Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Bring It ON!!!! (a Norther)

Had to sign back in to google today, to post!!!  Is this a recurring problem, or what?  I'm talking about going thru the whole process of getting the google account.   That was to post on OFM,,not the other 2. 

O well, whatever.  Lol BB, have those beetles around here too, and sure do NOT want em in the house.  There's another black beetle that comes in somehow, all summer.  I use my little trapper thingy and pick them up, throw them out.

Know what yall gonna say, but this was a first.  My right wrist, hip, left knee, hurt allllll nite.  Even an aleve didn't seem to help.  Never have had arthritis that i know of.  Never had rain warnings.  Sooo,,,wth did i do to me?  Racked my brain, and only thing i could think of, was cleaning out that water container outside.  Took a long time, leaning way over, washing, scrubbing, rinsing.  hahahaha, Next time, i'll put it up on the table, like i was telling BB to do with his tube.  Has to be the reason.  Hope it gets lotssss better by tonite.  Still have that pain med, gosh, didn't think about that last nite.

Just cooked some oatmeal for lunch.  Ate one of my breakfast bars earlier, gonna have to quit em. Gives me indigestion every time now,  Another thing i don't have.  Til now.  That's the lap band.  Got an appointment on the 13th, so i'll ask about that.  Need a little more fill.  It works real good for like, 3 weeks, then it starts to stretch or something.  Lets u eat more.  Need to get to the place where my friend is, she can't eat. lololol,,,I called her yesterday, cause i was worried about her not getting enough nutrition, but she said she was.  Might have to quit meats, they're the hardest to do.  Well, breads, salads are too.  Really dry toast works ok. 

I was so glad! to see the end of August, i changed my calendar today. hahahaha,  Now i'm waiting on that Norther BB was talking about.  Anything's possible here in TX. 

Have yall noticed there is NOTHING on tv now???  I'm having to record movies all the time to keep for nites when there's nothing on i'll watch.  And,,the library called and had the book i had reserved, the newest of the Clan of the Cave Bear series, and,,it says the last one.  It's like, 2" thick, hard to hold, but i sure got a ways into it last nite.

Who's gonna watch that Dancing With the Stars this time???,,If it could get worse, it just did.  They had to rake the dregs to come up with contestants last year, but this year???  I have rarely watched it, but sure WON"T this year.

That oatmeal was a DRUG.  Putting me to sleep. 


Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Look Out Now,,Yall

I'm sooooo proud of myself, yall,  all on my own,  i stumbled on how to,,post to our new blogger, BBs son, Mr. nice guy himself, and,,,get this,,DDs!!!!!!!  Wasn't anything to do with cookies.  Somewhere, it showed google account, sooo,,,i redid it.  IT WORKED  I know yall are so glad,,that i can now post to ur blogs. lolololol,,,Especially, you DD. 

I bought one of those foam pillows about a year ago, so this morning i decided to give it a washing, with a set of sheets so my machine would balance, right?,,,That worked.  Went in there to check on it, and that pillow was floating, so,,,i had to reset and start it over.  Pushed it down and hoped it would work then.  lol,,Don't know how much it cleaned it, the cover still has the stains, but it was lucky i left it on, that foam had a whole lot of little pieces coming off.  When it dries, i'm gonna take the cover off, and clean all that off.  Gosh, that thing cost like, around 24.00 at Walmart.  Why would it do that?  I've tried the memory foam, used it awhile, didn't really like it.  Weighs a ton.  I like the foam best, of all i've ever used. 

See, you can talk about nothing, just get started. hahahaha

I also cleaned out the water thing outside, was all green and nasty.  So i washed that out too.  I just happened to look out yesterday, in time to see 2 mockingbirds land in the crepe myrtle there above, gasping, it was so hot.  Had their beaks open, panting.  Wish i had thot to put that container out lots sooner.  Just hadn't realized the critters around, that didn't have water.  When Jude goes out about my bedtime, i turn the lite on and see what might be out there, but haven't seen anything since the possum, his friend. 

Where did i see that ants won't cross a chalk line?  Well, i've tried it.  Had zillions of red ants coming around my house right past my back door.  So,,,i chalked the walk, and do u know?,,,it works!  Lol, i brought in about 3 or 4 one morning inside my paper.  Folded it back and poured them out the back door.  Then a day or 2 later, Jude was checking out a bug in my kitchen, and ,,,it was a red ant!  It got squished.  Now i feel bad.  I know they won't sting if you don't threaten them.  When i was a kid, i let them crawl all over my hands.  Just don't mash them. lololol  They were, and still are, fasinating.  Bees, also.  Dad kept bees for a while, in his back yard.  Don't think he ever got stung. 

Ok,,gotta quit this and eat, have had nothing today.  Might check back in later.


Monday, August 29, 2011

Quilts to Die For

Almost noon, just had brunch.  Made a pineapple pie, not ready yet.  Make it with vanilla  jello pudding, canned pineapple.  You can put it into a baked pie shell, or a graham cracker one.  I prefer the baked.  Got cool whip, now i'm ready!,,,Too bad i'm too full right now.  lolollol.  My kind of cooking.

Someone was talking about cook books, out at the birthday party.  Gosh, don't know how many i have.  I know they go back to the first one, Betty Crocker, a have-to-have.  For beginners anyway.  That one, and a sorority one for meats, were the major ones i used.  Then there's a family one, put together one year from everyone's favorite recipes.  Sold at a family reunion.  The money went for the next one.  One year we had an auction and my Aunt Stella put in some of her homemade quilts!   Priceless. lol.  I gave a lady, that did quilts, here, a few boxes of scraps one time, and she made!!! me take 3 of her quilts.  I felt so guilty because that was NOT the reason i gave them to her, i just had too many.  BUT, they are still treasures.  My daughter got the butterfly one, my son has one, and i still have the other.
I made each of my kids baby quilts, but never did but one large one.  Oops,, take that back.  My son showed up one day with a pile of his old levis.  Asked if i could make a quilt out of them,,so,,,i did.  Made 2, one for him, one for g/dotter.  I cut the jeans into different lengths and widths of strips,  making sure i got everything from the jeans, then i sewed them together, seams up to ravel.  hahahaha,,,did they ever.  I washed and dried them several times before i put the lining on.  I put a blanket inside my son's, MISTAKE,,,so i didn't do that on hers.  It was too hot.   My g/dotter was going to Trinity, in San Antonio, and OMG,,,when she opened that box, she wrapped that quilt around herself and didn't take it off all day. lololol,,,Was put on her bed at school, with it's pockets, button ups,  places to hide things.  I had told her, you can't hurt it, no matter what, already been thru just about everything while they were worn.   The backs were a bright red, white, and blue print. 

Well geeezzz,,,not sure what's going on, but spell check won't turn off.  Well, some sentences above. 

Pie's calling.  HAGD

Sunday, August 28, 2011

Hey, I Didn't do It

Irene coulda been us!! Get that high pressure dome outa here!!!!  Could have cured this whole state of drought.  Well, i'm doing the next best thing, watching it on tv. 

"Wondering" if BB has chiggers.  Thot it was way too dry, but,,,,,sure sounds like em.  That thicket he's in is just right.  One time, my bro B and a cousin, up in Sherman, were wrestling around on the grass. AND,,,WOW Never have i seen so many on a human being in my life!!! He was in total misery for days.  You couldn't touch a spot on him without hitting one.  We don't have them here, like that, so he just didn't think about it.  (I laughed)

Boy o Boy, that BD party was sooo fun.  Lost track of time,,(again) and it was almost 9 when i left.  Have to turn on my bedroom AC by then to cool it off.   She and her hubby had gotten new mountain bikes, and he was saying how hard one of the trails were, that he had riden.  Told my son that, thinking he wouldn't be able to keep up. lmaooo,,, I asked my son,, how far do you ride?,,He laughed and said, ooo, about 25 miles.  On a hard trail.  I think it would be the other way around, keeping up with HIM.  He never runs outa wind, doing that, or running, whatever.  I never knew why until a few years ago, when he told me his lungs were longer than normal.  I was telling him about one of the high school kids that had those, and the trouble he was having playing football, don't remember the reason, but that's when i found out.  My son had never had that problem when he was young, but could have.

There's a Show World in my paper today!!,,,That had stopped way back.  Now i like what i have online, so too late for that. 

Hey, i did NOT change my font.  Leaving it alone for today, but i'll redo later.  Kinda like it, tho.  What do yall think?

Got woke up this morning, my sis calling, about 9.  Sure needed it.  Still haven't made it to the shower, or dressed yet.  No hurry, not going anywhere today. 

