMG!  My daughter's BF is taking him and since he was a truck driver for the company she works at, the early hour doesn't faze him.  Hopefully the doctor will look at it and call him around noon tomorrow.  Under these circumstances.  It was all set up for today,,, even seeing the doctor.  If he can't call and tell him what's next, he does have an office in Marble Falls,, and will be there next week on Friday.

I haven't even cooked anything,, been eating junk and frozen stuff. And sandwiches.  And very little of that. O yeah, just remembered i was gonna make some chicken salad,, sounds good.....OK, got my eggs cooking.

Yall tc, and


Thursday, July 24, 2014

This Ran Across My Dining Room Floor



I kept trying to stop it going under things, fast little devil, and finally sat the sack of cat food over it, got a jar, and finally got it in it.  When I was looking at it, thot it had to be a snake, but, what kind?  I had thot I saw stripes on it’s tail, but I didn’t.  My son came by and thinks it’s a grass snake, or a racer, since it’s so long and thin.  I saw it flicking it’s tongue out!  But he had never seen one this small.

I’m still not recovered from my trip to Austin Tuesday.  And I didn’t sleep but a couple of hours last nite.  SOOOOO tired..For 2 days now, I have done nothing.

Yall tc, and











Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Great News!

I am totally exhausted,, but the trip to Austin to see the new Doc was so worth it.  We were both concerned that he would see the info, and his body, that he would say there was no way he could help.   BUT, it was like he saw this stuff every day.  He said there was a deformity on his lower spine, from looking at the MRI done just before the last surgery, and has ordered a cat scan with a dye in his spine to know everything there is to know.  It will take 3 hours to do all that, then  J has to stay flat for 12 more.  I'm not sure i'm able to drive him for this, the way i feel today.  It will require leaving at 6:15AM to get there by 8:15, and that's what i don't think i can do.  It's no problem because there will be somebody to do it,,, i just hate the thot i won't be there to hear what he has to say,  because he's seeing him after it.

He told us that he didn't do this kind of surgery, but knew 3 docs in this area that did.  He has seen 4 done, and 2 developed blood clots in their lungs, but got well with the spine fixed.  With J being 49, and has lots of years left, it has to be done.  He was almost unable to move Monday, and it has been locking up on him.  That makes him totally helpless.  He saw his doc here Mon after he got back from taking his records down there,,,, yep drove them, and got a lot of trigger point injections to help him get thru the next few weeks.  His future would have no hope, just one to get worse, ending in paralysis.  Now, who wouldn't choose the surgery?  I told him there would be lots of negative comments from his Dad and sister, maybe others,,, but i understand and am behind him all the way.  I have put myself in his place.

The doc in San Antonio knew all this, but didn't do but half the fix, instead of finding a doc that could have fixed it, way back 1 1/2 years ago.  Needless to say, no more SA trips!

We were starving when we got thru about 2:30, and stopped at a Luby's.  I got a LouAnn plate of liver and onions,, and she grabbed up about 4 big slices of liver, and i said,, i'm just getting the LouAnn, and she nodded, and put another huge helping on my plate,,, lololol.  I asked for lots of onions and gravy, got that too... Yeah, brought home enough for 2 more meals,,,  I wasn't hungry any more either.  J wouldn't even take a bite!

Got a postcard from my niece in Ireland, yesterday... Wow, when was the last time anybody got one of those?  She went there for 3 weeks on a student exchange thing.  Fantastic.  The only place i would love to go.  She'll be a senior this coming year.

That's all folks,, tc, and


Saturday, July 19, 2014

Have to Put This Here

I'm documenting our weather for July!  Our high yesterday was mid 70s,,, and yeah i said 70s,,, lol.  Had a little breeze out of the N too.  Never had to turn on ACs, had house open.. Love to do that, air it out.  Really rare for summertime.

Way back our swimming pool was closing on Labor Day, and we had a front making our high maybe 70, can't remember for sure... See.  Why i documented our weather this July.  lololol.  Well, back to this subject.  The kids HAD to go that day, after all, it was the last day til the next summer.  LOLOLOL,,, they were the only ones there, had to stay in the water, too cold to get out.  The life guard was all wrapped up.  They didn't last long.  I still have to laugh about that.  That's why i always say, be glad to get to Sept.,, never know about the weather.

