Friday, May 20, 2011

Fishing Around

Gotta tell ya, Bob from AThens,,we have those fire ants, don't have the cutter ants much, but i do everything i can to get rid of them. A professor at UT has been working with a knat that kills fire ants, but so far, i haven't seen them here. He said they had gotten as far as Burnet County, and told me how to check. You rub the hill with your foot, get them upset, then go back about 15 or 20 mins later, and if you see ants laying there like they are dead, the knats are here. Would take gazillions to work, tho. One knat per ant.

The Hermit was talking about cat fishing today. wooohoooo,,,got this river, and that's our thing. One of my sons made some grappling hooks, and one day, I looked out and here is my younger son walking up the road from the river, carrying a hook, and some fish!!! We just had forgotten to tell him those hooks were illegal. We lived less than a block from the river, so they kinda grew up on it. One time, he and a friend came dragging in an huge soft shell turtle, cause he wanted turtle soup. Geezzz,,,hth do u take that shell off? lololol,,called my mom and between us, we finally managed to do that, and ,,omg,,there's nothing but white meat under it!! Had no idea how to cook it,,now, (was before internet) so i called around and found one that told me how to make the soup, but then another told me the best way, was to fry it like fish. All i've ever used to do that, is just plain ol salt and corn meal. So, that's what i did, and ooooo mercy,,,was that some good eating. To this day, that's the only time i've ever had turtle. Now, i do occasionally order frog legs, tried cooking them one time, but too much trouble. lol, And yeah, they did move around. hahahahaha Hubby wouldn't help clean them, nor would he eat them. hahahahaha

I grew up mostly in the 50s, and we didn't know, either, how poor we were. Everybody else (mostly) was the same. We started off on a farm up around Paris Tx, but you sure couldn't depend on the weather to make a living, so when i was 6, we moved down here. Dad had jobs with regular work hours, but we were still poor. On the farm, we had beef, pork, poultry, to eat, but after moving here, all we had were the fryers he got every year, like a 100 of them. So once a year, we spent the day killing and dressing them, to put in the freezer. That was the limit on meat. We had it once a week on Sunday. Mother always had a pot of beans, and corn bread for us. Had our own veges, from our garden too. Biscuits, eggs, bacon were breakfasts. Sometimes, just biscuits and gravy. She did buy bacon. Now,,we find out that was sooo healthy. Dad also taught us all the games, and we grew up on dominos, card games, all outside games. He had horseshoes set up in the back yard wayyy back before Bush made it national. He used a heavy wire to make a picker up thing, that we called his lazy stick. There were always other kids around to enjoy this too, Dad loved that. He was pretty special. Still miss him and always will.

yall tc now