Might bbl,,,but just in case, HAGD

Made it back.  heyyy,,font back like it supposed to be,  i swear i didn't do it.  Had to tall ya,, heard it thunder about 5 pm.  Several times.  Finally looked on computer, and it went skirting right around the city limits,,,like always.  Still cloudy tho, cooled off a little.  Was 109.8.  Got my 2 hoses going, getting in my Sunday watering.  Just trying to make it til cooler weather,,,OR RAIN.   

Got out a bit ago and went to store.  Don't get much here, they like to gouge us.  But,, have to get ice cream.  So,, i did.  Was even on sale for .99 using their coupon.  Limit ONE.  Have to go back tomorrow and get another.  It's the store brand but pretty good.  For .99, mighty good.  Forgot eggs anyway so,,have to go back.  WOW,,,just got 2 yogurts tho, at .69.  Can just do without those til i get to the other place.  Told ya they gouge us. 

About time for me to run a movie.  Almost 8.  That takes me to bed time.

Just thot i'd put a few notes on here.

Cya tomorrow...TC, and all that stuff.

Saturday, August 27, 2011

Week Closing In, Almost Gone

Ya know, there's just some people that have to live in misery.  Not me!  I like to find humor in just about everything.  Even those buzzards sitting there waiting on ol BB. hahahahaha  (Sry, BB, just thot that was tooo funny).

Today is my one and only grandchild's bd.  She's having a get together later.  I am gonna have to have a nap first.  Woke up around 2, and was about 6 before i went back to sleep.  No upchucking tho. Don't know why that happens so much lately.  O,,,i wasn't sick, just couldn't sleep.  Age related?, lol, probably.  A pain here, a pain there,  turn, toss.  Get up for a while.  Do i take something, or not?  Will for sure, tonight.  Have Unisom, seems to help sometimes.   Or Aleve.

That East Coast thing is horrible.  I wonder about the people in NY,  and other cities, that have no way to leave.  And the homeless?  Let's all keep them in our prayers.  I sure will.

Don't know what's going on with Jude.  Yesterday, he stayed in nearly all day.  Then today, he ate a few bites, wanted right back out.  Know it's not a girl friend, can't do that.  Keeping a watch on those possums?  Then, last 2 days, when he comes in late in the day, he has dirt all over his head!  hmmm,,just how is that happening?  He's white, with yellow trim,,,lol,,siamese markings.  Blue eyes.  A red point siamese.  Looks like a pure bred, but don't know.  He was given to me by a lady in Lampasas, after he had showed up at her house and stayed.  He was about a year old when i got him. 

Hunger telling me it's brunch time.  Guess this is it, for today.  Don't seem to have anything to bellyache about.  Or anyone to hate. 


Friday, August 26, 2011

August About Gone. WOOOHOOOO

Wellll, Friday again.  Where does the time go???  I'm not busy, so how does time fly so fast? 

DD, i so agree with you, about it being a small world.  I've run across people way off somewhere else, from here.  Guess everybody has done that.  Still is amazing tho.

Somehow, since yesterday, i've come up with a different format on IE.  Wish it wouldn't do that to me, lol.  It must update, and maybe it's Windows Live.  Who knows?  My bars were different this morning up there on top, like to never have found my favs. hahahaha.  Got em back where i want em now.  I subscribed to a feed for DD, thinking that might let me post to his blog, but,,nope.  Not gonna give up, DD.  There has to be an answer, and i'm hard headed enough to want to know how it just quit one day.

That Irene is HUGE.  Sure would like one to come into TX, but NOT like that one.  DD, what did the rain do to ur swamp?,,Got any pics?  Or water? lol

BB sure has found a great place, down there.  Almost as good as Inks. lol,,,Had to say that, u know.  But, he's saying he caught a couple of fish, but,,,,,lol, need pics to make me a believer.  I think those wasps chased him away too soon.  Got a cure for those, BB?  What i'm seeing around here now, are those yellowjacket looking things, big as red wasps.  I don't have a digital camera or i would put pics on here.  Never was into cameras, but,,,have my flip.  Guess i could film them.  I'm still planning on getting a lot of film all around the county, showing what the drought has done, if,,,it ever is over.  Every time i'm out, i'm horrified. 

I know everybody is tired of hearing about weather, Lord knows i'm sick of talking about it.  Somehow our river flow has increased.  It's 40-21-8.  That 8 has come up from 3,  meaning that little bit of showers has hit in just the right places.  I guess. 

Gotta shut down here, and eat brunch.  It's after noon already. 

Yall tc, HAGD

Thursday, August 25, 2011

This and That, and did i hear RAIN?

Gosh, i'm soooo far behind today.  Spent the morning getting a renewal app filled out, making copies, etc, after i slept til 9.  Don't say anything!!! I was awake til about 4.  There will definitely be a nap.

DD, and BB talking rain?  WOW.  What a thot.  Even the news said it was raining in Austin.   They broke all kinds of heat records yesterday.  And they're still saying it will be over the 100 mark today, too.

Read about this x-TX student, Giannetti, dropped out of school in 2nd year, to play poker.  Said he could make more money doing that, than becoming an engineer and paying back student loans.  AND, right now he's in 3rd place in the World Series of Poker.  If he wins, he will pocket over 8 mil in cash.  Sounds to me like he knows what he's doing.  Got a nephew that could do that.  My bro told me that he paid his way thru college, winning pool and poker games.  He played in the online poker, prob still does.  Another nephew, when in TN a month or so ago, needed extra cash, so he started doing massages for $1.00 a min.  Made over 400 right quick.  They were at some kind of music festival, 1000s of ppl there.  Didn't hurt that he is tall, great looking.  Think his girl friend got kinda upset, all the girls he attracted.  He didn't care tho.  She had given him the arm bracelet pass, used her car to get them there, and then he traded the bracelet for free flyer miles, and left. hahahaha, Went the long way around tho, thru Chicago, to get back to Austin.  Got home none the worse, with the 400. in his pocket. 

Nap time, goodbye time,,for today.

Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Wish I Had Something to Write About

I bet Inks Lake feels totally empty now, without those 2 fellow bloggers.  What a good life, just start up your home, travel on down the road, stop just whenever.  The little bit of traveling i got to do, we were never in a hurry, and stopped if there was something to see or do, but this was so small compared to them.

 That was how we stopped up around Stephenville, wayyyyy back, to see the dinosaur tracks.  It was before they were so big, in fact, had just been started as a park.  I was so amazed, they were all over that creek bed.  I had thot it wouldn't be much of anything of interest, we just needed a break on driving.  And one other time, was off with bro G, and we needed a potty break, and there was this HUGE gravel pit closed for weekend, so we drove off down into that, wayyyy down, tell ya, this was HUGE, and he went one way, i went another.  We then drove on around down in there, and came upon this place with stagmalites, of whatever u call them, the things in caves, on one whole wall.  There was one big rock in front of the wall with a perfect dinosaur print on it, the 3 toed one.  There were also fossils of these round things, don't know what they were, but we threw in a lot of em in the bed of his truck.  They were about 3 or 4" long, with joints.  Like one of our fingers.  G and B went back the next day and tried to load that rock with the one print on it, but was just too heavy.  And to think, all that got blasted away.  Someone must have talked, tho, the place closed down later.  Then had guards so you couldn't go down into it any more.  We went back once, and just stopped on the road, and one came over and told us to leave.  Of course, we had wandered down off it a little. lololol

Gosh, i keep putting off going back to doc in Austin, to get band tightened, but just gonna have to do it.  It takes a while to get it right.  Still just kills me, that i lost a whole year.  Would have been thru with the whole business by now.  I guess that's why i just want to give up on it sometimes.  Just how much will i gain by losing all the weight?  At my age?  Who knows? lololol

Had a gooood nite's sleep last nite.  Don't know why, wish i did.  Then i could do it every nite.

DD, at least ur not thinking that skunk has rabies just cause it's around now.  U must have things to feed on there.  If u need to run it off, get a water hose with a sprayer on it, they'll tuck that tail and take off.  Saw my neighbor do that one time.  Didn't spray either.  My sis had them under her house too, and they would spray under there, driving her out.  They finally trapped them and fixed the place they got in to end it.   They don't have any left for a bit.  I had one as a pet when i was a young teen.  Back then, the vets would "fix" them.  My dad really liked it, because when it would follow him to the door, the person there would back off every time.   He loved his practical jokes.  We had a young one take up residence one time in our garage.  Well, my son and his friend were gonna run it out, so he built this tunnel it had to go down, and got in there on one end making all this noise, while the friend peeked around the corner at the other.  I knew this would be good, so i had the movie camera out there, filming.  It worked like a charm, but when that little skunk met up with great big friend at the other door, he went one way, friend went the other ,,,for a whole block!!  Got it all on film.  While i was lmaoooo.  Guess it's not too funny, tho, the skunk got shot way out in the pasture.

