Sunday, November 18, 2012

Just a Little Today

Nite before last, i woke up about 1;30 to go to the b'room, and heard the tones go off for the Kingsland Fire Dept.  A call in about a house fully engulfed.  People had moved out about 2 months ago, they said.  Of course it burned to the ground.  Same ol Same ol,, this has been an ongoing thing for a long time.  And yeah, it's arson fires.  This made about 7 or so houses, and i think i read there were 11 grass fires that were arson, too.  They arrested one 17 year old, but ,,,,.  This is horrible.  The residents in K'land are really putting the pressure on to get this stopped.   Sure hope they get em all, send em off permanently.  Had this happen here years ago, and it turned out to be the fire chiefs son doing it.  He got sent off for years.  Then got out, and got sent back.
Those F1 races on that new track have been going strong.  Unreal.  And it's just down the road,,,lol.  Here that means about 75 miles away.   Austin has been having stuff going on all weekend.  For being the 1st time, it has gone soooo good.  Read somewhere, that having that kind of race in Austin, was like having ??? in Mayberry,,,,lololol.  I don't know how they got it all done in time.

Don't know why Sundays are so long and boring.  I even did some mopping,,,lololol.

Yall tc, and