Sunday, March 15, 2015


How ,,, can,,, they,,, do,,, this???

He, not they, did. I might manage the one on the left,,,lol. There's one in the river doing one. My brother said he worked a long time, but did do it. There were lots of them, but just found this one pic today. I know they'll be back, our river is so perfect for it. And how the weather was so perfect, wild guess. Heck, could have been all the ice last week,, hahahaha. Even the crawfish open 3rd weekend of April is a chancy thing.

Well, i'm going out to my sis's again. She called earlier, still painting. Trim now. She said she got on the roof earlier to do a peak, and couldn't get off! The medal was too slick, wet. She ended up sliding off to a bush, to get down. LOLOLOL,, Not getting back on it.

I had told her it didn't sound safe to me, especially with her 6 foot step ladder.

Just wanted to get a picture on here of the rock stacking,, so cool. Yall tc, and