Ok folks, sry about not having anything to write about.  lol,,HAGD

Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Great Time With 2 Fellow Bloggers

Darn it DD!!!, Had just sat down with my oatmeal when i read ur blog.  Yours sounded lots better.  Like a trial mix, which i really like.  When we were growing up, lots of times we had homemade biscuits and gravy for breakfast.  I never got the hang of making biscuits like that, and Mom always said,,all u do is,,,use self rising flour, and water.  Somehow hers were just the best!  I don't eat breakfast any more, it's brunch.  And, it's different every day.

WELLL, i made it out to Inks Lake yesterday.  Enjoyed it so much, totally lost track of time.  That BB is one cool dude, yall.  And OFM,,i learned a lot, so enjoyed the visit with the both of you.  When he said he was leaving today, headed West, i made the mistake of asking to, where? hahahahah,,,His answer,,West.  LMAO.  See?,,, I now know what that means.  Little Sadie,,,just stayed in the shade, keeping cool.  Don't know if BB has said anything about another neighbor there, in a small rig, with 3 huge great danes in tow.  Like him, i sure don't know where they had room.  Someone brought them out to walk.  Would hate to have to carry that bag around after they did their thang.

When Jude went out last nite, i turned the lite on to look, and there was this possum there, eating on the watermelon rind i had thrown out.   Jude didn't even pay it any mind, so i guess it's a regular around here.  Sometimes he's really jumpy, so i wonder,,,lol DD, what's out there causing that.  He's such a coward, he would never get caught.  One time, when i still had Fancy, i had opened the door to let her in, and as soon as it started opening, she ran in with this thing.  A gopher or a mole.  Sure enough, she let it get away playing with it.  So, for days i had a loose gopher? in here.  Well, Jude would look around, and the 3rd day, he was looking under the sofa.  I went over and moved it, well, he was GONE.  But ,,,there was that gopher!  Finally got Fancy in there, and she caught it again, and out they both went, no choice in the matter.  She was 2 years old before she ever got to go outside, so she really didn't know what to do with anything, was just her instinct to catch them.  Over the years, she had seen other cats eat them, i guess, because she finally did it too.  I had moved to a safe place for her to go out.  She hunted inside my house every day, before that, and i had no bugs or flys.  She was the one that alerted to the rattlesnake in my house later.  She died about 2 years ago, so i just have the one, now.  Not gonna get any more either.  Don't want to have pets to leave when i go.

There was a coupon in the bag with the paper Sunday, giving u a free bottle of Advil.  All u had to do was go to their web site, enter the code and u would be sent a coupon for it.  HA,  said the offer had expired already, would give u 2.00 off.  I emailed the company, told them what i thot about it, and i would complain to the BBB.  Gosh, i need to do that.  I'm on the no-call list, too, but i get these computerized calls now, so i play along long enough to get more info, then i turn them in.  I don't donate, well, to my son for his care of needy kids.  I KNOW where that money goes.  If someone wants money handed out, what work will u do for me?

Gosh, finished up the next to last book about Joe Pickett in the series, last nite.  It was the one i had read first, but skimmed thru it, refreshing my memory.  Ready to start the last one today. 

Here it is,,already nap time.  Need one for sure. 


Monday, August 22, 2011

Better Watch Out, if You're Laughing at Me

Now yall got me ready to go fishing.  lololol.  Learned at a very early age, about 6, that if i fished, i had to do my own baiting, handling, etc.  So, one time i was just below the dam, and there were a line of men sitting on the dam, all of us fishing outa the same hole.  Well, hells bells, i catch a gar!,  which is rare to start with, they almost always break the line, but,,,i land that thang.  All those men sitting up there, pointing and  laughing at me, like,,now what will she do?,,,You know, like when they think we're all stupid or something.  I just did what i do, got my needle nose pliers out, broke the line trying to get that hook out, and tossed that gar back behind me.  Wasn't but about 18" long.  (My youngest son quit swimming in the river after he saw Jaws).  And again, i did what i do, put another hook on, baited it, cast back out.  Shut those men up, i tell ya. LMAOOOO.   I might look small and petite, but watch out.  Well, small back then.  hahahaha  They didn't laugh no more!  I grew up with 2 brothers, and all the neighbor boys, i was as good or better in whatever was going on.  My Dad encouraged me, lol, much to Mother's chagrin.  Just never was one for dress up, dolls, girlie things.  I was really heartbroken one year when the boys got bb guns, and i got a DOLL!!!  for Xmas.  She just never saw the light.

I felt so bad yesterday, i just didn't get back out to water late in the day, so, i ran my hours this morning.  I didn't water at all last weekend, cause we got that little shower.  So, i don't feel like i'm too much a law breaker.  Of course, you can always rationalize anything. lol.  My bro G called about 5;30 and asked if i wanted to ride out to Ns, they were cooking doves, and YES,,,i did.  Gosh, they were sooo good.  C said it was the first time he had ever cooked them.  Did fantastic.  His Dad and some others had gone into Mexico to hunt, brought back 100s.  (A company had paid for the whole thing) As many as was legal.  So C brought home about 200 from his Dad's.  Just cooked about 20, and there were several left.  Guess what he's having for lunch today? lololol.  Was funny, each one had one wing on it. hahahaha, That made it legal.  His Dad and he do roping up there in Cleburne.  Well, i think his Dad still does.  He was coming down here to buy a water truck from one of the hunters, that lives here.  Said construction crews up there were renting them for an ungodly amount, IF they could even find them.  Another event caused by the drought.

OOO YEAH,,,keep forgetting.  Glad i put the site on here, but the river flow today is,,,,39-24-4.  We keep hanging in there.  After the river dried up in the 50s, is when they built another dam, about 2 miles upriver, at our city park.  One time, a bunch of us were out there, just hanging out, (yeah we did that too) and all these huge colored lights showed up in the North.  They were moving around too.  Think that didn't make us hightail it home?   hahahaha, Martians landing, we just knew it!  Next day, someone heard it was a rare showing of the northern lights.  Well, it was rare, cause i sure never saw em again.  Here.  Seen them on tv, but NOT here. 

Way back maybe in the late 60s, or so, there was a movie,,,The Russians are Coming.  Don't know why i thot of that, but that was one hilarious movie.  Heck, i lived thru the Cuban crisis.  My friend J,,said she didn't know whether to get real religious, or go out and do everything she had always wanted to.  We all just kinda sat and waited, thinking it could happen, THE END.  For 3 days!!!  Then afterwards, everybody started building bomb shelters.  Even our new high school was built as one.  We all got letters, telling us where to go, in case of,,u know.  The school was ours, but a lot said Long Horn Caverns.  For years and years, there were barrels of food stuff in there, don't know if it still is.

Ok,,time for that nap.  Still need to catch up.  HAGD

PS, years later, we were told those gar were the best of all, to eat, u cut the back strap out.  We sure wasted a lot, throwing them away, and i still haven't tried it. 

Sunday, August 21, 2011

Silver Linings?

Sunday,  my day of rest.  hmmm, Well, every day is, now. 

When i went out for the paper, i turned 2 faucets on, got in 1 1/2 hours watering, so i'm ahead today.  My commode won't flush after 1 time, when i'm running 2, lololol,,,no pressure to refill.  But,,couldn't do dishes either, hahahaha.  Each cloud has a silver lining?,, Is that what it means?

Might make the drive out to Inks Lake later today.  Almost 11 now, getting too hot.  That way, all the weekenders will be gone i hope.  The older i've gotten, the more i'm allergic to kids.  Very few i can stand to be around.  And if there's no one controlling them, i'm outa there.  That's one of the main reasons i haven't been doing respite this summer.  When they started talking about having kids there during the summer, oooo nooo,,,i'm gone.  I don't think the ones we were working with, would have liked it either.  They have it in the rec room of the little baptist church i grew up in, but,,,,Not a good mix.  Now,,,my son loves it.  When he goes anywhere, kids will yell at him, run and hug him.  Even the ones that have grown up now.  A lot of those, still call him, and stay in touch.