For some reason,,, i started researching spine docs in our area.  (maybe BB made me think to do this, too).  Maybe because my son's doc has done nothing to help him since the last surgery except give him Epidurals.  We had never questioned the doc's ability, since he was recommended from the one before, as being one of the top in the nation.  WELLLL... i looked it up and he's just a one out of 5 star, 5 being top rated!  I found several in Round Rock-Austin.  Lots closer, better rated,, like 4-5 stars.  The first one we called didn't take Care Improvement Plus insurance, but the other 2 did.  Chose one that comes to Marble Falls, 35 miles away every 2 weeks, and his office is really easy to get to in Austin.  4 1/2 star... lol.  There are 2 at this place.  They have an office in Round Rock too, 55 minutes away.  J will gather all his records,, ( they said to fax them  hahahaha,, NO WAY, cheaper to buy the gas), and get them there Monday, and gave him an appointment for Tuesday.  There's something really wrong,,AGAIN, that needs to be fixed!!!  After the doc looks at these, and he sees him Tues.,,, we will know what's what.  I do have to say, this doc in San Antonio has done great, up until this last one.

Well, that's what i've been up to, so yall tc, and


Monday, July 14, 2014

The Rest of Em.

Salem St, showing the barn sitting in it.



Locked open gate, going south.


Stock pens, grown up for the last 2 years.



Going over the railroad tracks, then goes down to the river.


Look real hard under the trees, it’s the other side of the river, back yards.


Buildings in main part of town, across the river.


Other side of locked gate, in shade, not showing the lock much, but it’s there.



HAGD again.

Took A While



The gate is locked back, on both sides, to the fence.  Had 2 more pics but lost them uploading,,, lol.  It’s been about 2 1/2 years since we started this, but it won’t ever happen again.  Part of that time was things in our personal lives, my son, my bro’s daughter.  But it did get the new council, mayor, and city manager in effect.  I’ll try to get a few more pics,,

I need to run out to Alco and get cat food, today is senior citizen 10% off.  The 30% off is LOTS better, but don’t have a coupon, and not sure when there will be one,, didn’t get a new sales ad yet.  Don’t think I’ll be out after lunch, gonna be 100+.

That’s my news,, so yall tc, and


Thursday, July 10, 2014

Always Heard of This,,,

But in the bowl, not the tank,,,

This is a rat snake, found a few days ago, here at a business rest room... lolololol.  Does it make you want to look before you sit, now, and forever?  My tank doesn't have those round shaped places on it, so it couldn't get into it.  My son said every one did, to anchor to the wall, but, mine doesn't, just looked.

My cat, on his way to the door to go out, stopped and did some cautious starring at the end of my couch, like there was something there... You think i didn't look?  lol,,, Of course i did.  I didn't move it, but didn't see anything.  It could have been a bug, a piece of paper,,, anything.  He has the most hearing of any cat i've ever had.  He wasn't acting like it was a snake or i would have moved that thing.
Well, the dog days got here.  Forecast is to hit that triple digits for the next week.  I'm in, cool, and can get from house to car, to store,,, library,, etc.  Don't have to be out.  The car ac is still cooling great, after that little shot of freon.

Yall tc, and


Tuesday, July 8, 2014

Who was saying,, hate to read blogs that start with,,, nothing to say?

Ha ha...

Got my new scanner last week, and been fooling with it since!!!  Being on hold for 45 minutes, yesterday and today,, trying to figure out what i'm doing wrong.  Still don't know, BUT,, set it back to original and now it's working,,, hahahaha...This county just has 2 things to pick up, but this homepatrol is supposed to pick up analog too... Heck, when i heard them talking an hour or so ago,,, I LEFT IT ALONE!  Maybe another time, i'll look into that.  Still have the old scanners for that.

BB, this road you're on, takes so long to get there.  It's wait, do this, wait again,, do that,, wait again,,etc.  Then you finally get a date set,, weeks down the road.  There will be a doctor that'll fix you up, and then you'll wonder why,, you waited so long.  Meanwhile,, do what you have to do, to get there.  Lots of experience here.  (My son)

The ol dog days are almost here,, by this coming weekend,,will be here.  We've been so lucky this year, cooler, rainier.  LOVE IT.

