Sunday, November 20, 2016

OK for Surgery,,, yeaaaa

Got the approval for my hip replacement, have an appointment on 12-7 to discuss it and set the date.... Gosh, am i ready! I did get an injection, steroid, last Tuesday and from the first deadening shot, i got huge pain relief. I could feel it going thru the whole area, so when the feelings came back, my pain level was like a 1 or 2.... WOW. I even took off once from the bathroom without a walker to answer my phone, without realizing it....Now i know what a new hip will do... lol.

Not sure i'm going to my brother's house for TG dinner,,, 1/2 block from me, lol. His driveway is long and narrow, don't know why he built it that way, but with all the family, it is so inconvenient to get to his house. THEN, here you are carrying food! I know i would be able to park as close as is possible but just not sure i want to handle it. You get out of your vehicle, have to go thru a chain link gate, and still go down a sidewalk, up steps to the door. Horrible set up. Having someone bring me a plate is just lots more appealing. Did it last year.

Their g/dotter has just been transferred to an acute care enter in Round Rock, a few days ago. And is having to deal with what happened, and how much time, 3 months, has been lost to her. She's the one that was burned throwing the gas on hot embers. They kept her sedated all that time because of her movements when she wasn't,, letting the grafts heal.

We just had our first freeze. Seems like it's so late, but i think normal is 11-12,,,what i saw on the weather.

Ok, no more to say, so yall tc, and



  1. After lining up surgeons and every medical yahoo in the area, I'm now in the hands of a therapist. Why? Because SOMEONE can't read xrays and didn't notice my shoulder has been OUT OF JOINT for over a year. I've been having to move my right arm by using my LEFT arm. And no one stood up and took notice? After so long passing, the ligaments and muscles are torn and atrophied, so I have to "try" therapy and the darn arm won't move. How's that supposed to help?

    I'm so glad you're not having hip replacement down here and I want a blow-by-blow description of it.

    It's up to your FAMILY to get you to their house, unharmed, and without bringing a dish. sheesh. If they expected all that to be done by a woman with a bad hip, I'd just stay home and watch television.

    1. ooo nooo,, my family will do whatever needed to help me, and was told NOT to worry about food.

  2. Good to see you post. You sound very happy and I wish you the best on your upcoming surgery.