I put one of those clear silicone covers on this keyboard.  Good thing too.  I don't get sticky keys now.  I had to order them online, no one had them around here.  Walmart, office depot, no one.  One told me they made the keyboards different now, didn't need em.  My dotter got one of those nooks, and likes it a lot.  But,,i'm not gonna pay to read books, got the library, and i read a lot.

DD, i guess all my life, i have read about a food, a drink, or something, that's not good for you.  You do all this safety stuff, then read years later, the safe ones are really bad for you.  So, i have just ignored it all.  I HAVE to have my caffeine.  Now,,,they say coffee's good for you.  SEE?  hahahaha.  I kept on smoking a lot of years, knowing someday, they would say tobacco was too, but, didn't make it that long, had to give em up.  Gosh, May 1 was 3 years ago.  And my lungs haven't seemed to change in all that time either.  I don't do anything for my COPD except one inhaler, Spireva.  That Advair is what caused my near fatal pneumonia, i still think.  All you new readers, my Doc told me that if you have smoked 10 years or more, then you have emphysema.  It might not ever be a problem for you, but you will have it.  I breathe good, and don't cough any more.  AND, i got my voice back, had nearly lost it totally.  Well, my gosh, i was smoking 2-3 packs a day.  You know what?  It was easy to quit, never had a problem with it.  Talking, a 50 year habit.

Ok, shower time, lol, almost noon.  O well, i'm on my  own clock.


Saturday, August 20, 2011

Short Today

Gotta be short today.  Plumber came back, made sure i was unstopped.  Now i can do laundry.  He didn't really know why it kept gurgling either.  Not doing it now. 

Boy o Boy, did i EVER, sleep last nite.  Woke up about 9, plumber got here about 10, just right.

Check this site out,,it's what i put on when i first get up.  It's just a joy to look at, any time.  But the last 2 days, i have had to lmao.  This little yellow and white kitten has shown up, gets up on one of the stumps, then just doesn't know what to do with the squirrels.   So he lays there on one stump, kinda jumping around, while the squirrels eat on the other one.   The only birds are the doves that walk on the ground.  The rest stay away.  He doesn't pay any attention to the birds.  hahahaha soooooo cute!!!  Wish i had that out my window.  But this is the next best thing.  All he wants, is to play with that squirrel's tail,,,hahahahaha.

Reading OFM's blog, talking about a big bass?,,,haha,,,YOU KNOW, can't be true, with not one pic. lmaoooo.  Musta been a perch.

Yall, HAGD

Friday, August 19, 2011

Time Goes Marching On

Ya know, as u get older, time seems to go by faster.  But... THEN, when u get older, it flies!!  Wonder how fast it'll get when i get older? hahahaha  Hey DD, this is something to "wonder" about.

I can't believe that you are as dry there, as we are here.  Never heard of such a thing.  The Gulf Coast, drying up?   Somewhere in one of the blogs today, i read where someone was asking what the Ol Farmer's Almanac says.  Would be good to know,,,maybe. lol.  In the Austin paper today, lol, i read where we have made arrangements to truck in bottled water, if it comes to that.  River flow today, same as yesterday.  I had to do that for 3 days, back a few years ago when the river got on an huge rise, washed out water/sewer  lines in this part of town.  Wasn't a big deal, except for taking a shower.  You couldn't.  After 2 days, i took a pan of water into the tub, and bathed like that.  Felt more like a bath.

Finally called the plumber,,, darn it.  He'll be by this afternoon.  I can drain my sinks, flush, but ,,,gonna wait on a shower, and laundry.  Drains gurgle when i use any of them, not a good sign.  Pumping on them has not helped, might have made them worse.  Didn't do that until i pumped the first time.  My wrists are sore from it. 

GEEZ, gonna get down to 101 in 7 days.  Gonna turn that tv off.  I'm beginning to really enjoy the quiet.

I've been in my non-sleep mode the last few nites.  Can't go to sleep, so i get up and read awhile, go back, get up, go back.  Then,,, need a nap, like now.  About time it breaks.  This is a repeat every few days.  Then i'll sleep 10 or 11 hours a nite.  And,,,that's ok too.  Tell my bros, i'm taking my nap before i get up. 

Gosh, time for that nap.  Yall HAGD

Thursday, August 18, 2011

Heyyy,, I'm Still Here

Don't know why i got up earlier today, but here it is, 10;15 and i'm already hungry.  Got chicken leftovers heating up, from our new chicken place.   It was really good this time.  Took almost a week before i could contemplate eating it again, after that last time.  Guess who drove up behind me,,,lololol,,B.  He had said he was starting to crow, after the first week of it being open.  After all this time, he was there getting the fish, yesterday.  hahahaha.

I talked to the animal control man yesterday, and asked him about those copperheads.  He said he didn't get to see them, they had buried them, but the lady told him she had been around them all her life, she knew a copperhead when she saw one!  So, it really was a nest of them, i guess.  Never heard of such a thing.  He also said he had gone on that rattlesnake call yesterday morning, remember?, and it was one about 10" long, about as big as his thumb, had one rattle and a button.  Gosh, the one i had found in my house a few years ago,  with the same rattlers, was about 18" long.  Now, how does that make sense?  Short and fat, long and lean? hahahaha,,,Don't know what he did with it.  That was the first thing my son asked,  he's needing one like that for his show and tell.  He had that coral snake last year, the one i put on youtube, with the baby mouse in with it, never eaten.  In case you missed it, look up my videos, TROUBLEnTX.

How do i keep talking about snakes??? 

Let's talk about weather,,,lololol.  Saying today, if we can make it one more week, might be a change.  Well, sure we can, always have, haven't we?  Lived here long enough to know that.  He's an idiot.  Never liked him, and he's still there.  Have to watch other channels, mostly.  He's just on for the min or so, before the hour, when i'm watching Today.  Have to just turn the tv off at 10, NOT gonna watch the View or Today, a bunch of women giving their opinions.  Way back when i was still a kid, i learned to have my own, and not care what anybody else thot.  One of my classmates told me 20 or so years later, that i was way ahead of the times!!  ahahahahaha, still haven't figured out wth she meant.  She was one of the popular ones, became a model later.  lol, She still is, as a matter of fact. 

OK, food's ready.  bb.

Well, couldn't eat but a few bites, that chicken just doesn't want to go down.  Lap band working right,,,lolol.  Keep putting off going back, don't know what i need, if anything.  Well, i need something, i'm not losing.  Don't want to go to Austin til the weather cools off a little, tho.

We're under severe water restrictions, and just now, they are starting to do something on down the line.  Austin going to stage 2, and their water comes from up this way.  How can that make sense?,,,Why isn't the whole chain on severe restrictions?  Look it up on this.  River flow, which i've been forgetting, is 39-26-3.  With this drought the whole state should be doing it.  Forget about rice farms on down the line.  Grow that in LA,,,lol. 

It's after 11, and i'm still sitting here, putting off that shower.  Still haven't turned on my water heater, except that one time to flush the lines.  Time to do that again.  After,, the shower. lol.

If tv could get worse, it has.  Sure glad i have good books.  I do record movies, and watch those at nite, when nothing is on.  But even that is getting harder, finding some i like.  My bros just don't understand,,,i like lifetime and hallmark type.  hahahahaha 


Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Early to Bed, Early to Rise,,,,,

Over the hump day!!,,August going so fast, already over half gone,  wooohoooo.  Cooler weather'll be here before u know it.  (Wishful thinking).

Just heard that someone has called in about having a rattlesnake in her yard.  Just one, not a slew of em like those copperheads. lololol,,,our animal control man getting a good work out.  When i told my son about those copperheads, he was amazed, never heard of such a thing either.  Hope he asks the animal control man if it was really copperheads.    I kinda think it was, cause they didn't say,,,snakes,,,they said copperheads.  Like, definitely. 

Got up early today, now i'm needing a nap,,,lololol, and it's 10 AM.  Getting hungry too.  Egg, here i come.  brb.

OOOO Noooo!!  Forgot about my pill delivery.  The lady just showed up with them.  lolololol.,  My purse was in the car, had to go out and pay her.  Said the new location would be doing business there on the 19th of Sept.  THEN, i can do the drive thru.  Funny thing tho, i was just charged for 1, co pay, and there were 2.  Don't know what's going on there.  Guess i'll call them.  Darn it, i called and do owe for the other one.  The receipts were clipped on so evenly, looked like just one.    They said they'd just wait for next week.  Told em, do whatever.

