Saturday, May 26, 2012

Check out this great MSN video: Man vs. Angry Goose

Check out this great MSN video: Man vs. Angry Goose 

Watch this if you need a laugh today.  This is hilarious!  That's why i don't trust those out at the park.  lololol.  I remember when i was about 4, and one attacked me, scared me for life,,like that ol cow did.  I went out to get my granma's cow for milking one day, when i was maybe 12, and she was walking along just fine.  THEN, for no reason, she stopped, turned her head and looked at me, then the chase was on.  Good thing i was fast, and that's when i learned to slide,,going under that fence.  You sure couldn't get me back in that pasture with her.  Around here, you don't honk your horn to make the cattle move out of the way, that horn means feeding time.  I did that once, too,,had a whole herd surround me on the road, and more running in.

I was reading on Gypsy's blog, about her dog being sick,,,and i remembered something i did for years.  I had read it in my cat book.  I put like a 1/4 tsp of vinegar in their bowl of water,,,they couldn't taste it, and the fleas and ticks did NOT like them then.  Those collars just made everything go to their back end.  I use the drops on Jude now, cause he's not inside all the time, and drinks outside too.  Have to be sneaky, putting my glove on, opening it.  After one time, they know.  Jude's not as bad as the one that i lost a couple of years ago.

Been on the phone,, with SS, so yall take care, and