Saturday, May 21, 2011

BB Made my Day,,,saying no birds,,,hahahaha

Just told ol Hermit that i had to have fried cat fish for supper last nite. ummmm ummm good. Had all the trimmings, even peach cobbler/ice cream. And that is the child's plate. lol Well, after next Wed. won't be able to eat like that. I hope. Getting the port replaced on my lap band, in case u missed it, or in case I didn't post it. Gosh, now i'm hungry again. hahahaha. No left overs,,, guess i'll do oatmeal with raisins, applesauce on the side. This dietitian at that seminar last week, said throw away everything you've ever heard about how to eat, even the pyramid. Said we have been taught wrong for well over 50 years and that's why there's this obesity epidemic. Just got started, so don't know anything else, lol. But you do eat mostly protein, mix bad carbs with the good ones, to balance out. Grains are NOT good. Blew our minds. All this info.

My son changed the oil and filter on my car last nite, even vacuumed out the driver's side, (only place that needs it). Checked all the fluids, tires, etc, and now i'm good to go. When i worked, i would get this feeling of,,need to do that. And would hit it on the nail. Now----get it wayyy too late. Like,, it had been a year, about 7500 miles. He told me it was a good thing it is a Taurus,,and that he always puts in motorcraft oil that lasts. Sooo, now i have an extra sticky note on this LT, and i had always put it down in the owner's manual, but who takes those out to look? HE put it in the manual, i put my sticky note up. Now i have the car, and the mower done,,for another year?,,,hahahaha

brb, gotta look at tv schedule. Might be a few movies to record. Back,,,guess i'll just skip today. Saw that Planet of the Apes was coming on. Gosh, loved that movie when it came out. Special effects were just starting to get good around that time. Star Wars took my breath away.

Saw this video yesterday, and it's on youtube. Can't find the link, but look it up as baby dancing to bon jovi. Will make ur day,,,I sent it to so many in email, it wouldn't let me do any more for a while!! Was trying to send myself one.