I got some eggrolls in a big package last week, and got 3 out for later, but,,,,they are really big, so i'm gonna put one back.  I'm sure 2 will do.  Gonna use the little oven to cook them, don't think i'd like them cooked in microwave.  hahahaha, just ate breakfast, already thinking of lunch.  MERCY!  Gotta set up a trip to get this lap band tightened.  Before i gain more weight.  This is the pits.  Been messing with this 2 years!!!  Started in Sept. 2 years ago.  Months of classes, then time to get surgery scheduled, done, year of leaking port.  Surgery to fix it.  OMG Horrible!!!  Wished i hadn't figured that out. lololol,,Makes it really bad, now.  Got Sept. on my mind. 

If ol BB had ever communicated with me, in my blogs, or something, i would have gone out there to visit.  Just down the road.   He's never been a follower, nor even made comments on it.  Far as i know, he doesn't even read it.  So i can't just go driving up out there, so to speak.  Maybe he just doesn't want female visitors.  A man i had known just about all my life, used to be the caretaker of that place. He did that til he retired.  Gone now, but that was his life's work.  He and his family were members of the same church as mine, always.  Thot that was just about the perfect job. lol. 

There's a new state park out on the far side of Lake Buchanan. Canyon of the Eagles.    Well, been there a few years, but,,, u know.  Don't know if they have RV spaces or not.   My g/dotter worked out there in the restaurant for a while.  Long, bad drive from Buchanan Dam.  Not so bad from 29, just out of Burnet.  Top of the line restaurant, great place. 

We rented a boat one time, to go from the lake, up the Colorado, and picnic.  On the way,  we were cruising along with cliffs on the side, and mountain goats all over them.  My son, about 12, had taken his bb gun, and raised that thang up and shot at one of the goats.  We were way too far to hit one,,,weren't we?,,,Wow,,,,in a few seconds, one of those goats shook it's head.  He had done it!!!  We continued on, as far as we could, got out below a cliff with a bit of a place to eat, and when i looked around in a few minutes.,,,there he was, up on the wall, about 40 feet up!!! How did he do that?,,,It was straight up.  I just told him,,,Get off that right now!!!,  hahahaha, He had to hold the vines to get back over the edge, but,,,he made it.  I held my breath the whole time.  No way we could have gone UP.  hahahaha.  His little brother just watched, never did things like that.


Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Not My Day, Sry Folks

Montanna, really don't understand what ur talking about.  I know the drains are under the sinks, and know how to take off the p trap, but my problem has nothing to do with those.  It's way on down the line.  I ran the whole hot water heater, water, thru them a couple of days ago,  because i know that any little snag will start a grease build up.  Gonna keep doing that, and i think the one time has helped. 

I got out this morning to go by the library to pick up the last book in this Joe Pickett series.  Really hate to finish it.  While i was out, i went by a friend's house, that i haven't seen in a long time.  She's the mother of the young man that ended his life in jail last week by hitting his head enough to do it.  Anyway, been there, so i felt like i could help maybe.  No one can understand unless they have lost a child themselves.  I stayed a lot longer than i had thot i would.  I hope she will come by, or call, like i asked her to, if she just wants some company.  She said she would.

Know this is short, but just not my day.  Yall HAGD

Monday, August 15, 2011

Invasion of the,,,,SNAKES

Good Morning,,all.  Yeah,,i know it's Monday, but it's still a good morning here.

 Lol,,maybe not for someone i heard about on my scanner earlier.  They called in about her son finding a copperhead on Sat, and killing it, then,  6 more since then!!  Yeah, i'd get a little excited too.  Was right here in town, too.  I know there are copperheads here, but i have seen just 2 in my whole life.  And one of those was one my bro B had caught and brought into town, played around with it long enough, he got bit, too.  He and his friends had brought it to my house to put it into an aquarium, but he dropped it, and then stepped on it, but when he leaned over to pick it up, it got him on the finger.  One friend grabbed  something to tie his arm off with, while the other one beat that poor snake to pieces.  Hadn't wanted it in the car to start with.  We all left for the hospital, and when my son and i walked in, the doc yelled at us,,,"did u bring that snake?",,my son said,,"it was a copperhead",,then the doc screamed, GO GET THAT SNAKE!!!,,We just made a U turn, went to the house, took the snake back.  He looked at it, said "yeah, it's a copperhead" and THEN,, i said,,,we knew that!  He didn't know we had all been snake enthusiasts for a lot of years, knew them by sight.  Ended up, B was allergic to the antidote.  AND yeah!!! he's the one that still raids rattlesnake dens.  They should have called him to look for the copperhead den.  My son will go, too, is he knows about the snake calls. 

Read in the paper today, about a couple in Manor, letting their lamas in the house in the afternoons,,letting them cool off.  hahahaha,,Guess it's not much different than dogs or cats, just had never heard of it.  About 6 of them,,seems like it would be a little crowded.  I didn't know they were like cats, would go to the door wanting out if they needed to potty. 

Went out to Ns yesterday, been a long time.  Got too hot.  I didn't know she had lost another hen, of the same breed as the other one.  Must be the breed not being able to take the heat.  So now she just has eenie meenie,,,of the 4.  When we walked back there, something scared the rooster, One Feather, and he just kept on going about it.   He still has just one tail feather.  lol Has about 3 little ones trying to grow.

Same ol same ol, weather forecast.  I haven't seen one in days.  Record breaking heat.  When it shows the area temps,,it's always 4-6* higher here.   I think it's where the gage is.

O Wow,,now a beef recall.  Turkey a few days ago, then bacon, now beef.  I did get my bacon package out and check it.  Wasn't on the recall list, but,,,was made in Canada.  Had an old roll of ground turkey i had found in the freezer and it went out already.  It made good enchilada casserole, the reason i had it in the first place.

Enough of chatter today, HAGD

Sunday, August 14, 2011

Always has to be an AH Around

Awww, DD, don't ya know there's always ONE that knows more, seen more, has more, and smarter than the rest of us?  My attitude for those kinds is,,,who the hell cares?   Loved your comment about the Master Baiters, too.  I admire anybody that paints, no matter what it is.  I liked the one of the fence post the best.  What a way to spend time!   You can always call em abstract, and,,,what will he say about those??? hahahahaha  They are masters? hehehehe,,,In an abstract kind of way? 

Sorry, but i just have no tolerance for that kind of people.  Too many good ones to associate with. 

I think our little bit of rain chances are gone.  Nothing but sun here today, and after reading Gypsy's blog,,that snow sure sounded good.  Bring it on, Gypsy.  I'll stick my bare feet in it.  Maybe even bare it all and take a snow bath!! lolol

I turned my hot water heater on and let it heat up today, just so i could run hot water thru my pipes.  And, did, but not sure it helped.  I was once told by a plumber to do that once a month, but,,,,gosh, never did.  Don't think about it when they are working good.  Any suggestions?  It's out where mine hooks into the city's, i think.  Might get them to check it out.  OOOO Yeah, my electricity was off when i got up, stayed off about an hour.  Might have been what woke me up, but that ac turns off when it's not cooling, so i doubt it.  Couldn't read the paper, til later.  So,,, i had my coffee, and read on my book.  The window let in enough light for that.  So, I'm using that as my excuse for being so far behind with this, today.

I know it's short, but, just nothing going on around here.  Get back later, so HAGD

Saturday, August 13, 2011

What A Day, and,,,,WTH is BB???

MERCY!!! I'm gone one day, and we lose BB??? OMG, did he drown in that Bubbaboat thang?  Went by the turn yesterday to get to PR4, but had my niece with me, and a tiring day ahead.,,,Then,,after the tiring day, got home, unloaded my month's groceries, too tired to even get on here.  Gotta correct something on a blog a few days ago.  When u cross that bridge in Kingsland, u are in Burnet County, then.  And yep, the Inks looked good.

Bet ol BB got out on it, right about the time that STORM came thru.  lololol,,,Only storm here in decades, (well, seems like it) and he decided to get out in his thangy.  Wow,  nearly had to stop and wait on the side of the highway a time or two, was raining so hard.  Out by Buchanan, not here. Niece about scared to death, by the lightening.  I wasn't paying any attention, but did tell her about getting hit in my house one time.  Think that's back in one of my blogs.   Looked like here in town, we caught the edge.  Hardly any in my rain gauge, just raised the mud up a little in the gauge.  Kept hearing about a fire, could see the smoke, a big one, all the time driving home.  Was a ways south of here, caused by the lightening, i'm sure.  They got it out later.

