Tuesday, March 29, 2011


Just cant make it here on mondays.  When i get home from doing the volunteer work with respite, i collapse.

Ben got me thinking about that 7 year drought back in the 50s.  I posted a comment on his blog, but gonna finish up a few things here.  With the river dried up, the train brought in cars of water.  All outside use of water was forbidden and u conserved even the inside use, too.  Everything burnt to a crisp here over the summer ,,,before the rains came, and the river came down, had to have been in the fall, because i had walked to school that day.  This drought now goes back 2 years, getting into 3 too quick.  Our river has kept up a good flow thru all of it,,,so far.  Rains have hit upstream enough.  The huge rise on the river in the 90s, was a hundred year one.  I did get to see that roll come down.  Looks like a tsunami.  OMG, lmaooo,,, just remembered this bro of mine,,,heard about it coming down, so here he goes down to the river to wait on it.  When he finally saw it, he did decide to move up the bank, TG, because when it got there, that rock he had been on, was under in a minute.   He was so fascinated, he rushed down to where a slab crossed it, about 16 miles downstream.  hahahaha,,,had to wait like 3 hours, got bored, started walking up the stream bed so he could see it coming sooner.  Meantime, hundreds of people showed up to watch too, and one of the deputies was running them back, (trying to),,,when they saw it coming, crashing around the bend, smashing on the rocks, bending trees over, and,,,,,,,,, this idiot running down ahead of it!!!! Everybody saying OMG,,,, who is that??  One of his friends  recognized him and said, o,,,well, its ___.   He knew he could outrun it, so he just kept going, lololol,,,but said he had to keep looking back to see all it was doing behind him.  And yes, he made it all the way back to the slab and up the bank before it went by.  So,,he did get to see the roll twice!!

Growing up here, that river was always a major part of our lives.  It runs over rocks and sand, so its clean and clear.  U play in it, swim, and fish.  It runs right thru town.  Then it also furnished our drinking water.  When a big rise is coming, word of mouth gets a "bridge party" going, no matter what time it is.  Last one was around midnight back in the 90s.  Lapped the bridge that time, too.  That one washed out water lines to our side, so we were without water for 3 days, but the city and volunteer companies kept us furnished with it.  Put off a bath, just doing wash ups, for 2 days, but finally got a big pan of water, and got in the bath tub with it.  LOL,,,well, it did make me feel like a "sorta" bath.  I had a fish pond so i brought in buckets of water to flush potty with.

Hey,,,its Idol nite for all of u fans, (like me).. just nearly died last week when Casey was nearly eliminated!!! This happens every year!! one of the really good ones gets the lowest votes.  that's why they came up with the one time "save",,,,which they used last week for Casey.    Besides Idol, i also love!!! So u think u can dance.  It's not back yet, but will be soon. 

We're right on the line, according to the weatherman, for showers late today.  Who wants to bet me we miss em.  Heard a few days ago, that nothing expected thru april, but pinning a little hope for may.  I dont keep up my yard any more, so dont water anything but trees n shrubs about once a month thru the summer.   Gotta keep them alive, need all the shade i can get.  When i was landscaping it, i used native plants, so there r still lots of tough plants there.  Also planted to attract hummingbirds and butterflies, and still have lots of them.  Really hate that my butterfly bush died, tho.  A small shrub i planted next to it,,,salvia, i think, choked it and a few others out.  Didnt know the roots would do that, so when my sis planted some, i told her to put it way out by itself.  I do really like it, it blooms from spring to fall, and hummers and butterflies love it. 

guess im gonna shut up for today, n find some lunch.  u all tc,,,