Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Rain!!, BB Talking to Pesky!!!

Wow BB talked to PN Wayne!! Is that wonderful, or is that wonderful??? Having that large tube down ur throat makes it sore, and it will be a while before it gets over the invasion. I know, but it felt so good to NOT have it, i didn't mind.

Other great news!! We had rain!! Yeah, that wet stuff. Not sure if it was enough to help the river, but sure will help the trees. Not sure how much we had, but one report said .97, and another l.5. My gauge won't give me correct readings, and a new one is on my list for wally world. Also, don't know how much upriver. I'll go look later today.

Ok told Hermit i'd tell a story about a skunk in a house. And it goes like this. Once upon a time,,my x bought a house, and was doing some remodeling inside, and had left the back door open. When he went by to check, he found a skunk inside,,,so he called our police dept. They sent an officer who went in shooting!!! hahahahaha,, Shot holes in walls, shot the skunk, which proceeded to let loose with his defense. So here is this whole house, soaking up this perfume. My x threw a fit, o yeah, dead skunk left in there too, and the city ended up having to pay to clean that smell out, which was new carpeting, paint, defumigating, etc. And the cop got fired. He's the one, the x, that told the DEA that if that dam dog came back in his yard, he would shoot it, and they said, u can't, that's a $5,000 dog. He told THEM, well, his $10,000 cat would get protected with a gun. They made sure that dog didn't get out any more. He had already had neighbor dogs kill 2 of his cats, so he was very serious. The neighbors put their pit bulls to sleep, and had to pay the vet bills. My son hates that neighborhood, 100s of dogs, barking day and nite, and no one does anything about them. So does my bro, B. He said, living in that neighborhood had ruined any liking for dogs. Now, DD, don't get in a huff. These are big outside dogs and their owners do nothing about their noise. You can tell who are the druggies here, by their pit bulls. The only dog he likes is Ns tiny chihuahua. The one that sings when u say Taco Bell.

At the vet's last week, in the process of cleaning her anus glands, in the stuggle to hold her, she pulled out one of her nails, on the side of her foot. N said she's still guilting her about it, holding that foot up, looking at her real sad. Only sometimes, she forgets. lollol. I tried to help trim her nails, and i can't believe how strong she is. When the vet does that, he gives her something to relax her. Will do that for the other, now.

I had a siamese one time, that just made himself at home, no matter where he was. Even at the vet's. He would stroll all around, just checking it out. Dogs didn't bother him. He just ignored them. I watched him walk thru a yard one time, with 4 huge dogs sniffing at him, had his tail straight up, and he just twitched it and laid his ears back, and kept walking. Sooo cool! He was walking around a cage with an huge rattlesnake in it, one time, was bro Bs, just sniffing it, and before that snake's fangs hit the wire, he was 10 feet away. That's how fast he was. He came running around the house one time, ran up a tree, out on a limb, and FELL OFF. He was soooo embarrassed, he kinda slunk back around the house and hid for a while.

Think i've bored yall enough for today. Need to make a move. adios