Saturday, February 25, 2012

Phone Calls at 7:30AM????

My phone rang at 7;30 am today,,and know what i did?,,i just let it ring, went back to sleep.  lololol,  Why do people assume just cause you;re old, you get up early?  It was the lady friend on the city council and i talked to her later.  No big deal.  She rewrote my letters, and my bro and i have to decide if we like her version or mine.  One is ok, but i don't like the other one.   She's putting a lot of time on this, so i really really do appreciate it.  G is gonna come by later today and we will get it done and go from there.

I'm going out to the lake later with my son and gf, for a bar b q.  I can't stay late any more, so i'll be home by 10,,my bed time,,lololol.  About 9 i start shutting down, and can't make it much longer.  Do yall do that?

Had to laugh when i read rvsue today,,,hahahaha,,after all of her talk about visitors, and she goes marching in on some new campers...lmaooooo.....Uninvited at that!   I'll probably catch a lot of flak about saying this too, but just BRING IT ON.

I looked and looked for little Hop a Long at the park yesterday, but never saw him, but that doesn't mean much.  Even with the big group on the bank there were always a few still in the water.  The geese did show up, hadn't seen them for a couple of days.  I love it when they all, 13, come flying over squawking, and land in the river.

I didn't walk hardly any tho, too windy and cold.  Like i said before, it sometimes helps to skip a day.

I got this FANTASTIC email from my cousin about our cars back in the 50s and 60s, forwarded it to some of yall.  I know i'll watch it again, and save for future viewings..  Let me know if you liked it too,.

Wow,,noon already.  One more thing tho,  yesterday none of my games would work. Not even the free cell.  I rebooted a couple of times, nothing helped.  So strange.  Today they're fine.  I like the best.  You play with real people.  I've always loved games and played domino games, and card games all my life.  I was in a bridge club, but have let that go.  Need to get back into it.  Anyway, any of you that like games, that's a good site.  I play ludo and painted yatzy, but there's others too.  Ludo is like an old game we had, wahoo.

Ok,,time to git,,yall tc and