Sunday, November 6, 2011

Daylight Saving Time,, Leave Us Alone!!!

Need to call my bro G, today is his BD.  He's off hunting up there by Menard, on his place.  Hunting, huh!,,sitting in his stand, waiting on them to come eat.  Better keep quiet, lol, he always give me some.  AND, i'm darn sure ready for it.  Now, that sounds good!!  Good ol chicken fried venison, with gravy, biscuits.  oooooo,,,mouth's watering already.  Gotta have onion with it, too.

How'd yall make it this morning?,, Gosh, i was up an hour earlier!  Got my last clock set a while ago.  It's the bird one, i look up from here, to see.   Think i got the bird sounds right.  I got this for my Mom one time, long ago when they first came out, knew she'd love it.  My niece called from High Island, saying she had found the perfect gift for Granma,,,that clock! hahahaha,,,I told her i already had gotten one for her...Beat her to it.  She couldn't believe it, hahahaha.  After Mom passed away, i brought it home with me. 

 She's the one that can, and has, give you a perfect gift,  and it is always just for you.  With 3 little girls now, she doesn't have time to make things like she used to, but still can pick up some little something that is just right.  I lugged her around all the time, when she was little.  One time we were in Austin, and drove by a huge church, and she said,,,oooo,,,,there's a Jesus house.  It had the stained glass windows and that's how she knew.  lololol.  Her mom told her, after a bath one time, to come on and get her drawers on,,she laughed and said,,,those aren't drawers, those are panties.  Mom said, you can call them drawers sometimes if you want to,,Her answer?  Does that mean i can call my dresses closets?  I'm gonna call that girl today,,,Miss her terribly.  She and her hubby teach up there at Lake Worth.  If i were able i would drive up there and visit, they are always telling me to come.  They have a bedroom and bath, just for me. lol.

Well, got my oatmeal cooked, cooling now.  AND,,,dishes done. lol.  Getting around that hour earlier.  The way i adjust is,, i just don't think about it, i look at the time, and that's what it is.  So, i'll go to bed tonite like always, at 10, lay there and not go to sleep, but,,,hahahaha, after a few nites, i will.  How do yall adjust?  Got any good ideas?

I looked up the nearest places i could get new glasses, and no matter which way i go, it's about 60 miles.  That's the Lencrafters, Eyemasters, etc.  Not sure if i will get new frames, these are just about 3 years old, still really good, but maybe, if i find some i like the looks of.  Also, not sure when i will go.  I never make plans,,gotta be spur of the moment.  I'll probably go on 71, to Bee Cave.  The other choice is Cedar Park., on 29.

When i was out and about yesterday, it's still not the hunters around.  I drove by the processing place, and ,,,nothing there!  Maybe the ranchers have just priced themselves out of a living.  I know that's the main income for them.  (Used to do tax work for a CPA).  So many around here are selling off their places, and then it's being turned into these little parcels of a few acres.    Who can blame them,,they can't afford to keep them up any more.  Then you bring in something like this disaster, the drought, and bam.  they're ruined.  Some sell off what they have to, cattle, keeping a few for now.  But, they have to feed and water them.  So, that won't last long.  Only thing that will help,,is rain.  Something we all need to pray for.

Ok,,Yall HAGD