Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Nothing New

Nothing has happened since last Friday.  Thot I could call my doc here this morning, and the phones are out,,,was told they would be fixed by TOMORROW! 11 AM.  Even 911 service is out.  All this part of town and I don't know how much more.  So my cell isn't helping in this situation.  The doc's offices are out too.  I check every once in a while, see if maybe it's back. 

I figured out a way to help me sleep.  That's by bending my knees and laying on either side.  Somehow that relieves the pinched spot in my spine.  Gonna try not to take that pain pill today.  Might have to just sit all day tho.  I was so hoping I could get that therapist here today.

I've looked all this up on the internet, but don't want to do something wrong. 

My son went to the library yesterday and picked me up 2 books, and took my utility bill to pay.  My sis came and cleaned my house and changed my bedding.  She's the clean freak, lol.  Washes her walls all the time!  She said she had had a mouse get into her pantry, and had to throw out all that food stuff.  Ended up trapping 3!  Hope she got em all.  She even cleaned my ceiling fan and omg, it needed it. 

Ok, gonna try to cut my hair and shower,,,so yall tc, and