Saturday, March 24, 2012

Fingers Crossed





This is the hackberry tree in front,, kinda looking like it is going to leaf on out, yet.  Don’t know why it already did on some of it.  Then there’s one in back doing the same thing.  Just keeping my fingers crossed, hoping they survived last year.

There’s my poor little Martin house, just about blown away.  There’s no way to lower it, and it’s full of sparrows.  Not sure if the Martins have been here or not.  I did see some earlier, but that was maybe the scouts.  I didn’t buy the pole for it, just used an old tv antenna one.  And it won’t go up and down any more.


I’m so tired today, I’m going back to bed after I eat breakfast.  Can’t go to sleep after I go to bed.  Takes hours, and last nite I even took some pain med but guess it didn’t work.

My son had talked about going on a picnic today, and doing some backroads, seeing the flowers, but got a text last nite, saying his gf was so tired, gonna do it another time.  I’m so glad, cause I am too.  lolol My last bf had never heard of backroading,,,but,,,that became his favorite thing.  It’s something we’ve always done around here, lots of good scenery, and lots of wild life.  My bro G and his wife, went off on a 6 week trek thru the NW, and the first thing he wanted to do, was go hit some back roads,,see some wild life,,  Said he saw more wild life on that one trip than all of the prior 6 weeks put together.

Yall tc and