Gosh, lost this, and finally found the draft.

I'm gonna try something,, see if i can lose some weight.  No supper.  I eat it even tho i'm not hungry, soooo,, WHY?  I can snack a little if i need to.  Right now, it's noon, and i ate breakfast about 10, so lunch,, later.

DD, does your pond have anything in it?  Would love to see pictures,,you know,, lol.

Ok, enough of this nothing,, yall tc, and


Sunday, June 29, 2014

So ,, Not Anything Going On

My Queen Anne's Lace, this year.  After you get this established, it's there.  No care necessary.


Yeah, I know they're blurry on top,,, best i can do.  Like i've said before, taking pictures just never was my thing.   It was sure covered with bees.  You might even hear them buzzing.  lol.

Been staying home, staying in. Hate the heat and humidity.  Maybe because i have COPD.

I don't know where i left off, all the unexpected expensives coming up all at one time.  Just in June, had the starter, and driver's window repaired on my car, and in between those, had to buy a new AC.  Comes in 3s?  lol,,, hope that's all.  The driver's window had to have the motor and the switch,,and yeah,, i know,, i thot so too.  Did it really need that motor?  lol.  I think so, because the man is so trustworthy, and checked it out down to that.  My car is old enough, the motor had to be ordered thru another place.  Not the normal one.  Switch was there tho.  

Instead of another large 210 AC, i got a 12000 btu, 110, and stuck it in a front window,  which i HATE, but saved taking the other out of the wall, and filling in around the new one.  It's an Energy Saver, and soooo quiet... Love it.  The 5 year warranty was still good, but,,, was told might as well throw those in the trash, not much covered after the first year.  They've gone the way of TVs,, cheaper to buy a new one.  I used my bro's discount, so saved a little.  His son and my other bro put it in for me.  Hate losing the bottom of my front window, but,, getting used to it.

I have to laugh at Jude,,,Every year i have to comb and comb, getting all his excess hair out,, tons of it.  He loves it!  Now he's gotten to trying to lead me over to the chair where i sit to do it, every time i'm trying to get him in the house.  hahahahaha  Wish i could shave him, like dogs.  I think he would love it,,, heck, might try it sometime....

Yall had enough nonsense yet?  lol  OOOOO yeah!,,, Still no pain from my hip.  Did have to get an injection in my wrist tho.  Had to choose between surgery, or trying the injection again... It has worked.  The last one had lasted a year.  Using the injection wouldn't have let the surgeon see the problem enough to really tell what was needed,,, why there was the choice,, taking the chance.

Just saw the Country Reporter going to Enchanted Rock.  In case yall don't know, that's here in our county.

I've ordered a digital scanner, be in next week... Gosh!  Hope i can figure it out.. It's the Uniden HomePatrol.  You put in your zip code, and supposedly, that's it, for the programming.  All i want to pick up are the ones used here,,, not sure how it's going to work.

That's all folks,,,tc, and


Friday, June 13, 2014

How Do I Get So Behind?

I've had a lot going on, lately, and just haven't taken the time to post.  Sometimes it's hard to take the time to just read them. lol.

I've had doctor visits,,, meeting my new one, getting some blood tests done, (all fine), to see what she can do with my high calcium.  Got a message yesterday to come in next week, and we'll talk about that.  I will see the specialist in Sept, and she has been in contact with her.  NOT going to Round Rock, she will be just down hwy 71 then.

Then, had to go yesterday with my wrist,,, hurting all the time.  Had a choice of surgery or another injection to see if it would work.  Chose the injection.  It will take a few days to work.  I had gotten to where i could just barely use my hand.... starting the car was a Major accomplishment....

