Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Smelling Smoke?

Got my tv nites back!!  Finally, lol.  Won't have to do movies every nite. 

Went to bed last nite, regular time, and in 5 minutes, heard that someone had called in, smelling smoke here on my block.  I had too, when i opened my back door to let Jude out.  Wasn't strong.  Well, i got up and went out the front, didn't smell it there, but out the back, yeah, still did.  In a few minutes, it was less, so i went on back to bed.  Couldn't figure out what direction the wind was.  Had to kinda laugh, when i thot maybe it was my bro B, using his fire pit (which is banned now, but ,,,,,) and the wind was blowing it this way.  Didn't keep me from going to sleep.  I had seen a city cop driving up and down the street, figured they would patrol the area for a while.  Besides, Hey Jude was sitting out there, on guard.  (Actually, he was spying on the new neighbors, hahahahaha)

Gosh, Tony Bennett in on tv, singing... how old is this man???  Amazing! 

This is boring today,  gonna get outa here, check on other things.  Yall HAGD