Saturday, January 12, 2013

Flu? Pneumonia?

Wasted a lot of time doing this, and poof,,,it's gone.

I keep seeing flu and pneumonia talk, and this morning I read that there are 2 going around, A and B.  The flu shot takes care of the A almost totally, but only 69 or so % of the B.  So i'm still being cautious when i'm out, using a lot of purel.

I took the pneumonia vaccine 6 years ago, then started having it,,,hahahaha.  Never had it in my life, and told the doc that.  That's when he took me off Advair for my COPD,, can cause pneumonia.  I had some kind of it, with no fever and no cough, so how do you know when you're getting it?  I asked that, and the only thing I can come up with, is,,, when I feel really really bad,,,go to the doc!  That's the one I had that nearly got me.  And when I had that,,,that's when I quit smoking.

I took J to F'burg yesterday for his 2 1/2 month check up.  He's having problems, and the doc decided to put him on some physical therapy for a few weeks, starting in 2 weeks.  Then the cold wet weather doesn't help.  Plus he's having sinus problems bad too.  Won't use my neti pot even tho I told him how much it has helped my g/dotter.  She's sure a believer.  Also, read this in a yoga book a long time ago.  Turn your head upside down, I laid across a bed and hung my head off, and drain those sinuses.  You won't believe how much stuff comes out!  Have a lot of Kleenex or something,,,lololol.  Stay upside down for 10 minutes, and it might make you nauseated the first time, but do this once a day for 2,,,maybe 3.  NO more sinus problems.

Some kind of new sticker thing showed up in our yards  a few years ago, and they dry out and fill up the bottom of your shoes if you walk on them.   Js shoes keep bringing them in and i'm trying to get them vacuumed out today.  I've told him to shed the shoes at the door.  He usually does but one day is all it takes.  These things are horrible.  Bro B and SIL have fits with them.  With all those boys coming in and out, she has gotten rid of a lot of carpeted rooms.  They are little round burrs, until they dry out, then those burrs break up into zillions of stickers.  They're flat on the ground, and the plant is just a few inches high.  Don't know what would get rid of them.

We went to the best steak place in the world yesterday, and brought home one order and divided it.  Was plenty.  It's the Barvarian Restaurant there.  It's actually German food.  But those steaks are out of the world good.  They are priced that way too,,lol, don't know what it was cause he paid for all of it.  Way back, the one I ordered was about 25.00.  I get the german fries with mine, he got the baked potato.  Then a big salad, and soup come with it.  I still have the soup,,yummmm.  The only bread you get is black. 

Think I've done my do for today, so yall tc, and