Sunday, July 28, 2013

Working Moms

Just read DDs blog, and had to put my 2cents in. 

I think I've told everyone that we married, at a really young age, me, 16, hubby, 17.  And I went back to school in the fall for my senior year,,,graduated 5 months pregnant.  (Lots of couples at the time were doing this.)  Can't imagine it now.

About a year after my dotter was born, I was offered a job in the school superintendent's office and turned it down.  (My Mom thot that was horrible!!)  But, I wanted to stay home with my kids.  Just one at the time, but,,,lol, more came along.  In fact, 3 sons.  When my youngest started school I started looking for a job, but here in this small town not much to offer.  I started doing volunteer work at the library and,,,got offered another job.  lol... By a new CPA and his wife.  He's the one that taught me the bookkeeping I used for a lot of years.  It was part time, and worked really well.

It wasn't so bad for me, because Mom or Dad kept the kids if I needed it, and I did the same for her....Yeah, the last 2 of ours were just months apart.  The kids sure didn't  The first time that happened, the 2 were, and still are, the best of friends.  But,,,let me tell you, the last 2 hated each other from the git-go.  4 months apart.  They could just look at each other and start screaming,  my sis would start it, but then my son would join in.

Had to keep her when she was 6 months old,,,for a week when Mom had thyroid surgery.  Son was 2 months.  OMG... Don't know how anybody handles twins. 

All in all tho, it was a lot of fun with the kids like that.  No one knew whose were whose either.  There was also a sister a couple of years older than these 4.

I kinda think mine wanted me to work, so they could stay at Granma's.....

One of my brothers, 4 years younger than me,,,got into drugs when he had joined the Navy, so all these younger ones grew up seeing first hand what they did to people, and never touched them.  He ended up being burned to death in his late 40s,,,over that. 

Why are Sundays such long days?  Doesn't make sense, not any different than any other, now.

Well, yall tc, and



  1. That is something special to have a child close to the same age as your sister!!!!

    1. Not just one,,,but 2!,,,My youngest bro is 9 months older than my dotter.

  2. Wow, you got married pretty young! It must have been a lot of fun to have so many little ones running around all about the same age.

    I always wanted a brother or sister but I am an only child. Sure could have used one to help us out with dad and now with mom.

    1. We all lived here when Mom started getting bad, and without even discussing it, we would go by at different times, and check on her. Every day.