Speaking of car,,, Just put that starter on, and then my driver's side window quit on me.  And, it's the motor,,,died.  He got it up, til he can get a new one.  As old as it is, had to order from another place, cost more.  I was hoping my son had one laying around, but he didn't.  Gonna be just under 200.00

When it rains it pours, right?  YES,,, the large AC in the front of my house, died too.  It was just under the 5 year warranty, BUT,, that meant NOTHING.  You trash em, get a new one... just like the TVs did.
I got a smaller one, 12000 btu, 110v, used my brother's discount at Buttery's, and his youngest son and my other bro put it in for me that day.  Went ahead and put it in the window, left the big 220 one in the wall, too hard to fill in around a smaller one.  I'll take it out for the winter, the little one.  That little thing cools just fine, and it's so quiet i'm not even sure it's running when the tv is on.  Love that.  It also is an Energy Saver, will cut off fan and compressor.  The little 5000 btu i have in my dining room, is the coolingest, hi speed blowing you ever saw.  It would almost cool the front too.  Why i went ahead with the smaller one there.  But, so loud.  And runs all the time.

Did we have some storms last night???   O boy, did we.  We got about an inch of rain, but 15 miles E, someone said 3 1/2" in an hour there.  I did hear about flooded streets, a tornado around,,,small hail, trees down.   Jude hid in the house, lol.  I just went to bed and left him, but,, heard him about 1am wanting out.... Need one of those thundercollars,,, maybe lol.

Gas going up, food way up, coffee, (im stocking up,,,,) good thing i'm cutting down.  My blood sugar keeps being way high so gonna try the diabetic diet more.  With the pills i've taken, it never mattered.  I have craved sugar, gonna have to do sugar free stuff,,,grrrr.

Well, almost lunch time, got part of a rabbit cooking,,, friend gave me one... Love them.  I'm cooking it like i do chicken, baked, brushed with a little oil and seasonings.  One time my Dad decided to raise them to eat,,,BUT none of us would eat those.  hahahahaha.  It's fine when they come from another place.

Yall tc, and


Tuesday, June 3, 2014

Back Again

Just saw a road runner out in the street coming home from the post office, running into the yard where they used to nest,,, They're BACK... love those silly birds.

Had this almost finished, and just touched something and it alllll went away... makes me not want to redo for sure.

I changed companies for my diabetic supplies, and had to take the ones i had to the post office, sending back for credit.  The meter never worked right from the start.  That's what i've done today,,, lol.  Called the new company and got all set up with them.

My son took my car yesterday, put freon in the AC, changed oil and filter, and rotated the tires.  I'm good for a long time.  The AC needed it last year, but, didn't get it done.  My car is a 2003 so i don't think it will leak out any time soon.  Took all these years to get at this point.

I bought a bottle of salad dressing at Alco a few days ago, and took a bite yesterday and OMG,,, i was burning... lololol.  It has jalapeno in it.  Now, gotta get another bottle just to eat a salad meal.  I can't tolerate hot at all.  So instead of a salad lunch, it'll be another sandwich.  Maybe, salad for supper.

My sis has been without TV for a few weeks, and her antenna she was hooking up, wouldn't work without that box for older TVs.  She put a tv on layaway where she works, Alco, but it'll be another couple of weeks to get it.  So, i loaned her my box, and she called later and we went thru everything i could think of, and she's just getting one channel.  During the nite, it hit me,,, you know how something keeps niggling at ya,,, i think there's a switch on the back of her tv that needs switching.  The channel she gets has a huge tower just outside of town so that's why she's getting that one, i think.  Anyway, i'm gonna call her later when she gets off, and tell her to look for that.  I have one TV on my antenna, and had to get that box when they switched to HDD.  The other 2 i have, are on the cable and had the HDD.  Have i confused everybody?  lolol.  I've had to use that little TV sometimes, too, when the cable goes off right in the middle of something.  It gets all the locals.

Yall tc, and


Saturday, May 24, 2014

May Almost Gone!

Here it is, almost 11 am,, and it's 73*, and light rain, drizzle.  NOT 95-100*.

There's a lot going on this weekend, including blue grass music all day today on the square.  I just drove over there and not one parking place anywhere close enough to hear... So, back home.  I sure can't walk all that way, then no where to sit.  There's a big motorcycle meet just outside town too, i'll drive by later.

Heck, i love sitting here with my back door open watching the little bit of rain dripping off the roof.

My blood sugar just keeps on getting higher every morning.  It was 184 today.  I have an appointment with my new doctor for Wed... so i'll find out what to do.  I'm not eating different, nothing else has changed either, sooo,,, who knows?

