Thursday, December 6, 2012

Nothing New

Same ol Same ol,,,

Haven't seen or heard from J today,,,and just tried to call, no answer.  hmmmm...

Need to get a laundry going, but,,,here i am.  This time of year is not good for me,,always get down.  I know i just have to get thru it, and it will get better.  When  the kids grow up,,,Christmas is just not the same.  And there's no little ones in my family, in fact, we are at the end of the line.  One g/child, and she's not ever gonna have any.  So that's it.  Coming from such a big family,,,i never saw this coming.  My son J,,,might be getting married but she's past the age of having kids too.  How many of yall have this situation?  Just curious.

I did finally get things straightened out with Verizon, but having to wait til next week to pay my bill.  I'm having to wait for all the changes to take effect, like my canceling my online account, so i can go back and sign back on again.  They put it on hold til the 20th so i have time. And i think i'm getting a paper bill in the mail, so i can do it that way this one time.

One time, i had spent hours and hours trying to straighten out another bill, so i finally told em,,i'm billing YOU for MY time, and made sure i charged them more that what we were arguing about.... lolol,,,they left me alone after that.  Why do they assume your time is worth nothing? 

Ok,,laundry time,,yall tc, and