Thursday, May 12, 2011

Poor Hey Jude

OOO Gosh, gotta put flea drops on Hey Jude. He had a flea on his face, last nite, n i thot he was having a spasm. Dont think he likes em. lol Hes been hiding all morning, has forgotten what all that noise is, that thunder n rain stuff. Just now came out, so when hes done eating, gonna get those drops. Hafta kinda sneak up on him. When he hears that surgical glove, he gets suspicious. Then when i open the actual med, hes ready to run. Takes a lot of convincing to do this, but gotta.

OOOKKK got that done. Now hes outside, scratching like crazy. By later today, he can come back in flea free, n sleep on my lap while im kicked back tonite watching tv. He likes Idol too,,,hehehe.

Had to look up that song, "Signs" n c who wrote it,, wasnt Dylan, was Les Emmerson. Somehow i thot it was Dylan. But way back i remember when i bought his first music,, like a rolling stone, blowing in the wind. Still like his music. I still have all those ol vinyl albums, from way back. I would buy the album, then record it onto,,well, 8 tracks first, then later cassettes. That way i could pick n choose the music on my tapes. Back when bro B was in hi school,,i kept making him a tape of Dr Hook, (party music back then),,n it kept getting stolen. SOOOO, i cured THAT problem!!! The last one i put Mel Tillis on the label!!!! hahahahaha No one EVER touched that 1. From the first time i heard Dr Hook on Dick Clarks dance show, i bought all his albums. It was mostly songs u never heard on the radio. lololol,,,Like,,Freakers Ball, True Love,,,Get My Rocks Off,,,Penicillan Penny, hahahaha,,,might have to play those now. U did hear Syvias Mother, Marie Laveaux, Cover of the Rolling Stone.

BB,, lunch time,,aaagain,,,leftovers.

Made it,,,rid of all those left overs now. When i got up this morning,,around 8;45,,i opened up some windows, n let it get cold in here, hahahah, felt sooo good. I put on a jacket, warm shoes, n enjoyed. Still cool. I bet DD is getting that stuff right now. Its almost 1;30, n on the news, showed that whole thing just about to the coast. Hope all of ya got some of it too.

Just heard, Walmart parking lot,,on tv,,something about a pup being found there. Reminded me of when i went to San Antonio for my sons spine surgery. I went a day early, because it was Jan, n this horrible ice storm was predicted, n i didnt want to drive down there on that. It hit next day, n when i got up n went out to leave the motel, my car had 1/2" of ice all over it. I couldnt open the doors. The drivers side was worst. Finally, a man came out n helped me get the passenger door open, then i could reach in n start it n put the defrost on. Took a long time, but finally that ice started falling off n i could get in. My son n his dad, hadnt gotten to the hospital yet, so i stopped by a Walmart, n when i came out, i loaded my stuff, n left the buggy parked nearby. The hospital was just behind the Walmart. A couple of hours later, i heard my name, was wanted on the phone. Im going,,who in the world could it possibly be? Well, it was my sis, n she told me a man had called saying he had found my purse in a buggy at Walmart.!!! I gave her the address n in just a few minutes, this man came walking down the hall, carrying my purse!!. He had looked inside n found people to call, here, then they called him back giving him the address. He was right there. Can u believe this? It really did happen. There was quite a bit of money in there too, but nothing was touched. He wouldnt take a cent for doing all this either. WOW, Still makes me humble, knowing that there really are still some good decent people in the world. That was a 3 day iced in situation. The doc did get there n do the surgery, but just called in the next day, checked, n said he could go home. So we drove home on the highway, in 2 ruts, creeping along. It had just been opened. I got stuck behind an 18wheeler going 10 mph.,,,drove me nuts. They pulled out n passed, but i didnt for a long time. Finally did it, got up to a whole 15 mph. lol, but made it fine. About 35 miles from home, got out of that, n stopped to gas up. lmaoo,,,couldnt get the door open to the gas cap. Still had a sheet of ice over it. I pounded on it enough to finally break it off, fell off in big sheets. My sons surgery had been on a vertebrae in his neck, n was done lapascopally. He had to wear 2 different neck braces for a long time.

ok yall, outa here