I'm reading a series of books by Nevada Barr, about a park ranger.  The one i'm on has just covered her helping fight a forest fire, then going thru a firestorm, using the "tent" thingy while the fire went over.  Wow.  Learn something new in almost every book i read.  I always wonder how the authors get all that research done to write about things.  I know in this tech age, it has to be lots easier.

My bro B is bar b qing later today.  A nephew and his family are here from Sherman.  Well,cousin.  lol.
I keep getting better with my hips, back, all the time.  I walk excellent now, it's the muscles in my back that gives me problems now.  Not the joints.  That's why i still can't stay on my feet very long.  BUT,,, no pain walking!

Did yall know that you can't buy a hamburger at Sonics any more?  What you buy now, is a cheeseburger, cut the cheese for a hamburger!!  And of course, you're charged 3.79, and don't get a discount for cutting cheese.  Have any of you ever heard of such a thing?,,,

Well, that's it, folks,, tc, and


Thursday, May 15, 2014

Hate Google!

Did you know you can't get rid of Outlook.com,,, nor Gmail?  I've spent hours and days trying to do this,,,, NO WAY... I took googlechrome off today, had to put it back for some of the things i use.  Like, blogger,, coundn't even do a post without it.  I even spent a couple of hours on the phone with Verizon,,, and it didn't help at all.  Even they can't seem to do it.  I keep getting a pop up message saying my Verizon account is almost full, need to add an extra account,, HA, can't do it.  AND,,, WTH happened to OutlookExpress?  Who knows,, it's just gone.

I have watched that darn cat video so many times,,, and LMAO every time!!  I know you've seen it,,, it's been everywhere... My Mom had a cat just like it,,, she could just see a dog, dogs, going down the street, minding their own business, and here she went,,,catching those poor dogs by surprise, making them yelp and run... no matter what size.  And o Lord, help those that dared come into the yard.... hahahaha.  Go to this on Youtube,,, if you are the only one that hasn't seen it,,, hahahahaha.
Heroic Cat Saves Kid from A Vicious Dog Attack!.

O yeah, we got 3" of rain,, total.   Was fantastic!  Bring it back!

My doc is leaving!!  Horrible!  I went yesterday for a final visit,, good thing, today is her last day.  Since my calcium was up higher on the 2nd test, she had a parathyroid done.  I had a bad charlie horse in my calf days ago, and it's still not quite gone.  She also froze off a little, kinda scaly spot on my face, thinks it's ok.  She recommended another female doc... too.

Just saw that cat vid again!! hahahaha,, the news channels love it too.

My first X, with the car lot, said he needed some curtains, and the next day i remembered i had some like he needed.  Wide narrow windows.  So i dug them out, still had em from my last house,,,lol.  Took them to him and also told him i would cut off and re-hem new ones, if these didn't work.  He checked my car ac, said it was low, and some time he'll put in some freon.  Now, isn't that worth the exchange?  lol.

This one news channel has shown that cat vid,,, 3 times now,, in just the one hour.... hahahahah,,

Gosh, the Voice, and Idol,, both ending next week.  Hope there's something coming on in their place,  i know So You Think You Can Dance will be.  I've always loved music, and dancing.

Yall tc, and


Saturday, May 10, 2014

Been a While

I don't know how i ever did a blog daily.  Even now, it seems there's nothing to say.

I left the house yesterday to get milk,,, got distracted i guess, and soooo,,, this morning i didn't have milk for breakfast.

I've pretty much been staying in out of the heat.  Where i used to get out and go to the park, or somewhere, now,, too hot.

The last 2 mornings, i've gotten up with fire ants on my kitchen counter, and had to spray, clean, and hope they didn't come back...   Well today i used another product, supposed to leave a guard to keep them out.  We'll see.  I looked outside and can't see where they're coming from.  LOLOLOL,,, they're not as bad as the maggots i found one time... hahahaha,,, got out of bed, went to the kitchen for my first cup of coffee, and just stared.  Right there on my counter was this HUGE mountain of maggots!!!,  Squirming around!  I just looked, got my coffee and left.  During that first cup, i was thinking about those darn things, so when i went back,,, i did look up above on the upper cabinets, and there was the source... wood ants,, dropping their larvae down!!!  Done it all night i guess.  There was a smaller pile on the other side of the sink.  I scraped all of em off, and threw them out..  No more ants!

