Saturday, August 6, 2011

Fellow Texan, OR NOT

DD, u better quit being mean to us, or we'll quit claiming u as a fellow Texan.  I WAS enjoying all those pics.  hahahaha,,,know what u mean about crossing the line.  It can be raining all over TX, and u come into the city limits here, u cross the dry line.  Only thing i could ever figure out, was that we sit in a valley.

104 here now, at noon.  Just looked up in time to see the forecast, same ol, same ol,  but not long til Sept.  lololol,,,Hope then.

Thinking about taking a drive out around some of the county today, using my flip.  I'm seeing lots of trees dying out in the country that i've been in, so gonna go another way.  Also gonna film the river at the slab below here, in Kingsland.  Bro B just told me it's dry there.  Looking at my LCRA map it's showing the Colorado has stopped, til it catches a Brady Creek and the San Saba river giving it a little bit of flow.  But down to 1 going into Lake Buchanan.  Here, about the same.  36-22-4.  One of the rivers out at Junction, has stopped, but the lower one is flowing, because of some springs.  That's the only reason we have anything.  B said they had gone there a few days ago.  Out where our river begins.  Starts with 2 out there.

I looked over on a chair here by me yesterday, and there was this wasp crawling around on it.  I sprayed it, and got my insect book out to see wth it was.  Can't find it.  It looks kinda like a yellowjacket, but much bigger.  As big as a red wasp.  Has the striped tail and body.  All yellow and dark orange.  Now, just what is it?  Asked B, he said must be a hi bred.  Cross between a yellowjacket and a red wasp? lololol  Anyway, I DON"T LIKE IT.  There has to be a nest out there somewhere, see them getting water from my container.  At least they don't chase me.  YET.

Gosh, i'm hungry, and nothing sounds good.  What to do.  Take another round of pills?,,,lol, that's 3 times a day.  Well, that includes my vitamins too.  Divide it up, cause some of the pills are 2 a day.  My son is the one that told me to do that, that taking all at once, ur body couldn't absorb them good enough, was wasting a lot.  Made sense to me, so that's what i do.

Guess i'm gonna get into my leftovers.  O well, as good as anything i can think of.  Yall HAG weekend.