Sunday, April 8, 2012


I really HATE that i had to read that comment from BBC  on Hermit's post.  It was vile and HJs blog was no place for a comment like that.  Why doesn't he do his own blog and put all his corrupted thots on it?  Most of us have banned him, or filter him, soooo,,,HJ,,please consider the rest of us that love your blog.  It's really easy to filter comments, just takes 3 clicks, then he can't enjoy his day,,,if he can't ruin someone else's.

I have been reflecting all day about the real meaning of Easter,,,,and i've been thanking God that he gave that to us.

I got my 3 bean salad made yesterday, been stirring it up every once in a while.  The only store in town, did not have wax beans, so i just put a can of mixed veges in this time.  That's happened before, and once i put in a can of carrots.  Going out to my nephew's later, about 3-4 pm.  He and his helpers will have that hog just about done by then,,,lol.,  They will be too....hhahahahaha.  One time he cooked a youngun with an apple in it's mouth...lololol.

 In case anyone wants to know,,,this is the recipe for the salad:  1 can of @, kidney beans, green beans, wax beans,, 1 small onion, i small green pepper...Marinate with:  1/2 c apple cider vinegar, 1/2 c sugar, 1/3 c oil, 1 tsp @ salt and pepper.  Gets better the longer it sits.

I ate oatmeal just a bit ago.  Hope that holds me til supper.  But,, i  can snack,,stand by the pit,,,lol. OMG,,,already getting hungry...

Well, i've messed around on here long enough,,so yall tc, and