Tuesday, November 3, 2015

Got Started

Yep, got started on this pain issue. Doc  put injections of something other than steroids into 5 of my lower spine joints. There will be another round next Monday too. This will help her locate the nerve that is causing the pain so she can kill it. This morning it's already better. This is all in preparation for the ablation implant. I told her that even if i had to have the surgery and it killed me, i could NOT live with this. I could barely walk or get up, or get into my car. And now my left knee is really giving me problems... lol.

Why do we have to get old?

I got a chicken dinner at the chicken place for supper, and couldnt even eat one piece. I just can't eat that greasy stuff any more, and would not have gotten it if anything else had been open,,, i mean like restaurants. Why do all of them have to close on Monday? I eat from Sonic so much because they do have a varied menu, should have just gone back there. It really IS cheaper for me to pick up something, than to cook. I keep thinking i should start using my crockpot, and maybe i will,,, some day,, lol.

Ok, yall, sitting here trying to think of something else going on, but,,, it's not, so tc, and