Wednesday, November 28, 2012


It was showing 30, earlier.  Guess i need to get the covers out for the outside faucets, even tho i've never had one freeze.  Gonna be a fantastic day ,,,,

lol Just set my waffles on the table and J called, asking if i wanted the B/taco.  I'm back on my waffles for a while,,,the taco is good sometimes tho.

Hey BB, i'm so surprised you haven't made any comments on RVSue, about the slabs.... lollololol.  Do you miss going there?  O yeah,,,you're catching those big bass, lolol, chasing golf balls, riding that billy bike,,,etc..having so much more fun,,,

Sometimes,,my head feels so strange, funny, like woozy.  It was doing that yesterday and i checked my b/sugar, b/pressure,,all ok.  Just don't know what it is, but it goes away.  Brought it up cause it just had a touch happen again. 

J is doing so good, and it's been almost a month now.  Not having the spasms as much.  It's amazing, when you think about it,,how fast he's healing.  He's just about quit wearing that brace that doesn't fit right, rubs on the spine where it shouldn't.  The doc even said,,don't wear it... On about the same surgery back in 2000, that doc didn't believe in them,,told him he had him screwed together enough he didn't need one,,, (those were the ones taken out).  He is also 1 3/4" taller,,,

We went out to the park yesterday,,he finally has seen the attraction i have for it,,,and watched all the different birds.  The geese, some big black ducks, sea gulls, a lot of white cranes, and one blue one.  He loves it too,,now.   Have to give my Mom credit for my love of nature and all it's creatures.  When i was a kid ,,, was fascinated with red ants, and bees.

Well, i'm just rattling on here, so yall tc, and