Tuesday, October 11, 2011

What Will Be, Will Be

River flow today>>>>>> get this,,,,84 cfs!!!  Then, i read that we can expect this drought to last at least another year.  I don't believe we have caused this climate change.  It's a cycle that has repeated thru out history.  I've read a lot of the pros and cons, and i do my part conserving, but what will be, will be.  

Been waiting on a call back from the dietitian in Austin all morning.  Why do they wait so long to return a call?  Guess it doesn't matter, i left my cell phone #, so i can get it anywhere, anytime.  My Doc here, called me yesterday very concerned about getting the pneumonia that way, and said it can't keep happening, lol, which i fully agree with.  She called it asphyxciated pneumonia.  (Spelled like it sounds)  For the first time, i'm feeling almost normal.  

The man that keeps my yard work done, is here today, trimming dead stuff.  Wow, it's a LOT.  Now i need to call the city to pick it up.  It's 2 huge piles.

Darn it.  Have to go to Austin and get some of this fill out,, TODAY.  Bro B gonna take me.  Just when i've got it right.  Guess it's better than pneumonia tho. 

I need to make a trip to Walmart, long list.  Groceries, lol.  

I'll try to get back on here tonite, but, most likely tomorrow.