Monday, May 21, 2012

Love Being Retired,,,On Mondays,,,lol

Well,, i did remember the eclipse, but didn't see the whole thing.  Got to see like 3/4 before it got too low.  Then i looked on Youtube and there wasn't anything good of it.   I was looking out my window.  I had tried that cardboard with a pin hole, didn't work, so,,i decided if i saw it at all, would be just glancing out my window.  I think my location just showed that much of it anyway.

HEYYYY, the geese are back!!!,,,No babies tho :(.   They are all there.  I just drove thru there yesterday, and they act like they never left.  Don't know if something got the little ones or what, but figure that's what happened.

I turned my ACs back on yesterday, probably til fall, now.  Well, i rotate them daily. Pays off too,,,on my utility bill.  Even my dotter is running a window ac, and not the central.  Felt just fine too.  The only thing i hate about running them is this one in the dining room, runs all the time,,no way to set it to cut off when not cooling.  So i have that noise all the time.

My son stopped by for a few minutes yesterday and said everywhere he went, everybody was grinning ear to ear.  Had heard about his drive.  I'm not sure that ticket will matter on his insurance.  It was for improper take off.

I forgot to watch the Preakness, but that darn horse did the same thing he had done in the Derby!  UNREAL.  And here i am, can't remember the name,,,lolollolol.  Not even sure if Preakness is correct, so anyway, the same horse has won 2,,,by coming from way behind on the stretch and passing everything!  Makes me have chills to watch it.  SOOOOO COOOL.  I never was into horse races except back when my friends had one, and he ran like that too.,,,Then he came up dead one day, in his stall.  It was his first year.  They always thot someone poisoned him even tho the autopsy didn't show anything.  And i know autopsy isn't right, for a horse, but,,don't know the right one.

Ok, that's my story and i'm sticking to it,,,yall tc, and