Saturday, April 9, 2011

Rambling on

I've been watching the live stream of newly hatched bald eagles,,,at  They hatched daily and the oldest one will probably be the only survivor.  He's mean!  It's on ustream, if u can't find it by the above address, the Decorah eagles.  They r brand new.  Got to see the pair change places this morning, and feed the 3, then soo carefully sit on them.  It went off for a few minutes, and that older one was trying to eat the other 2!!!,,,They played dead, lol.  Was watching hummingbirds, but the cam wasn't on one day, and by the next, they had flown out of the nest!!  Then turned to the eagles, and just 1 had hatched so i've kept up with them.

Just today, i finished up the food my friend had sent home with me.  Don't even know how many meals it was, can't eat much.  But i would eat a little with 1 of those huge rolls.  Today i finished the roll with sugar free peach preserves. ummmm.  Roll was buttered, of course.  6 ritz crackers with pimento cheese makes me a meal.  Don't need much in my food budget,,,,lololol,,,wooohoooo.

Changed my sheets today, and took off the electric blanket.  Even got it washed and hanging outside.  Have a quilt at the foot just in case i need extra cover.  Plus,,,the comforter is still on.  I have to take that to the launder mat to wash it, then bring it home and hang out.  My spell checker says thats the way to do laundermat,,,,lololol,,,so ok,,,

Gosh, have water running out on one of the crepe myrtles,, a really old one.  Probably doesnt need it, but getting it anyway.  Nearly all my landscaping is native, or  things that survive on little water.  Also, ones that have blooms to attract hummers and butterflys.  Theres 2 mimosa trees that were here when i bought it, and they love those blooms.  AND, i DON'T care what anybody says about hackberry trees, I LIKE EM.  No care needed, and last to drop leaves.  Have 3 large ones, and 2 more growing in great places that need shade.  lol,,,everything needs shade here.  Have a huge chinaberry tree on west side that used to be all the shade i had on that side and i guess they r a lot more hardy than i had thot.  Had 1 pop up behind my storage shed, and thot, gee, wish it would make it.  Was too far for me to water, so i just left it alone.  wow, its in its 3 year now, growing like a weed, never had any care.  Im so proud of it, lol.  In the 10 years ive lived here, i now have a great big hackberry, and another chinaberry getting there,,,on the west side.  My sis, N, has her front yard full of oaks,,and theyve been blooming,,,omg,,,what a mess.  Between the exchange of leaves and the blooms on them,,,u begin to wonder why u ever wanted them!


Not much to add.  Fire Dept. is having their annual fish fry, bar-b-q today, and gonna go by and get a plate to go.  Last time i ate their fish, it was so salty, i couldnt go back for 2 r 3 years, (can't eat much salt), so maybe it will be ok this time.  Sis, N, is gonna pick them up, and im going out there n eat with them.  LOLOLOLO,,,,she was getting her minnow jars out of pump house, and 1 had this little snake in it,,, she swears was a rattler.  I described a young one, n she said yessssss,,,that was what it looked like, so maybe she did. I was laughing cause it couldnt possibly bite being in that jar, but she yelled loud enough to get C down  there,,,which he proceeded to smash it in the jar.  Surprised he didnt get the big guns out! LMAOOO.  A rattler doesnt have diamonds on its back til its about 2 years old, will have the black n white stripes on the tail,,,and a button.  The head is also not triangle shaped yet.  The more i told her, the more she swore it was one,,,hahahahaha.  I think he smashed it enough u wouldnt be able to tell even if u could find it now.  She kept saying it was ,,,cause it was striking, and had its tail up.  All snakes do that!!! hahahaha o well,,,maybe i just have a sick sense of humor.  I nearly picked that one up in my house that time, cause it didnt look much like a rattler.  Then later, my bro, B, told me why.  Now, that means theres a den nearby, and they need to really watch.  One that young hasnt come far from a den.  Shes probably already called B...hahahahaha, bring out ur gas!!!,,now!!! hahahaha,,,and here i sit, laughing with tears,,,,

Gosh its tooo hot.  Down to 95.4 now,,,Know lots more coming.  bye yall, tc