Sunday, April 10, 2011

Good day, Sunday ppl

Used to just love sundays,,,getting all dressed up, going to church.  I even played piano for a couple of years way back there.  Now,,,no dress ups, no sunday nites,,,take time off for holidays.  Rare to find a preacher thats actually a God person, not in it for the money.  I dont believe being in a building will take u to heaven.  I DO believe that living a good life, will.  I have tried to do my best in that regard.

Had to start my laptop in safe mode today.  Then found out in a bit it was so low on memory, i couldnt even uninstall programs...had to delete some first.  What a mess.  Gotta remember im on a laptop,,,lol.  This one does have lots of memory, but not like desktop.  Have to start using flash drives. 

My sis, N, picked us all up some of that food at the fire dept. and i went out there for supper,,,,gosh, could just eat about 6 bites.   (wooohooo),,,well, anyway,,,found out that snake was NOT a rattler, had a long pointy tail.  They were back at the chicken pen when i got there, and i found out why,,,when i walked down there.  C had been close by working on something and heard a hen making a strange noise, and he went to c,,,and the rooster and another hen almost had this one killed...were both on her pecking on her head. OMG,,,still makes me sick.  Was blood all over her, and looked like 1 eye was gone.  Another few seconds and she would have been dead.  He ran the 2 off, out of the pen, and closed the gate.  Later they put antibiotics on her, and i did c her eye open, and i think it will be ok.  They had pecked on top of her head n on 1 eye.  Needless to say,,,theres 2 less chickens out there today.  Their neighbor told them they could have a rooster, n maybe 2 more hens.  He also told them they needed to feed them oyster shells.  Later i remembered that dad always fed back the shells to ours.  Not sure that i believe thats why those 2 did that tho.  What do yall think?  Back when i had some,,,that never happened.  Didnt feed them oyster shells, nor egg shells.

Need to go out to HEB, but sure not gonna today, n cant tomorrow.  Too hot today, respite tomorrow.  Ill just keep adding to my list.  Reason i have to go out there, is i cant get some things here.  Cant save that much any more, with the gas so high.  Like,,,im on my last roll of Charmin,,,ultra strong, ultra large and nobody carries that here.  Also, my soft soap,, i like the new one,,sea mineral, has those little bead things in it.  And,,,my breakfast bars. wow,,,what DO they have here? lololol

Started a movie last nite, but its a long one.  Sandra Bullock,,,with that huge black kid, football player.  Got to the part where hes leaving for college.  (Memorys gone,,,lol) and NO ,,,i dont need to be on the other end at respite.  What has brought all this alzheimers on?  I dont think it used to be that way.  Its like autism.  Ive never even known a kid with it, and they talk like its everywhere now. 

Been trying to think while im watching the masters. Gonna take a break, bbl