Wednesday, December 7, 2011

You Actually Believe What the Weathermen Say?

LMAOOO,,just read rvsue's blog, and she was talking about watching weather reports ahead of her.  OMG,, those weathermen get so much wrong, i wouldn't have any faith in any report they put out.  Would yall?  I'd check with a whole lot of em, and then go down the middle,,,They sure can't predict rain,,,(snow?) at all around here.  And that would be my main concern towing an rv, on bad roads.  Sunny weather, no matter what the temp,,would sure be my choice, but,,how would you know?  Well, here in the summer, it's always that, so you do know. lololol.

Yall believe in all that man made global warming?  I've read too much about the other side of the coin, so to speak, to take it serious.  Yeah, weather has been unusual but that seems to happen every 1000 years or so,,and that makes it normal.  Man has nothing to do with it, it's nature.  One even said all the hoopla has been caused by newscasters, causing the scare thing, over-reaction to it.  They need something about every 20 years or so, to jump on the band wagon with,,,now it's weather, global warming.  Before this, it was something else, can't remember what, but you might.  There's lots of info out there on this.

O Wow, F1 might be coming to Austin, after all.  Construction on the track starting up again.  They had moved all the heavy equipment away, now bringing it back.  A race gonna be run next year, Sept i think it said.  Get ready DD!!!!!  Throw that job out the window, take off in that new home!!!  Must be a LOT of money involved,,,lololol.  This just happened this morning,,

Got some cornbread cooking to go with my 15-bean soup i took out of the freezer.  And yes it's still not out of date. hahahahaha,,And,,,it's the last package, and on my list again.  Not gonna look at the egg date.  lololol   I just ate oatmeal tho, so it'll be a while before i eat it.  Gotta remember to eat those eggs, i have had em a long time,,, I took something out of my fridge, in a butter container, took the lid off, and,,,have no idea what it was, since it's all mold now.  Think i oughta put the fridge on my cleaning list?  How long is cheese good, if it's not moldy?  I usually just cut that off and use it. hahahahaha,,, OK,,no more food talk.  Got yall sick probably.

That reminds me of that green thing i read somewhere, rvsue?.  We didn't throw food away and didn't come up with food poisoning.  We left most leftovers out from dinner to supper on Thanksgiving and Christmas, and no problem.  I rarely ever looked for an expiration date on anything.  Now,,spices are different.  They just don't "spice" any more,,,it's not the date, it's the taste.  If i ever cook any more, it will cost a fortune,,,lol having to buy all the ingredients.  Stick to bean soup, cornbread mixes...

I just remembered,,had to do a load of laundry.  I still wash in cold water, using liquid soap.  Well, it says u can.  Clothes are clean, best i can tell.

I'm gonna get my faucet covers out of the store room today and stick em on the 3 outside ones.  Have to take hoses off first.  It got down to 25 here,,what that man said on tv,,and tonite supposed to be colder,,,he says,,sooo,,they need it any way,then i'll be thru.

Am i outa date???,,,Out of the 10? new rock hall of famers, i just knew a couple.  Never heard of most of em!!  Well, maybe heard the names, but not the music,,,,My kinda rock is from the 60s, 70s.  Maybe some 80s.

It amazes me, how many Idol singers are at the top of their genre.  In the awards shows, so many winning are x Idols.  One of my favs from Idol is Adam Lambert,  love his voice, his style.  Well, not when he's kissing a guitar player, but otherwise,,,hahahahaha.  He was in the top 10 money makers from last year, like #6. 

Ok,,gotta get,,yall tc