Thursday, April 7, 2011

Have Another! lunch invite, lolol,,,n cant EAT

But,,,, im going anyway,,,i can at least taste,,,She's cooked a pot roast,,,yummmmm.   This is the friend, S, that took me to Austin Tues.  N invited me out last nite for supper,,,deer meat with mashed potatoes, gravy, pea salad, and YES,, i ate til i was way way over full. lolol,,,o yeah,,,bread pudding for dessert too.  Had to bring that home for later.  The amount i could eat was about half as much as earlier, and i didnt get hungry before bedtime either.  So, things r looking GOOOD.

Been real cloudy all morning, but i went out n started watering anyway.  (bring rain?)  At least no sun nor wind to dry it out.  O yeah, went thru car wash yesterday too.  Gotta rain now.  Guess i could hang my load of wash outside,,, leaving my windows open too.  What else can i do?  Let yall know about this.  Gotta work.

DD ,,, my sis, N, chased a red bird outa her chicken pen, and it was so tired, it landed on the ground.  Her cat had it instantly.  Now he goes with her every time hoping for a repeat.  When she walks this,,,thing she calls a dog, lol (c my vid on youtube, TROUBLEnTX)  both outside cats go with her.    The neighbors r just fascinated by that.   The half grown cats, were throw outs, r bigger than the ,,,dog.  I have a few other vids too,,,TROUBLEnTX1,,,check those out too, if u dare.

Time to go,,,,that lunch is calling.  Ill think about yall while im eating,,,home made rolls toooooo.  Not sure i can eat those, that bread is hard to do, but i can smell.                     

RAIN RAIN RAIN,,,thats my wish. byeee


surpriseeee,,,i did get to eat one of those rolls.  Just 1, because they were as big as burger buns.  Took small bites, chewed a lot. lol,,but,,,it worked.  Was smothered beef, lots of onions, n lots of gravy.  Then a pot of pinto beans cooked with chopped up ham.   A macaroni salad.  Yall hungry yet?  Then, she packed up all this stuff to take home with me, and of course, i didnt argue, much.  Did wash a few dishes for my meal, lololol.  Meals,,i mean.

Darn it, all those on Idol were good last nite,,,but i still just voted for my fav 3, Casey, James, and Scotty.  Wow,,,that Scotty last nite,,,and Wow,,,again.  He did an Elvis song, and ,,well,,just Wow.  Hes just 17, got that deep voice like Johnny Cash.  Getting scary now, to c who is eliminated. 

Just dont know whats wrong with me.  Had all this energy today, have done all kinds of things.  Went out to take a cover off the front AC, and was in the process of doing so,,,n felt something just staring at me.  YES, was a yellowjacket!!!,  right there in my face, almost.  He put his wings up, glaring at me, and,,,I LEFT.  But,, guess what,,,i went back,,armed.  Got that sucker with one shot. lololol  Then, i finished the job.  Now if it gets in the 90s any more, im ready.  I have wall units, not central.  Lots more economical.  I cool the front during the day, and the back, my bed room, at nite.  Have one of those gas heaters with a thermostat, and just that and 1 r 2 burners in my kitchen, is all i need to heat the front.  Never heat the back, like it cold.  I do heat the bed before i go back there, then turn the blanket off when i get into bed.  Works for me.

Well, that catches me up, getting kinda late in the afternoon, better get out n run a couple of errands.  OOO YEAH,,, all those clouds r gone.  All that stuff i did,,,for nothing.