Got this big vase of flowers yesterday,,, from my dotter, for Mother's Day.   So pretty.  Still hoping we get together tomorrow, tho.  Haven't heard nothing.

With all the rain in TEXAS yesterday,,, not a drop here!  Just kept going around.  Don't know whether i believe we'll get some or not,,, Mon-Tues.  Said 3-4"  HA.

O yeah,,, all my scanners have just become obsolete.  They've switched to digital, and i've been researching,,,  The one i think i want is called Homepatrol.  Says you enter your zip code, and it sets itself.  Gonna call Mon and talk to them with some questions.  A man here, told me there were 2 different ones, and you had to get the right digital one.  What i was seeing didn't say anything like that.  I have 4 operating now,,,lol, 3 gotten at garage sales,, but with the price of these new ones,, i'll have to make do with one.  Just over 400.00.

Ok, back to my chicken salad making.  O,, have yall ever burned eggs boiling them?  I KNOW better than to cook without my timer!

Yall tc, and


Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Same ol, same ol

Well, it has cooled off, had to use some heat earlier today.  NICEEEE.

Also, had a starter put on my car,,, hope that was the problem..  When i was putting it in the car book, i saw where i had had one done about 2 years ago....Battery in Oct.. soooo,,, who knows.

I did get out and go do the early voting.  There was one person i wanted to see on the city council.  He gives em hell,,,goes to every meeting, asks about the whys and whatnots,,, like the spending, etc.  Keeps them honest.  They even kicked him out of one not long ago.  lol.  He sure won't be a yes man to anybody, like others that get elected and forget who put them there.

OOOO yeah!  The new mayor and city manager looked over all our street closing folders, told us we were right on, (told him i knew that,,lololol) and that gate had to go!  So in the near future, that street will open up again,, and also, one that got closed years ago by a city council that didn't have us to stop it....haahhaha.

But, by then the river might be all dried up... No rain, lakes getting worse, just don't know what will happen.  Back in the 50s, i remember the river drying up, a cracked river bed.  Water was brought in by train.  You sure couldn't' water anything, barely could bathe,,,lol.  Then, it came down in a big roll, was lapping the bottom of the bridge by the time i got out of school.  Never has done it any more,,, yet.

Giving a report right now on tv,,about the drought.....

Saw a sign of termites a couple of weeks ago,,, again.  Every few years, i've had to treat my house for them.  The house i used to have, that my bro B has now,,,had them once,, was treated, and they never came back.  That was when they could use the good stuff.,, That worked.  DDT? lol don't know.

Time for supper, Idol will be on in a bit, so yall tc, and


Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Found It

Yep, found that clippie.  It was in the corner,, like, a 6" space, behind something.  Don't see how it could get there, but it did.  When i had one of the teeth filled that it fits between, it's never fit as good as before, and the dentist worked on it a long time,, til i got tired of doing it, lol.

My g/dotter has posted something on facebook, about earth porn, and it has the most amazing pics.  I have cabin porn, gonna look for others now.  I put one up as my screensaver, and it is soooo beautiful..  A red fox curled up,, in Canada i think.

Took my cover off my front AC, and i will be using it later today,, i bet.  Says upper 80s for Austin, but we get a little warmer.

And, i have to go to the library today too.  Just like a few pages in my last book.  I usually get 3.  Need to find a new author today.  I've read all of James Burke, and Wm. Barnhart.  I have a list of good ones so it won't be hard.

We got a pretty good rain late Monday,, kinda stormy.  Had quite a bit of hail, up to a 1/2", and a few quarter size.  I think there was lots more up the river, so maybe it'll get on a rise.

That's all i've got, so tc, and


Saturday, April 19, 2014

Back Again

Darn it, i've been looking all morning for my clippie, tooth, and still haven't found it.  I even went thru the trash,, yuk.  Wasn't a whole lot in it, tho.  I always take it out, and put it in the holder with water, and it's not there.  Soooo,,, have NO idea where it could be, now.  I take it out after i eat supper.

