Saturday, March 10, 2012


Wooohooo, my weather thang a ma jig started working,,last nite..

Heard a truck pull in next door about 9 am,,, turned out it was bringing a metal storage shed to him.  )(*&*Y^#!$$%$  Put it where all i see when i look out is THAT!!!  Really pisses me off!  And to be fair, it's the perfect place from his point of view, but,,,mercy.  Sure not what i want to see when i look out.  I never saw his house, just the view behind it on up the hill.  If i sit in the other room at the desk top, i can see great, including his house AND ALL.  Just might have to do that.  It's cold in there, or hot, depending on the season,,,

The day after i had seen that girl with the fish, when i went out there, there was a hawk and a buzzard there with it.  Before i could get the camera out and up, they flew off.  The next day, there were 3 or 4 buzzards, still eating on the carcass.  Got that, but not going out to the car to get my camera, but will post it later.

I just glanced over by the stuff on my table and saw my utility bill,,,NOT PAID!  I've never paid one late.  OMG...  Looked, and it is due by the 15th, not the 10th, like it used to be.  It somehow got behind some other stuff,  and moving one, made it visable!  lolololol.  In all my life, i've never paid bills late.  Don't want that kind of a first. lolol.  The check is dated the 3rd.

I changed 2 clocks already,,,one in the bedroom, the other on my coffee pot..with the coffee pot the MOST important.  Got up yesterday and had an empty pot,,guess i forgot,,,lol, to push that button.  How i can do that, i don't know, but,,,i can.

Time to go play, yall tc, and