Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Bridge Party

This part is for a new reader, Diana, and any others that might not know.  The river flow report comes from  My area is:  Junction, Mason, Llano,  and the numbers are cubic feet per second, cfs.  Here in Llano, we have to be over 12 cfs to go back from stage 4  water rationing, to stage 3.  Been a while.  So, today it's 36-18-4.  Junction 36, Mason 18, Llano 4. 

Ol BB is gonna be a neighbor for ?,,,at Inks Lake here.  They told people who bought property on the banks that it was a constant level lake.  WELLLL, not when it floods enough!!!  Didn't tell them that.  I was working with a woman that lived there, along with her son and his family, and his house had water in it up to the ceiling, and her trailer house had water under it to the floor.  Almost washed it off it's foundation.  did wash away the butane tank, and underpinning.  When they had to open some flood gates at Buchanan Dam, it let lots of water go down from it.  Here, the river got on a 100 year rise, 42 feet i think it was.  lol,,There was what i called a bridge party, way into the wee hours, watching to see how high it was gonna get.  100s of people.  The Colorado also runs into Buchanan, and was on a record rise, too.  Ended up flooding lots of places on down, not just at Inks.  LMAOOOO,,,BB won't have to worry about that!!!  The park is above the place i'm talking about, just over the bridge at Kingsland, at the Eastern edge of Llano County, off 1431.  The bridge is where the Llano River joins in. 

Way back when i was a teenager, that bridge was a one way thang, and rattled when u went over it.  Had a top over it too.  Anyway, a bunch of us went out there one time, and most of the kids got up on the rail, and jumped off!!! NOT ME.  I got up on the rail, and got back down.  Wasn't the jump, was the swimming out.  I never was a water person, so didn't swim that well.  It was HIGH.  lol, Our DA here right now,,was one of em.  Always told him, hey, i knew u when. 

My Dad could have bought acres of that property that is now Kingland, for $50.00 an acre.  Later, when the Lake was created, and Kingsland became a booming place, and a lot went for 50,000. and more, he moaned and groaned til i told him one day,  Dad, u would have sold it all, first time you were offered 100.00 an acre and thot u made a killing.  He thot a few minutes, said yep, and never ever said another word about it.  He always said we were hiding behind the door when God passed out the money, so we got the looks. lolololol

Don't remember which blog i read today, that was talking about their uncle, DDs?, that played around for dances, etc.  Well, my Dad and his 3 brothers did too.  He always had a guitar around, and one of his bros was a fantastic fiddle player.  Dad got a steel guitar one time, and when he got that thang out, we ALL left the area. hahahaha   He'd hook it up to his amp and OMG.  Never did learn to play it.  There's just one sister left now, out of 8.  And she has always been my fav.  Lives in Paris Tx.  In a nursing home now, after a fall that broke her hip again.  Dad left the farming behind, back in the late 40s, and we moved here.  Been here ever since. 

Good memories today,,,yall tc, HAGD