Monday, May 28, 2012

Thank You, all of You Vets!

Have no plans today.  We kinda did our "do" at Bs for supper last nite.  Gosh, he cooked rib eyes!  Melted in your mouth at that!  Haven't had a steak that good in,,well, forever.  He's always been into using seasonings.  He and my boys would get in my kitchen when they were kids, and dig thru all my seasonings, and see who could make the best burgers, chili, etc.  Lots of fries..,.lololol,,,I used a 6 quart iron dutch oven for frying and it stayed on the stove all the time.  Years later, i gave it to him for his own top of the stove.  lol.  He still uses it, too.

One time my youngest son decided he needed to lose a little weight, so he told me to cook just 1/2 the fries for him.  He signed up for FHA in school, and came home and dug thru the freezer, came out with broccoli with cheese sauce, and that was his breakfast,,,,(green=healthy).  Also would get a bowl of salad, but put most of a bottle of ranch dressing on it to eat.  BUT, he got his  Still miss him every day.

I got up just before 8 today!!!  Just thot i would, for some reason.  It was kinda late to go back to sleep.  And, got to thinking about that coffee waiting.  I keep looking thru my bed, but not finding anything.  Even wearing a loose slip on shoe yesterday, caused the top of the bite to rub off, so i've been putting neosporin on it.  It's the same thing i had on the back of my leg before.

There was all kinds of going-ons yesterday around town, but i didn't make it. Don't do heat.  I would have loved to go listen to the blue grass music on the square.  We used to have the festivals here, but i don't think we do now.  The park would be full of them.  For a whole week end.  There was an old car show too.  Lots of good looking cars, saw some when i went by, later.

Got my waffles ready, so yall tc, and