Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Charges Dismissed

Today's paper says the charges against the 10 year old were dismissed. Have to be 15. lololol,,,stupid cop. Seeing it on the news now. Locally, anyway. Still laughing about it, tho, him saying "I don't have a signature, i'm just 10" ahahahaha,,,then printing his name on the ticket.

Not feeling good today, trying to decide if i should go c the doc r not. Didn't sleep all nite, so that's most of it. How can u sleep when ur nose starts running water out? Can't talk,,didn't know it til i tried to talk to sis in law. Ran the neti pot thru both sides of nose. Still taking allergy pills. While i was up around 2:30, was in dining room, reading, when a darn scorpion came running toward me. Sprayed that thing with a yellow jacket spray and it didn't even faze it. Had to chase it down and squash it. Got stung getting back into bed last year, by one. Soooo,,,wasn't a good nite.

DD, it's strange how u can get turned around. There's a place in Kerrville that i get that way every time!! It's inside that little mall over there. Then once, coming out of Ft Worth. Took a lot of convincing that i was going the wrong way. Then all of a sudden, it switches back. Even now, it will happen. How is that possible? My mom had a place between here and Burnet.

Guess i had better c if i can get the dishes done. Then maybe get dressed. Called n got an appointment for 2;30 to c a DA, my doc not there today. Having that pneumonia 3 years ago, makes me concerned, since i do have COPD. I had that without knowing it, no fever, no cough. Just felt bad and short winded. lol, checked my oxygen and it's 96, so that's ok. Yep, got one of those little thingys that clips on ur finger to do that. That way, i can know when i'm in trouble. Right now, everything is from the neck up. Don't think it's the smoke from NM and AZ, think that's going another way. Besides, i never even got out yesterday. My son called late yesterday, and before he hung up, he finally told me he had had to go get staples. What???,,,Seems he leaned over and caught his head on a clasp and cut a 3" hole in his scalp, didn't know it, so later when it had kept bleeding, he asked his dad to look at it, and omg,,,sure his dad nearly passed out. Anyway, he went on, got staples instead of stitches because of 2 weddings he has to be in. Didn't want a shaved head on top. He was just thankful he could go to the office, not the ER. He laughed and laughed about the doc asking if he had ever had stitches. like,,,1000s,,,lost count long ago.

Later. Got dishes done, trash ready. Take it out on Tues, cause they come so early on Wed. Then, had to get back down. Don't have to dress for hours yet. Got enough leftovers for lunch. All set. lol

You c how i can wander. lol,,rattle on.