Thursday, December 1, 2011

Another Day in the Life of,,,,,,,

Lol, still on a roll.  Got in there yesterday and cleaned the last 2 windows.  wooohoooo.  Gosh, they look good.  Can't stand dirty windows. 

Talked to my cousin in Plainview yesterday, cause some of my emails kept coming back.  He said he'd change settings and see,,guess it worked, they went later.  I gave him this address for my blog, but don't know if he's been here or not, not talking if he has. lololol.

Got the recipe printed off,  ( all 13 pages, i know i know,,,mistake), for rvsue's minestrone soup,,to make today.   Got everything out, and left to go get the can of beef broth, only thing i didn't have.  Well, what i had, i had to throw away,,,AAAAA GAIN.  Those little foil packets DO NOT keep.  soo, ok,,off i go to the $ Store, and,,they don't have cans of beef broth.  They have chicken, they have jars of cubes, and they have a big box of it, but not a can!  I settle for the big box, stuck the rest in the freezer.  soo,,,ok,,now here i am, adding all this stuff to my big pot, and i pick up the one and only can of tomato sauce and the lid looks a little wrong,,and sure enough, i stick it up on the can opener, and whissshhhh,,,so,,,out it goes. GRRRRRRRRRRRRRR,,,Get right back in the car, go to the other store,,get 2 cans of tomato sauce, another can of diced tomatoes/green chilis,,and a small bag of macaroni.  Figured that box i had wouldn't  cook or something,  so now, for sure, i had it all.  Finally it's cooking!,,,not sure i understand what it means tho,,,boil til veges are soft, then simmer to "stew".  hmmmm,,,guesstimate that i guess.    I do get it,,,when it says to cook another 30 minutes after you add the macaroni...Mercy,,,did i ever cook for an army?,,,

Ok,,know this is short, but too much going on this morning,, so yall tc,,and