Thursday, August 25, 2011

This and That, and did i hear RAIN?

Gosh, i'm soooo far behind today.  Spent the morning getting a renewal app filled out, making copies, etc, after i slept til 9.  Don't say anything!!! I was awake til about 4.  There will definitely be a nap.

DD, and BB talking rain?  WOW.  What a thot.  Even the news said it was raining in Austin.   They broke all kinds of heat records yesterday.  And they're still saying it will be over the 100 mark today, too.

Read about this x-TX student, Giannetti, dropped out of school in 2nd year, to play poker.  Said he could make more money doing that, than becoming an engineer and paying back student loans.  AND, right now he's in 3rd place in the World Series of Poker.  If he wins, he will pocket over 8 mil in cash.  Sounds to me like he knows what he's doing.  Got a nephew that could do that.  My bro told me that he paid his way thru college, winning pool and poker games.  He played in the online poker, prob still does.  Another nephew, when in TN a month or so ago, needed extra cash, so he started doing massages for $1.00 a min.  Made over 400 right quick.  They were at some kind of music festival, 1000s of ppl there.  Didn't hurt that he is tall, great looking.  Think his girl friend got kinda upset, all the girls he attracted.  He didn't care tho.  She had given him the arm bracelet pass, used her car to get them there, and then he traded the bracelet for free flyer miles, and left. hahahaha, Went the long way around tho, thru Chicago, to get back to Austin.  Got home none the worse, with the 400. in his pocket. 

Nap time, goodbye time,,for today.