Way back, i was eating lunch at a local bar b q place, and the last bite i took, had something hard and broke that tooth all the way thru the root.  Had to go right then and get it pulled.  This "clippie" just snaps in and has worked so good.  Guess i'll stay toothless there,,,,lol.  I think it's the eyetooth.

My car is still starting, and a couple of times sure did take a long time to do it.  I still wonder every time if it's going to or not.  Kinda bad.  What if i have to go out of town?  At least here, i can call for help.  I carry jumper cables, and the 2 jumper boxes quit working.  If it does it when i'm out somewhere, i can at least see if it's the battery or not.

I don't know how many of yall like the games online, but my favorite is www.onlinebandit.  It's with real people and has lots of different ones.  I like ludo best.  Painted yatzy is good too.  I think DD mentioned them.

Yall keep your eyes out for my clippie,,, lol.  And tc,


Saturday, April 12, 2014

Been Awhile

Haven't had anything to say, so stayed away.  Still don't.  lol.

I did turn my AC on in the bedroom last nite, and slept good.  It's been HOT.  I don't think i'll need it again for a while, but you never know.

I'm still doing great with the hip, leg problem.  I've been telling everybody about glusoamine and others are saying they are gonna try it too.  I did cut down on the dosage, and am now taking 2000 mg a day, not 4000.  I looked it up online and it was recommended to take by the 500s.

My car is still starting, but yesterday, it barely did.  I got home and haven't tried it today.  Of course, it's the weekend.  I will have to get out later, need a few things from the grocery.

See, told ya i didn't have anything to say, so yall tc, and


Sunday, April 6, 2014

Our Easter Spell?

Always heard there would be an Easter Spell, and this sure  seems to be it.  High yesterday as far as i know, was 60.  I had heat on til i went to bed.

The girl had a 3rd surgery on Fri,,, i think, and she is moving her fingers now, which is a miracle.  She also called my nephew to assure him there is no fault finding.  He and his gf are going to see her
today.  In his mind he will always be at fault, and live with the "ifs".

No plans today, and we got a sprinkle of rain early this morning.  And, it's all gone now.  There ARE bluebonnets all over, but i think it would have been all blue if there had been more rain.

And, wow, it just started raining,,, lol.  Lightly.

The wind blew a big limb off a tree onto my roof.  I had kept hearing a noise during the storm, (almost storm) Fri nite, and my 2 bros came by and got it off yesterday.  Now it's laying by the curb, not sure what to do now.... hope the city will pick it up.

The country music awards come on tonite, and i'll probably watch them,, for a while anyway.  Love Blake.  The judges are hilarious on Voice.

Got up and came back, and now i lost my train of thots,, lol,, so yall tc, and


Thursday, April 3, 2014

Great News

The bullet from the 30/30 went thru the girl's arm, then thru her side, nipping her spleen and liver, and that surgery went fine.  They did 2 surgeries on her arm, then said she would need maybe 2 more.  WE are so thankful, first,, she's alive,, 2nd, she didn't lose her arm!!  My nephew felt just a little better after knowing that, but still is not good.  Of course he blames himself.  If this, if that, you know.  He and his girlfriend,, her friend, went to Austin yesterday, the hospital, and stayed there.   My bro and sil went too,  but none of them could see her.  Her bp went up when anybody went in.  She was wanting to see him and her friend, tho.

He has used guns since he was small, and has NEVER been careless with one.  In fact, he was being safe by taking it out of his car to leave at the house, and he went into a dark room not knowing she came in behind him, to unload it.  Those kind of guns are not safe.  His dad, my bro, said it had done him that way too.  My shotgun unloads that way, and i always hate to unload it.

I haven't said this to anybody,,, she will have something to tell with pride all her life,,, "i was shot with a 30/30 and lived thru it",, but he will always have the horrors of it.  They are both victims, and both families are having a bad time too.

My sil is having a bad time, with all the calls, etc, asking questions.  She tried to go back to work today, and got thru the door, and turned around and went home.

