Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Hey, I Can Do It,,,,

Did u see my updated blog list?,,,,Went into another place, settings, and that let me change them.

DD, I've lived here since i was 6, (sooo many years,,,lololol) and can't imagine not having scenery to look at.  Hills, rocks, animals, etc.  One time, i rode with my teen son, my younger son, and my bro B to a family reunion.  He was 16 or 17, and had a trans am.  He had told me, Mom, i play my music LOUD, and i told him GOOD, liked it like that.  So,,,here we went, and didn't even get out of the city limits here, til he was turning that music down.  I never said a word.  We were gonna be there thru the week end, and come back on Monday.  Sooo,,,we get up on Monday, and i told them to get packed, let's get on the road.  OOO NOOO, want to stay one more day!!!  (didn't find out til a few years ago, why, had to do with girls).  I finally got them to load up, after 30 minutes of all this fussing and fighting.  We got in the car, and started off, didn't even get out of Paris TX city limits, and all i heard was,,,CAN"T wait to get back, see some mountains, rocks, cactus!!!!  That's why u never listen to kids. lmaooo.  The girl story,,,was my son setting a record on how many dates he could set up in one nite. OMG  Don't remember the count, but it was a LOT.  He wanted to break the one the nite before, by doing it again the next nite.  It's just a good thing u DON"T know all the things ur kids do.  Some of the ones i hear now, i don't wanna!!!  Of course, my bro B, was just 4 years older and always encouraged him.

DD, a lot of us are worried about wells too.  With our river drying up,,the wells will eventually, too.  My sis is being frugal with hers.  Even our golf course has started using water recycled from the sewer system.  I think the court house is too.  Oh yeah, that old court house in ur pics, is beautiful.

River flow:  36-25-6 

That pie is calling,,,yall HAGD