Got a small stew cooking, smelling really good about now.  I use my waterless cookware, so i don't boil the beef.  It cooks in it's own juices,,yummmm.  Just added the veges, so won't be long.  AND, i just might eat some of it, even tho i just ate breakfast.  ahahaha ,,I can do that,  don't have to do 3 a day.  Reason for it, was cleaning out my freezer, got out that beef, needed to be cooked.  And, only way i seem to be able to eat beef now, is cooked a long time.  Tried one of the little steaks not long ago, stopped me up, had to quit it.  So, the others are in  the stew,,horrible waste,,, i know.

Been cloudy today, and here it is 1 PM, and it's 85*.  Ain't that nice? 

OMG,,,OMG,,,,OMG!!!!  When i got home yesterday, i opened my storm door, with my key in my hand, and my entry door opened.  What???  Checked, and it was locked.  THEN,,,when i checked later, it wasn't catching shut.  NO telling, how long it had been that way.  I was horrified.  I tried adjusting the catch plate, but,,,couldn't.  Called my son, and he came by with his drimmel?,, and took off some of the bottom part of the plate,,and,,,fixed it.   So, now, if it ever happens again,, thot of this last nite,  will have to take off part of the thing that goes into it, on the door.  He said one of theirs had shifted too, caused by the dryness.  On these doors, why don't they give you a way to adjust?  Like on my storm door there, the thing on the bottom needs to go up, but,,,no adjustment, will just have to drill a new hole for the screw, to raise it, and not sure how far you can do that.  Paid more for that door to get the better one and not sure it was worth it.  My front one is broken, needs to be replaced too.  The wind caught it one time, and broke it.  Want to do that before winter, it's on the north.  lol, That north wind was what broke it.

Well, see that BB made it back,  Just in time too.  Thot i might have to report him missing. hahahahaha,,,BB, quit scaring us that way.  And, did u catch any fish?  Don't know why i'm talking to him,,don't know if he even reads this or not.  He COULD become one of my followers.  I've been one of his for ages. 


Thursday, August 11, 2011

PLZZZZ,, No Plumbing Problems

Heard something gurgling a while ago, got up to look, and it was my drains in the sinks.  WTH???  Went into the bathroom, same thing.  OMG....Realized then that my washer was draining, and not going down good.  It made it, but when it went thru the next cycle, rinse, then the drain, i was there for sure, watching.  Ready to cut it off.  NO PROBLEM.  Now,,,what happened?  Hmmm.. Beats me.  Had my washer overflow once, DO NOT want that again!!!

I was in the bathroom a year or so ago, and heard this HORRIBLE crash.  Could not imagine what in the world it could be, but almost afraid to look.  I came cautiously out, and just stopped and stared.  My whole kitchen floor was covered with broken glass.  The hood over my stove had decided to let go, just on one end, and all the crystal glassware on it, was now in pieces on my floor.  I had to just stop and think, not sure whether to call for help or not.  My broom was right there by the door to my kitchen, so i just got it and started sweeping toward the middle.  I was barefooted, as always inside, so i swept good.  lol  It was everywhere.  Even some over in the dining room!  Some on top of my stove.  Had to sweep that with a hand held broom, dust pan.  A few didn't break, but was so many that did.  Took a long time to clean it up.  And even now, i still find a glittering little piece sometimes.    But,,, the WORST mess i never got all cleaned up, was when my dotter, about a year old, got out my large bottle of dish washing soap and took the lid off, poured it all over her, floor, everything.  Was a new large bottle.  Then i went and made matters worse, by sticking her in the bath tub!  hahahaha,,,great bubble bath.  Have to defend myself a little here,  I was still a kid,,,18 years old.  I had bubbles coming out over the tub, had to just leave the tub full of bubbles, got her out, dried off more soap. lol.  Then, time for kitchen.  Probably youngsters reading this, that thinks there were always things like paper towels, throw away diapers., stuff like that.  Well, let me tell you,  no such thing back then.  Sooo,,, i got my mop, and again,,,made matters worse.  Gooey soap now all over the floor.  Mop no good any more.  Can't get it off the floor.  Used towels, whatever, did the best i could do, and just had to leave that floor sticky forever.  Bubbles everywhere.  Don't remember how many times i washed those towels, that diaper, without adding soap.  New mop stirred up sticky stuff every time.  Don't know how that kid could get lids off, but she could, no matter how tight.  Learned to put things UP.  From that time on.

Gonna be gone most of the day tomorrow.  Probably won't get a post here, done.  Been making a list for Walmart, lol, BB, my kinda stop too.  Like that i can do all my shopping there.  Cleaned out my freezer this morning.  Took a couple of old things out, to throw away.  Outside of course.  Something might be hungry.  I don't put out scraps tho, got to getting too many feral cats around.  An occasional toss won't matter. 

When i go out now, i'm seeing lots of old trees dying.  A lot of them are hackberrys.  I always thot they were like mesquites, really hardy.  I have one big, old one in front, and 3 others side and back.  Have liked them a lot, good shades, keep their leaves longer than most, hardy.  I put the water to them on Sundays and am hoping they will be ok.  Darn weatherman, saying this could go on even in 2012.

Gotta git, but yall HAGD

OOO YEAH river flow: 37-17-4

Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Bridge Party

This part is for a new reader, Diana, and any others that might not know.  The river flow report comes from  My area is:  Junction, Mason, Llano,  and the numbers are cubic feet per second, cfs.  Here in Llano, we have to be over 12 cfs to go back from stage 4  water rationing, to stage 3.  Been a while.  So, today it's 36-18-4.  Junction 36, Mason 18, Llano 4. 

Ol BB is gonna be a neighbor for ?,,,at Inks Lake here.  They told people who bought property on the banks that it was a constant level lake.  WELLLL, not when it floods enough!!!  Didn't tell them that.  I was working with a woman that lived there, along with her son and his family, and his house had water in it up to the ceiling, and her trailer house had water under it to the floor.  Almost washed it off it's foundation.  did wash away the butane tank, and underpinning.  When they had to open some flood gates at Buchanan Dam, it let lots of water go down from it.  Here, the river got on a 100 year rise, 42 feet i think it was.  lol,,There was what i called a bridge party, way into the wee hours, watching to see how high it was gonna get.  100s of people.  The Colorado also runs into Buchanan, and was on a record rise, too.  Ended up flooding lots of places on down, not just at Inks.  LMAOOOO,,,BB won't have to worry about that!!!  The park is above the place i'm talking about, just over the bridge at Kingsland, at the Eastern edge of Llano County, off 1431.  The bridge is where the Llano River joins in. 

Way back when i was a teenager, that bridge was a one way thang, and rattled when u went over it.  Had a top over it too.  Anyway, a bunch of us went out there one time, and most of the kids got up on the rail, and jumped off!!! NOT ME.  I got up on the rail, and got back down.  Wasn't the jump, was the swimming out.  I never was a water person, so didn't swim that well.  It was HIGH.  lol, Our DA here right now,,was one of em.  Always told him, hey, i knew u when. 

My Dad could have bought acres of that property that is now Kingland, for $50.00 an acre.  Later, when the Lake was created, and Kingsland became a booming place, and a lot went for 50,000. and more, he moaned and groaned til i told him one day,  Dad, u would have sold it all, first time you were offered 100.00 an acre and thot u made a killing.  He thot a few minutes, said yep, and never ever said another word about it.  He always said we were hiding behind the door when God passed out the money, so we got the looks. lolololol

Don't remember which blog i read today, that was talking about their uncle, DDs?, that played around for dances, etc.  Well, my Dad and his 3 brothers did too.  He always had a guitar around, and one of his bros was a fantastic fiddle player.  Dad got a steel guitar one time, and when he got that thang out, we ALL left the area. hahahaha   He'd hook it up to his amp and OMG.  Never did learn to play it.  There's just one sister left now, out of 8.  And she has always been my fav.  Lives in Paris Tx.  In a nursing home now, after a fall that broke her hip again.  Dad left the farming behind, back in the late 40s, and we moved here.  Been here ever since. 

Good memories today,,,yall tc, HAGD

Tuesday, August 9, 2011

I'm Mechanical, Don't ya Know?

