Sunday, March 3, 2013

Thx, New Members

Always happy to see new members.  I, too, have expanded the blogs I follow.   Feel free to comment,,,,lololol.

I just finished off a club sandwich, the leftover half from yesterday.  Way too big for one meal,,has some kind of seasoned fries that are the best I've ever eaten, that come with it.

Today on the Ustream site, Petespond, that I love, there were lions!  Male, female, and 2 cubs.  I had it on there, while I went thru all these catalogs I've gotten lately,,so I could eliminate them.  They sure pile up.  I especially like Collections,etc and Lakeside Collection.  Now, Dr Lenards and those kind, I kinda skim thru.

Nap time,,so yall tc, and