Thursday, April 28, 2011

Talk the Talk

Was pulling up my quilt from the foot of the bed, last nite.  Even turned on a little heat this morning.  LOVE it.  Remember 1 time, after going thru the usual hot summer, a cold front blew in for Labor day week end.  I mean,,a REAL cold front.  Since it was the last day for the swimming pool to be open, my kids n matching siblings, insisted on going.  hahahaha,,,they were the only ones.  They turned blue, had goose bumps the whole time, but,,,they made it for the last day. lmaoo,,,like,,we didnt have the river right down the hill!!!  The life guard n I sat with our jackets on, while they did their thing.  That was around l980, i think. 

Around that same time,,,one year, my youngest son's peewee team went without a coach for a couple of weeks,,so i volunteered to do it. OMG!!!!  A FEMALE,,,coaching????  They had a big discussion,,not kidding ya,,, n decided that it was ok, if,,, my hubby could be named the coach, n me,,his assistant.  Sooo,, thats how we did it,,,he was never there, didnt know doodly about baseball anyway.  Next time,,,was doing a little league team.  Didnt have any problem that time.  My proudest moment in all of the baseball years, tho,,,was when my son's coach called n asked if i could fill in for him that nite,,n i said, sure. My son was on this team, little league,,and i had always coached mine at home,,,cause the coaches they had never knew enough to do it.  soooo,,, Here i went,, to face the baddest, unbeaten team we had that year.  When the coach's dad handed me the line up, told him i already had mine.  All these kids were going,,,oooo noooo,,,we cant hit off billy,,hes the fastest pitcher of all.  I told em ,,,(same thing i had told MY son),,,sure u can, im gonna show u some tricks.  So here we went, out behind the bleachers,,,n i had the talk,,showed them the,,,walk,,,and proceeded to get the game going.  First thing,,,when they picked up that ol bat that weighed a ton, i took it away, n handed them my son's lite weight short alum one,,... They stood where i had shown them, held the bat like i had shown them, N WHAM!!!!  EVERY KID HIT!!!  hahahaha   The other team's coach was getting madder n madder,,n i was getting merrier n merrier, laughing,,behind his back ,,of course.  Needless to say,,,it was a runaway,,in our favor.  The unbeaten team had just been stomped!!   yep,,,my proudest moment.  Forgot to mention,,we played that game in 110* weather that day.  I had also told em all,,,go to the water fountain n get wet!!,,,Which they did,  whooping n hollering all the way.

I grew up with 2 bros, n 3 neighbor boys,  soo yeah, i was the worst tom boy ever.  Had to show em i could do anything they could, n better.   Played baseball, football, tennis, volleyball, u name it,,all but golf.  Spilled over into adulthood.  No one was ever surprised at anything i did.  Well,,,one was, but he dont count, he wasnt from here.  That was the one that had to give me the drivers test for my motorcycle license.  He said,,ooo what do i do???? ive never given it to a female before. hahahahaha  Guess i was born before my time.  n i never let what people would say, bother me.