Wednesday, April 6, 2011

My Ideal Doc.

Thank God i changed docs.  HE didnt tell me to start counting calories and go back to the dietician.  He checked how many cc i had in that thing, (3 outa 9),,,coundnt believe it, checked again,,,still was the 3!!!!  Stupid doc over in Round Rock, had told me it was 7.  Never checked.  Well,,,he gave me 2 cc and told me to come back in 4 weeks, might need more.  oooo tytyty new doc.... lol  Couldnt eat much after that, either.  Like,, on the way back we stopped at a McDs,,got stuff to go, and i could only eat the little fish patty.  For supper, could only eat 1/2 my grilled cheese.  wow!!! yea!!!  Bread and lettuce just dont work.  If u eat them, it will hurt and u will gag and throw up, not much, but enough to relieve it.  wooohooo.,,,after nearly a year, messing around with the original doc, chosen sight unseen out of a group i didnt know,,,,there is hope.  Talking about bread there,  i can eat toast.  U take small bites, chew at least 30 times, which i had done anyway, and u can eat just about anything.  The friend i went with, had hers about a year before i did, (she lives 2 blocks from me) and shes lost over 200 lbs.,,,without exercising too.  Shes had 2 foot surgeries since then and can walk quite a bit now.  lol... We weigh about the same now.  So, for any of yall thinking about lap band,,,DO IT.  It also cures type 2 diabetes.  Im off one of my pills, but will be off all in the future, even the high blood pressure one, and the cholesterol.  Hate having to take all these pills.  Half r vitamins tho.

Who am i to complain, my son is in so much worse condition, what with all his 4 back surgeries, and another one in the future.  He lives in constant pain.  Makes me cry,,,wish it were me.  Had to laugh about SS printing out his med records from just one place, and it just kept going, and going.  Dont know how many pages it took,,,and that was just one.  He has finally applied for disability, and 25 years ago, after first back surgery, his doc told him to do it then.  Dont think he'll have any problem getting it.  He told me that last neck surgery was over 100000. dollars.  He did have SSI to cover that.  He had to wait for months to get the approval, and one wrong move could have done him in.  BAD.  ok,,,enough.  Gotta look on the bright side, to what hes done with all the kids throughout his life.  Has saved the life of quite a few, just by going by every day to make sure they had food, clothing, etc, til CPS could take them.  Then he kept an eye on the foster parents to make sure they werent mistreated.

Did i tell u, he and his dad, my first x, r buying the block to the East of me? Well, his dad.  When he, son, looked at it, knew they HAD to have it.  At the top of the hill, u can see everywhere.  Down on the town, the dam on river, mountains.  Best location in town.  And,,,best of all,,,the quiet!! Has just one street on North side, that in 2 blocks, is a dead end.  Very little traffic.  NO DOGS.  lol,,,over there where they live, there r 100s, barking day n nite.  DD, these arent dogs like urs... these r in pens, no attention,,,just left alone to bark.  mostly big dogs too.  OMG,,,gotta tell u about the new drug sniffing dog the DEA bought a few years ago.  It lived 1/2 block from them, big german sheppard, and x was out with his cats,,when the dog got outa the pen and came hurtling down the street straight to one of the cats.  My x grabbed up the cat and saved her and took her into the house. Then he called and told them he would shoot that dog if he saw it come back.  They had already had 2 neighbor dogs come over in their yard and kill one of their beloved siamese.  And yes, they kicked up a stink about that, ended up with the 2 pitt bulls being put down.  Anyway, they told him he better not, that dog had cost 5000. dollars.  He didnt even hesitate, told them his cat had cost 10!!!! and he would shoot the dam dog.  It never showed up any more.  So thats what they have to live with over there.  My x goes home in time to take the cats out for just a while, then back in they go.  Texman, what would u do?  lol,,,I know what i would do...never even hesitate.  Working in home health, lots of people had little dogs, and  i really liked them.  Not the 2 pekingese, tho.  Yapping hyper never shut up dogs.  Just thot about what happened back when he bought that house, hadnt even moved in, and a skunk had gotten in thru the cat door.  He called the police dept. and they sent an officer who went in blasting!!!!,,,shot holes in walls, ceiling, etc. and of course the skunk let loose while he was dying.  Sure cost the city to clean that up and replace all the carpet.  Fired that stupid officer too. lmaoooo

Lordy Lordy, gonna HAVE to start watering.  Never going to rain.  Dont water much, just trees and shrubs.

Well folks,,,its lunch time,,,i think.  Im hungry anyway,,,do have that 1/2 grilled cheese left.  Sound good?