Sunday, March 20, 2011

thorn trees? wow, nothing like this

Was about ready to let this blog thing go, but had lots more readers since yesterday, sooo,,,im back,,like dd said,,, lol

And ABOUT TIME too!!! dd, u cant just let it go NOW!  I don't keep up with very many blogs, but ur one of em,,,left us all hanging, (see, we do miss you).

Does anybody but me know what a honeylocust tree is?  Wellll,,,theres one at the end of my sis's garden.  She had to scream for help when she backed into it while tilling.  Never, EVER, saw thorns on a tree like this.  Even thorns on thorns,,,meannn thangs too.  3-4" long, way too sharp.  Tell u the truth, i didnt know what it was either, but after i had a good look at that thang, i looked it up.  Where it came from, is anybodys guess.  A hedge of those would beat any razor wire thang. 

Speaking of trees, mesquite are leafing out, spring is here!!!  No floweres, no rain.  This county is on the agenda to become a disaster one, due to drought.

Saw on tv this morning, the cat that can purr as loud as a lawn mower.  lololol,,,u could even hear it while they were talking, lives in England.

Got thru Sunday paper, have the coupon ads still laying there to go thru.  Never understood why i do this, i cut em out, go thru em to take with me, THEN, forget to use em!!!  get home with em still in my pocket.  I can even be holding em in my hand, and forget to hand them to the check out person.  lololol,,,dont yall dare say it.  i work WITH alzheimers clients,,,and DONT need to be one. hahahahahaha ya think?  ssshhh,,,dont tell.

No plans for today, but maybe going out and watching the garden grow again.  lololol,,,,hasnt come up yet.  That tree got a good trimming, ( with a lot of OUCHs) so it can be walked around now.  Dont know if the trimmed off branches have been moved r not,,,hahahaha, they were left laying over the fence last time i saw em. 

They were given a boat and have been working on it, got it  cleaned up, but havent been able to get the motor going yet.  Think thats what theyre gonna do today.  This was a pretty expensive boat, but was left setting for years, after this ladys hubby died.  even on a matching trailer.  Everybodys got the "GO FISHING" bug now.  Got Lake Buchanan in eastern part of county.  Ive got the EAT FISH bug..lolol  Gave my good rod n reel to g/dotter, since i hadnt used it in so long. 

ok,,,gotta get moving,,,at least a little,,,