Do u wonder how i can give a little mechanical advice?  lololol,,,Both x hubbys were in that kind of business, and my son is now, too.  I absorbed a lot.  Was natural with me too.  One nite i had left a club, and came upon a car, totally dead, sitting at a stop sign, totally dark there, too.  Was 2 older women, just sitting there waiting to get hit, i guess, so i put my emergency flashers on, and got out and told the driver to pop the hood.  She did, and sure enough,  one of the battery cables was loose.  I wiggled it around, told her to try it, and when it started, i told her what it was and then followed them most of the way home.  They assured me they would get it fixed asap.  lololol,,,bet they did too.  Really impressed the man with me.  hahahahaha 

DD lost me yesterday, with all that tech stuff.  Pic was beautiful, tho. 

river flow:  37-18-3

Before we get rain, i'm going to go out and film the area, including the river, pastures, etc.  This is an history making thing, so gonna get it on film.  All around the county.  Almost made me cry today, reading in the paper, the domino effect.  I knew it, but,,,seeing it in black and white, really hit me hard.  For weeks, i've been saying, OMG, all the insects, birds, animals, EVERYTHING.  Paper said it will affect us all for years.  All over the world.  Hadn't thot about the birds that migrate thru here, having nothing to eat this year.  That will affect their reproduction later.  We have the monarch butterfly migration thru here, and i'm not sure there's even milk week for them.  Let's all be sure and pray for the end to this.

I've got an appointment at my foot doc Friday.  He wants to see if he got all the root out on the nail, on my big toe.  What's he gonna do if he didn't????,,,think i'm gonna go around again with that toe sore?  BTW, he's the one that caused it in the first place, first time i ever saw him.  Cut the nail wrong.  Right now, it's well.  He took the side off, not the whole thing.

Didn't tell BB i lmao about him going out to play golf. hahahaha 

Yall tc,,and HAGD

Monday, August 8, 2011

Round em Up, Herd em Out

Wow, read in paper today that somewhere here in TX, water had to be cut off, due to ground cracking, breaking the water lines.  Just looked back in paper and didn't see it, but know i read it today.  Now, that's bad, cause how do u fix em?  That ol black land u can't work when dry, nor when wet, so ,,,,what to do.  When i lived on the other side of town, way back, we had a streak of it running thru the back yard.  Horrible when wet.  Cracked when dry.  Only way it could have gotten there was no telling how far back, the river washed it down from somewhere, and left it.  We just don't have it here.  It was maybe 1/2 a block from the river now.

lol, gotta tell u what i did one time, while living over there.  A whoop d do big shot rancher here, started putting a herd of cattle down on the river for free grazing, which was fine, til i looked out one day and there was this herd of 30 or 40 in my yard!!  They were destroying my flowers, and shrubs, leaving lots of cow pattys too.  WELL, i went out and ran them off, and called the sherriff's office.  A few days later, same thing!. OK,,,,The third time,  i had had enough, so when i ran them off, AGAIN, and called, AGAIN, i also told the dispatcher that the next time, i was gonna get on my 3 wheeler and herd them right up the street to the courthouse square.  She said,,,aww, u wouldnt do that, would ya?  and i told her YES i would!!  She believed me, we had known each other all our lives.  And i was going to too.  hahahaha can u imagine a herd of cattle on the courthouse square?  Still wish i coulda done it.  Didn't see those darn things around any more.

River flow today:  36-20-2

Just heard about a young man, known most of his life, that died in jail Sat.  Somehow, he hit his head, on purpose, hard enough to do it.  I have never heard of such a thing.  Said he wasn't going to prison.  Was in jail,,what else?,,on drug charges, again.  Like my niece 2 weeks ago, all i can think is,,,what a waste.  I had heard the desparate calls for EMS that day, but didn't know who it was for.  I need to go by and see his mother.  She has 1 more, a son too.  He was my youngest son's best friend.  The one left.

Guess i'm gonna try to get something done today.  Or,,maybe not. lol.  It's almost noon, so think i'm gonna eat some lunch. 


Sunday, August 7, 2011

Wasps, Yellowjackets, Thingys

Gosh, i have dawdled all morning.  Just now got thru with the paper, and it's nearly noon.  I did stop long enough to eat breakfast, wash up the dishes.  Not in any hurry anyway.  Had kinda a mess when i picked up my coffee pot, it was sitting in some coffee.  WTH?  It had stopped up enough to let it leak over when it made, but i still had enough for my wake up.  AFTER i cleaned up the mess.

Ok, u know that crazy wasp/yellowjacket thingy i was talking about?  Turns out, it really is a cross between the 2!!!  Has coloring like the yellowjacket, personality, (Not aggressive) like the red wasp.  That's why it's not in my insect book.  My son said he had seen them about 15 years ago, there where he works, out back when they had an huge pear tree.  These i have are a first for me.  I had looked at one about a week ago, while it was drinking out of the water container i put out.  Noticed the strange coloring, size, then.  Fascinating!!  He showed me something he had that he had found, never seen before either.  Not a wasp, bee, or anything, and strange coloring.  It had had a 1/4" stinger sticking out when he found it.  Mean thingy!!  I was in an HEB one time, and picked up a head of lettuce, and something stung me on the thumb.  I slapped it, and did look at it laying on the floor, but didn't know what it was.  It hurt so bad, and in just a minute, i had red streaks starting up my arm. I went straight to the fish dept in back and they gave me a bag of ice to put on it. They ever offered to send me to a doctor, but i told them no.  Wished i had later, that hurt so bad i could barely drive home, and continued for about 2 weeks!!  I could barely use that hand on the computer at work, or to drive.  Would have to quit and hold it up.  And yes, i did take antihistamines.  Anyway, that was a mean little sucker.  Didn't know about holding a penny on it for 10 minutes back then.

We have a chicken place!!!  Chicken Express.  Getting uptown now. lololol  B said he was crowing one morning.  Ate there at least once a day. hahahaha,,,I told him the livers were extra good, he said he'd pass.  I would almost gag, even thinking about liver, til i was in my 30s, and a friend ordered them at a Luby's, and wow, they sounded sooo good.  From then on, i loved liver.  Smothered with onions is hard to beat.  But the chicken livers are too.  lol, Just might have to go get some later.  That would mean getting in the shower, making a move tho.  Lots later.

Time to take leave, HAGD

Saturday, August 6, 2011

Fellow Texan, OR NOT

DD, u better quit being mean to us, or we'll quit claiming u as a fellow Texan.  I WAS enjoying all those pics.  hahahaha,,,know what u mean about crossing the line.  It can be raining all over TX, and u come into the city limits here, u cross the dry line.  Only thing i could ever figure out, was that we sit in a valley.

104 here now, at noon.  Just looked up in time to see the forecast, same ol, same ol,  but not long til Sept.  lololol,,,Hope then.

Thinking about taking a drive out around some of the county today, using my flip.  I'm seeing lots of trees dying out in the country that i've been in, so gonna go another way.  Also gonna film the river at the slab below here, in Kingsland.  Bro B just told me it's dry there.  Looking at my LCRA map it's showing the Colorado has stopped, til it catches a Brady Creek and the San Saba river giving it a little bit of flow.  But down to 1 going into Lake Buchanan.  Here, about the same.  36-22-4.  One of the rivers out at Junction, has stopped, but the lower one is flowing, because of some springs.  That's the only reason we have anything.  B said they had gone there a few days ago.  Out where our river begins.  Starts with 2 out there.

I looked over on a chair here by me yesterday, and there was this wasp crawling around on it.  I sprayed it, and got my insect book out to see wth it was.  Can't find it.  It looks kinda like a yellowjacket, but much bigger.  As big as a red wasp.  Has the striped tail and body.  All yellow and dark orange.  Now, just what is it?  Asked B, he said must be a hi bred.  Cross between a yellowjacket and a red wasp? lololol  Anyway, I DON"T LIKE IT.  There has to be a nest out there somewhere, see them getting water from my container.  At least they don't chase me.  YET.

Gosh, i'm hungry, and nothing sounds good.  What to do.  Take another round of pills?,,,lol, that's 3 times a day.  Well, that includes my vitamins too.  Divide it up, cause some of the pills are 2 a day.  My son is the one that told me to do that, that taking all at once, ur body couldn't absorb them good enough, was wasting a lot.  Made sense to me, so that's what i do.

Guess i'm gonna get into my leftovers.  O well, as good as anything i can think of.  Yall HAG weekend.

Friday, August 5, 2011

Rolling Blackouts?

Weatherman saying they are coming.  I've gone thru my house, looking for all the little things i can do to cut usage.  One was turning off my desktop, and all connected to it, except the router.  Rarely use it, so it can go.  About a year ago, i replaced almost all my clocks with battery operated ones.  Wasn't the usage then, was having to reset the darn things every time my electricity blinked off.  Think i've pretty well eliminated everything i can.  lolol,,,thot i had done it already.  My window units, 2 during the day, are set on about 80, and i run fans too.  I stay good and cool.  I had never realized how much less it costs to run those over the central units.  Even my bro B has started using them over his central one, because of that.  Why cool a whole house, when u don't need to?  I know we made it thru this kind of thing way back without them, and as a kid i never knew it was hot.  We played outside and had a good creek by our house.  I do remember having fans.

