Saturday, November 23, 2013

Still Same Way

Still 36*,,, and I moved my reminder for Family Feud, and yeah, forgot to watch it.  Did any of yall?  If so, did they win anything?

I can blame it on my Sis, she called about that time,,,lol.

I've had a locked up muscle on the upper left leg, on the side, and can barely move.  Been that way all day.  Had this happen about a week ago.  Gonna get in my chair, kick back and nap.  That will end it I think.  Taking aleve, 2 and 2, what do I take for pain?  Bad as I hate them, i'll take a hydrocodone next time.  It almost makes me fall, and I have to lean over to walk.  Can't straighten it out.

I bought ritz crackers a couple of days ago, and all they had were in a smaller box.  Don't know when ritz did that!  Now I have to measure each roll, and see how many to add to make the right length.  I think it will take 5 of these shorter ones.

Jude's doing the same thing today, in and out.  I think I heard him running on the roof a bit ago.  lol, He's feeling frisky.  I explained to him, not gonna keep doing that, he's gonna have to stay out.

Ok,,, nap time, so yall tc, and



  1. The squirrels here keep running back and forth over my roof. When the weather clears up I may just trim all the trees with branches that get too close to the roof. That may keep them off, but I doubt it. Maybe some DSMO will help you, they use it on horses and now people are using it, too. Make sure you dilute it if you try it.

    1. They can jump a long way. I'd try that horse liniment if I had any.

    2. I save the hydrocodone for the really bad pain. Last time I needed it was my last cornea transplant, a couple of years ago. I find that the older I get the less I can deal with pain. Hope you can feel better real soon.

  2. That is a shame you did not get to see your friends or know if they won or not. Did you ever get the recorder you got to work?

    Hope you get to feeling better.

    1. There was an 800 number for tech support to call, and in 5 minutes or less, had my recorder working! That was after the other 2 dummies told me it was defective.
      Just have low back discomfort today, not that muscle lock up like yesterday.