Monday, December 5, 2011

Missed it Today

Slept late, about 9;30, and then decided to go to Marble Falls, which i did.  Took a couple of hours to get off, but i got my new lens in my glasses, and picked up my shoes.  Nice day to drive.  Cloudy, easy on the eyes.  Still cold, but heck, i wasn't out but just to run into those places....RUN?,,HA.  Figure of speech now...lololol.

I did pick up a few things at Walmart, like, i needed new bolts for my toilet seat, and they do have em, but,,,for 3.50 more, i could get the whole new seat that came with bolts!!  Yep,,i did.  And yep, i put it on later.  Those darn plastic things strip out, and both of em had done that.  Got a bottle of alcohol to make my glass cleaner with.  Here's the recipe in case u want it..
1 bottle of alcohol
1/2 c sudsy amonia,,normal is what i use, can't find sudsy
1 tsp dishwashing detergent
Put those into a gallon jar, then fill with water,,,,
Works better than what u buy, cuts smoky haze too, no streaks.
This is an Ann Landers thing.  from long ago.

I always hated making pie crust, having to cut the shortening in,,,well,,,she had one u used milk, and oil,,best one i ever did, too. Well, now i use frozen ready to cook ones, or the ones by the canned biscuits.  Did i just say i cooked????,,,hahahaha,,,Maybe a year ago, i made a choc pie, with one of those, and instant jello pudding, topped with cool whip.  U can do one with vanilla instant jello pudding, add crushed pineapple,,, drained,   yummmmmmmmmmm.

Went out to the city park yesterday, just for a bit, and there were 3 gray cranes, and 1 white one.  I see 1 gray one most of the time, but,,,all the others,,,wow.  They weren't together.    I had seen the white one a week or so ago, landing across the river.

Outa here, so late today, but yall tc,