Yall tc, and


Wednesday, April 2, 2014

April 1,, Horrible Day

Hope this doesn't upset anybody,,, when i went to the bathroom for a BM, it was a LOT of blood,,but when i stood up, or set down, it would quit.  Had to go a lot over the next 2 hours, and in time it started to clot, so i knew it was stopping.  I had kept wondering whether to call an ambulance, or wait and see.  I did call and got a doc's appointment for 10:15, and after a couple of hours, it had stopped.  I was glad i waited, found out it was a little tear and got a cream to use.  There were also a few small hemorrhoids.. It hasn't come back.,,, BUT,,,  Thot i would tell this in case there were some that have never had this happen, like me.

I had been home about an hour, after the doc.,and heard on my scanner that an ambulance was called to my bro Bs address... I called him and asked, hey, what's going on?  He and SIL were headed to Temple for a doc's appointment she had,, and he told me nobody was there, so i said maybe they got the address wrong.  THEN,,heard something about a gun shot wound, amputated arm,,,calling a helo, and sil calls me,, I didn't tell her all i was hearing, just that i was going over there.... Good thing all the cops were there, i flew.  There were LOTS of vehicles there flashing lites,, gonna have the helo land there, (changed their mind and went to hospital),,,

Found out it was an 18 yo girl, friend of nephew,,  shot thru the arm, then thru stomach, out the back, with a 30/30.   I couldn't get to him but his sister, (niece), came around the house about the time my bro B called back, so i handed her the phone and let her tell him what was happening...Nephew was still sitting in the floor holding her.

They had  stopped by his house,, fixing to go to Kingsland, and he took the gun out of his car, and in the process of unloading it, his thumb slipped off the hammer and it went off.

After they had her loaded up, i followed him out to their patio, and then his sis came back there too.  I knew he sure didn't need to be alone.  So we all stuck to him like glue.  I was the only one with him, and he kept saying he wanted to be alone, and got up when i answered my phone, and took off thru the pasture.  As soon as his sis came back, i told her, and she took off after him, but didn't find him.  You can't believe how all of our family started showing up about that time, and another 2 nephews took off down there and called back that they had found him.  We all stayed there til niece and he left together.

I'm probably not making much sense,,, but i pointed it out to my other bro, G, and dotter,,, this is what "family" means.  We were all there, the ones that lived in town.  Since this appointment sil had, took 3 months to get, and there was nothing they could do at that time,,,they went on, and kept in touch.  B called me about 9 last nite, and told me the girl was stable, after the surgeries,, fixed her stomach, and maybe would need more on arm,,,BUT,,OMG,, she was alive, and wouldn't lose her arm!!!

Don't know what's happening today,, haven''t heard anything.

We had had a prayer together while we were all still there, and i KNOW our prayers were answered and helped that girl.  I will add a note when i hear an update today.  In the meantime, tc, and


Saturday, March 29, 2014

How do You Like It?

When I first saw the beginning,, I thot,,OMG! 
But,, it kinda grew on me, and by the time all that trim was done, it looks really good.  After all, I used yellow and chartreuse, (the color of bachelor buttons.)
One time, I had those growing at the back, and my  niece walked around the corner, sucked in her breath and went ooooo wow… They had grown window high, and were just beautiful. 
They came back for several years, but finally died out, don’t know why.
I’m wondering now, if the glucosamine sulfate is actually helping my hip and wrist.  I’m almost totally pain free!  I ordered a new supply, just in case…we’ll see.
My blood pressure and sugar have been up, gotta see what’s going on with that.  Don’t want to add that diuretic back, nor take more metformin. 
I saw on one of those morning shows last week, about doing 1 minute of intense exercise per week to put you in shape and lost weight.  They talked about doing 20 seconds at a time, but didn’t get if that was per day, or 3 times a day, 3 times a week.  lol,,, whatever, I’m doing it.  He has a book out,,of course, but,, gonna do it from what I saw on the tv show.
Thot I remembered how Mother made her biscuits.  I swear she said just self rising flour and water…. HA,, that didn’t work.  Asked everybody if they remembered but nope, so I looked it up online and tried one, and it’s ok.  Lots better than what I had done before…lol.  My sister N said reg. flour and baking powder, etc, but I knew that wasn’t the one I remembered.  I’ll try another one next time, see what I come up with.  Anybody know?
Yall tc, and