Friday, September 30, 2011

Stormy Weather,,,,,

Just a note today.  Was awake all nite, would get up, read a while, go back to bed, and do it all over again.  It was around 5:30 i finally went to sleep, then woke up about 8 and got up, sooo,,,guess what i'm gonna do?,,,Going back to bed.

With all the racket last nite, i thot we had a good rain,,But like DD, maybe a 1/4".  When it all first started the lightening started a small grass fire just below the bridge, but they had it out quick.  My power blinked once, but that's all.  AND, i did remember to check my coffee pot!!!,,,Can't have that clock messed up. lololol.  And my VCR kept on recording.  I have found out that if i miss a tv show, like last week, i can watch the entire thing the next day online.  AND, without all the commercials, maybe just one.  So with that knowledge i didn't get overly excited about the VCR.  lollolol,,,

Little Jude,,just don't know about him.  He was acting like he had never heard a storm before!!  He was kinda hiding,  like, under the table, and never did come and get on my lap.  He did go out about 10, very cautiously, but around 3 i heard him wanting back in, and he acted like he was starving ,,,Guess he'd been so upset over all the noise, he didn't ever eat.  When siamese get upset, the hair on their tails will stand straight out, and it looks like a bottle brush. lololol.  Well, not just their tails.

Been researching scanner radios.  The police dept here is fixing to change over to narrow band digital and i needed to find out what all that meant.  My older ones won't be able to pick up the frequencies, but i can still buy the ones like i'll need for around a 100.00.  It's not like the trunk system.  I do have 2 that will work.  I have picked them up at garage sales over the years, so it's not like i have a big investment.  Have had 2 stolen out of my car, so the one in there is fairly new.  New enough.  Used to carry one in the car, because i was drinking and driving, wanted to know where the cops were.  That hasn't been neccessary for a lot of years but i still like one in there.  Got up one day and just could NOT down another beer.  Drank rum a couple of years, but then same thing happened.  SOOOO,,,no drinking,,,no smoking,,,no,,,,uh,,,umm,,,fun?,, anymore, but what a good time i had!! hahahahaha.Can't throw washers any more, tho.  There's a really good R&R band playing out at the lake, that i love, but, i just can't make it past 10!!!

I called the man that's gonna replace my front doors, and he is gonna let me know if he can do it tomorrow.  I'm in no hurry, had to wait 'til i could do without the AC.

Eyes closing,,,gonna go back to bed.  Yall HAGD