Sunday, August 12, 2012

Pork Steak Today

Fixing to go pick up that pork steak lunch i thot was Fri,,,i think i can beat the crowd by going a little early,,,did last time. 

B came by, telling me about their CO trip.  The part he liked the best, and i would too, was the train ride thru the mountains.  I've seen it on TV, or ads, or something.  He also told me he would go to San Antonio with us on the 22nd.  Well, he would take his van.  I worry about driving that early because i don't wake up good for a couple of hours, and he's an early bird. 

Got 3 movies yesterday, 2 more going today.  But,,,TV will finally be back to normal after tonite.  Almost all the ones i had i have seen before,,, Like the book i'm reading lolololol,,,don't remember the book tho.

DD has some naughty pics today,,,hahahahahaha,,,  We have those real skinny brown walking sticks, and the green ones too.  But,,i pushed a stump over one time, and there was this huge gray one like he's showing.

Ok,,time to git,,,yall tc, and