Thursday, August 18, 2011

Heyyy,, I'm Still Here

Don't know why i got up earlier today, but here it is, 10;15 and i'm already hungry.  Got chicken leftovers heating up, from our new chicken place.   It was really good this time.  Took almost a week before i could contemplate eating it again, after that last time.  Guess who drove up behind me,,,lololol,,B.  He had said he was starting to crow, after the first week of it being open.  After all this time, he was there getting the fish, yesterday.  hahahaha.

I talked to the animal control man yesterday, and asked him about those copperheads.  He said he didn't get to see them, they had buried them, but the lady told him she had been around them all her life, she knew a copperhead when she saw one!  So, it really was a nest of them, i guess.  Never heard of such a thing.  He also said he had gone on that rattlesnake call yesterday morning, remember?, and it was one about 10" long, about as big as his thumb, had one rattle and a button.  Gosh, the one i had found in my house a few years ago,  with the same rattlers, was about 18" long.  Now, how does that make sense?  Short and fat, long and lean? hahahaha,,,Don't know what he did with it.  That was the first thing my son asked,  he's needing one like that for his show and tell.  He had that coral snake last year, the one i put on youtube, with the baby mouse in with it, never eaten.  In case you missed it, look up my videos, TROUBLEnTX.

How do i keep talking about snakes??? 

Let's talk about weather,,,lololol.  Saying today, if we can make it one more week, might be a change.  Well, sure we can, always have, haven't we?  Lived here long enough to know that.  He's an idiot.  Never liked him, and he's still there.  Have to watch other channels, mostly.  He's just on for the min or so, before the hour, when i'm watching Today.  Have to just turn the tv off at 10, NOT gonna watch the View or Today, a bunch of women giving their opinions.  Way back when i was still a kid, i learned to have my own, and not care what anybody else thot.  One of my classmates told me 20 or so years later, that i was way ahead of the times!!  ahahahahaha, still haven't figured out wth she meant.  She was one of the popular ones, became a model later.  lol, She still is, as a matter of fact. 

OK, food's ready.  bb.

Well, couldn't eat but a few bites, that chicken just doesn't want to go down.  Lap band working right,,,lolol.  Keep putting off going back, don't know what i need, if anything.  Well, i need something, i'm not losing.  Don't want to go to Austin til the weather cools off a little, tho.

We're under severe water restrictions, and just now, they are starting to do something on down the line.  Austin going to stage 2, and their water comes from up this way.  How can that make sense?,,,Why isn't the whole chain on severe restrictions?  Look it up on this.  River flow, which i've been forgetting, is 39-26-3.  With this drought the whole state should be doing it.  Forget about rice farms on down the line.  Grow that in LA,,,lol. 

It's after 11, and i'm still sitting here, putting off that shower.  Still haven't turned on my water heater, except that one time to flush the lines.  Time to do that again.  After,, the shower. lol.

If tv could get worse, it has.  Sure glad i have good books.  I do record movies, and watch those at nite, when nothing is on.  But even that is getting harder, finding some i like.  My bros just don't understand,,,i like lifetime and hallmark type.  hahahahaha