OMG,,,river flow:  36-24-4!!!  And no relief in site.  Getting scary now.  It's not just the river, it's all the lakes and how many millions have to use that water too.

By the way, DD, love that scenery up there!  The hills, trees, etc.  My kind of country, lol.

Hmmmm,,,news talking about coyotes getting small pets in Austin.  Don't know how much wildlife we will lose, due to this drought.  I know coyotes roam around in town, here, at nite.  I look out the window every time i'm up during the nite, and i never see anything.  But that's looking out on the street side.  When i go out on Sunday nites to cut my water off, u think i don't take a flash lite, besides using porch lites, to look for snakes?  I look real good!!! lol  They come to water too.

Yall tc, stay cool. HAGD

Thursday, August 4, 2011

Mind's a Blank

Dum de dum,,,,Hello everybody, how r u today?  Today's just a replica of yesterday, and the day before.  Well,,,not quite.  After hearing about BB's ticket in Van Horn, i finally did find an email to use for the paper there, and yeah, i did send one telling them my thots on the matter.  I've been wondering if there was a sign there, saying no overnighters.  To me, it would have to apply to truckers too. 

I haven't had enough sleep for at least 2 nites, now.  Darn book.  lololol,,,Can't put down.  Maybe i need 2 kinds, boring, and exciting. 

Keep finding old stuff around to eat, chips, animal crackers, leftovers.  Can't replace that kind of stuff, either.  Not with this lap band, and gonna get tightened.  Not sure the geese out at the park will even eat some of this. loololol

Way behind today, cya tomorrow.

HAGD, what's left.

Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Hey, I Can Do It,,,,

Did u see my updated blog list?,,,,Went into another place, settings, and that let me change them.

DD, I've lived here since i was 6, (sooo many years,,,lololol) and can't imagine not having scenery to look at.  Hills, rocks, animals, etc.  One time, i rode with my teen son, my younger son, and my bro B to a family reunion.  He was 16 or 17, and had a trans am.  He had told me, Mom, i play my music LOUD, and i told him GOOD, liked it like that.  So,,,here we went, and didn't even get out of the city limits here, til he was turning that music down.  I never said a word.  We were gonna be there thru the week end, and come back on Monday.  Sooo,,,we get up on Monday, and i told them to get packed, let's get on the road.  OOO NOOO, want to stay one more day!!!  (didn't find out til a few years ago, why, had to do with girls).  I finally got them to load up, after 30 minutes of all this fussing and fighting.  We got in the car, and started off, didn't even get out of Paris TX city limits, and all i heard was,,,CAN"T wait to get back, see some mountains, rocks, cactus!!!!  That's why u never listen to kids. lmaooo.  The girl story,,,was my son setting a record on how many dates he could set up in one nite. OMG  Don't remember the count, but it was a LOT.  He wanted to break the one the nite before, by doing it again the next nite.  It's just a good thing u DON"T know all the things ur kids do.  Some of the ones i hear now, i don't wanna!!!  Of course, my bro B, was just 4 years older and always encouraged him.

DD, a lot of us are worried about wells too.  With our river drying up,,the wells will eventually, too.  My sis is being frugal with hers.  Even our golf course has started using water recycled from the sewer system.  I think the court house is too.  Oh yeah, that old court house in ur pics, is beautiful.

River flow:  36-25-6 

That pie is calling,,,yall HAGD

Tuesday, August 2, 2011

My Instant Cooking

I have updated the blogs i follow, and on the page u use to do that, it shows the correct ones.  BUT, on the public one u see, it's still like it was.  Just really get disgusted with blogger a lot.  And, DD, keep the pics coming. 

River flow:  J=38 M=22 L=6 

Staying in, and will, as long as this heat is this.  lololol,,,All of August and maybe Sept.  Doing what i have to do, but staying cool.  At my age, the weeks fly, so it won't be long. hahahaha 

Kinda been cleaning out my freezer.  Using the older things, like a pie crust today.  Just had 1 left, so i'm making a pineapple pie with vanilla jello ss instant pudding and a can of pineapple.  Had left over cool whip too, so there!,,,Got my pie.  YUMMMMM  Got my last package of bacon out too.  Don't think i will be able to eat my left over rib eye, tho.  Jude will like it.  Can't chew beef enough.  My friend Sue, said she chews all the good outa it, then spits it out.  LOLOLOL

Paid my utility and credit card bills, yesterday.  Found out i would get my ss check.  My utility was 170.00, and that is electric, water, trash, sewer.  Everything, on one.  Before this month, my sewer would be higher than my electric.  That's how much i can economize.  With my parents growing up thru the 30s depression, we were raised that way.  I cool the front part of my house during the day, then turn the 2 window units off, and use the one in the back thru the nite.  I also put reflecting film on all my windows, and have since the 80s.  No heat comes thru.  Nor goes out in the winter.  I do the same with heat. But, don't heat my bedroom.  I like a cold BR.  I also turn my hot water heater off, (have breaker switches right there) and right now, the cold water tap is almost too hot to use.  Otherwise, i will turn it on just long enough to heat the water, then turn it back off.  It's a fairly new one, about 3 years old, and 30 gal.  So it holds the hot water for 2 days, in the winter.  See?,,,I do know how.  lolololol  I don't use much anyway, so why heat it all the time?  I wash and dry clothes about every 8 or 9 days, a full load.  Used to hang them out, but don't do that now.  I loved the smell.  One lady i worked with in home health, taught me a lot.  I had never thot about the hot water heater.  Then, i figured out some of the other.  Have i helped anybody?  lololol

Just saw a man playing a 27 string guitar on the news.  Plans on making a 34 one.  wooo.  Sounds complicated.

Friend Sue just called, told me to bring a bowl, come get pot roast and home made rolls!!!,,,Broke a record getting the 3 blocks to her house. hahahahah  Told her i had the pineapple pie, some for her too, and her dotter will be by later.  Good trade, don't ya think?   She's the one that's lost over 200 lbs, so far, with lap band.  At first she was almost bedridden, with her foot needing surgery.  Soooo,,,it WILL work.  She has eaten anything she wanted to, too.  With it tight enough, can't eat much, that's the secret.  Mine doesn't need much tightening, but does need a little. 

OK yall, time to git. HAGD

Monday, August 1, 2011

OOO Monday

Loved ur blog today, DD.  Never got to travel, as i married at 16, and a little over a year later, had my first child.  My only dotter.  There just was never a chance after that.   When our 3 kids got to be 5-12, we took them to the coast, a first for me!, and was going to all the sight seeing places down the coast, til they got to fussing enough for me to say, LET'S GO HOME.  Cut that trip short, not gonna travel with fussing kids!  Never mixed them again, lol.  Always took my young bro, B, and never ever had a problem with the boys.  And took a friend along with my dotter on those trips.

We were probably the only mom and dad, that our teenagers would go with.  But, we went to all kinds of races, even had GTOs to run in drags later, and add in the motorcycle, boat races.  We were FUN!! lololol  Always had add ons, too.  There was a place marked off on one of the CRs, a 1/4 mile, and when my son agreed to run someone that had kept on , all the other kids couldn't believe i was there.  As a fan! lololol.  He took off way ahead, but blew something and had to stop.  Don't remember now, just remember all the black smoke.

OMG hahahaha, just saw on news, a couple got married with a computer as the host.  Used ipads to say their , i dos. hahahahaha  I knew anyone could get a license to do it, but,,,a computer?
Better get river flow in, before i forget.  J=40 M=20 L=6

Got a few hours of watering in late yesterday.  Fixing to be BIG protest, if the school is using city water to water sports fields.  That's what an employee told my son.  The wells had dried up, so they went to city water.  And i will sure be one of em.  Not gonna let my TREES die, if they can water GRASS!!!  So, the poor little kids might have to play on dead grass, or dirt??? Sooooo WHAT???  Poor little things can't handle it, cancel the whole season!!  See what i mean? hahahaha,,,already got me going.  Bro G is gonna find out.  Then,,,that city council will catch hell.

I recorded 2 movies Sat. and put them in last nite, well, had seen the first one, so ff thru it, and then,,,had seen that other one too!  Don't do reruns.  I keep several recorded, so fell back on another one. 

Ok folks, gotta do a move.  HAGD