Saturday, April 30, 2011

Saturday Goolash

Gosh, im so slow in the mornings,  think age has anything to do with it?  Here it is, 11;30, and nothing accomplished.  Did get more eggs boiled for my deviled ones.  Still on that kick.  When u crave something,,eat it!!.  Supposed to be taking vitamins w/iron, but im not, and im not sure how much iron to take, so guess im just eating those eggs.  lololol  Ate supper at a restaurant yesterday, n guess what i had?  2 eggs over easy, (which they told me was over medium) bacon, home fries, toast.  To get my eggs cooked right, i describe them,,white well done, yolks runny.  If i order any other way, i DO NOT get them right.  Over easy=runny whites, over medium=-mostly hard yolks.  Then,,,the cook will tell me,thats the way i like mine!!!  (same as me).   They came out n asked me 1 time, cause i had sent them back twice.  Thats when they told me order over medium, which did NOT work either.  All  this egg talk has nothing to do with being last day of April showers, which we missed, nor my plans for the rest of the day, which is nothing,,

Still havent heard a thing from niece in Birmingham.  Trying not to take that as bad, but sure would like to hear from her.  I check in n out of facebook just to c if shes posted anything.  How can people like that place????  Almost as bad as watching all these women sitting around a table yakking on tv.  (The View, Yoda n Kathy Lee).  Bad as soaps!!!

OO yeah, gotta "turn the page" on calendar today.  Need to c when Mothers day is, not sure.  These things that move around every year just keeps me guessing.  Need em set like July 4th, always know when that 1 is.

Missed all the weather reports today.  Now i dont know when that cold front is supposed to show up.  Have ACs running, so humid.    Doesnt take temps to make it hot ,, here,,that humidity does it really good.  One of the Austin stations has a great weather thing,  You click on weather, then severe weather, n u can get everything on the interactive tab.  Need to do that today.  Think anybody can use this, anywhere. 

Gotta get something done about my red ants!!!  Just going out for the paper, im wading thru them.  The sevin dust turned out to be granules, which im taking back.  I want the dust.  In the mean time,,im gonna look in the store room real good, surely i still have something.

Lunch time,,

Friday, April 29, 2011

Gooood Day,,,all

Yall catch any of the wedding?? hahaha,,,if u had the tv on,,u did.  Between that, n the nest of eagles, took me til now to get the paper read.  Its wonderful,,being retired, not tied down to time. wooohooo.  Did take time to get lunch cooking in the microwave,,a bag of cheddar chicken potatoes,,sound good? yummmmm,,,does to me.  Cooked a bag of sweet n sour chicken a few days ago, made 3 meals.  Lots better than those frozen dinners i got so burned out on.    Cant slice my Italian loaf,,frozen.  Betcha next time i do it before i freeze,,

Yall c DDs pics of that tree with the lips?  wow,, think someone made those when that tree was young?  Doesnt matter, still wonderful.   And DD, thx for letting us know ur plans,,not ,,wondering,,,haha,,about what happened to u.

Just heard NASA has canceled launch.  Wasnt the weather either.  hmmmm.  Talk about last minute. 

Been trying to get in touch with a niece that lives in Birmingham, since yesterday.  Still havent. Even got on facebook, lol, hate that place.    Her cell rings, n i can leave a message, but dont know if that means anything r not.

That lying weatherman is predicting rain,,,hahahahaha,, and lots cooler temps.  Sounds great!  Guess i wont wash n put away my jackets just yet.  And,,ill keep that quilt handy too.

Ok, guess yall can c, i dont have anything to say today, might bbl,,who knows. 

Thursday, April 28, 2011

Talk the Talk

Was pulling up my quilt from the foot of the bed, last nite.  Even turned on a little heat this morning.  LOVE it.  Remember 1 time, after going thru the usual hot summer, a cold front blew in for Labor day week end.  I mean,,a REAL cold front.  Since it was the last day for the swimming pool to be open, my kids n matching siblings, insisted on going.  hahahaha,,,they were the only ones.  They turned blue, had goose bumps the whole time, but,,,they made it for the last day. lmaoo,,,like,,we didnt have the river right down the hill!!!  The life guard n I sat with our jackets on, while they did their thing.  That was around l980, i think. 

Around that same time,,,one year, my youngest son's peewee team went without a coach for a couple of weeks,,so i volunteered to do it. OMG!!!!  A FEMALE,,,coaching????  They had a big discussion,,not kidding ya,,, n decided that it was ok, if,,, my hubby could be named the coach, n me,,his assistant.  Sooo,, thats how we did it,,,he was never there, didnt know doodly about baseball anyway.  Next time,,,was doing a little league team.  Didnt have any problem that time.  My proudest moment in all of the baseball years, tho,,,was when my son's coach called n asked if i could fill in for him that nite,,n i said, sure. My son was on this team, little league,,and i had always coached mine at home,,,cause the coaches they had never knew enough to do it.  soooo,,, Here i went,, to face the baddest, unbeaten team we had that year.  When the coach's dad handed me the line up, told him i already had mine.  All these kids were going,,,oooo noooo,,,we cant hit off billy,,hes the fastest pitcher of all.  I told em ,,,(same thing i had told MY son),,,sure u can, im gonna show u some tricks.  So here we went, out behind the bleachers,,,n i had the talk,,showed them the,,,walk,,,and proceeded to get the game going.  First thing,,,when they picked up that ol bat that weighed a ton, i took it away, n handed them my son's lite weight short alum one,,... They stood where i had shown them, held the bat like i had shown them, N WHAM!!!!  EVERY KID HIT!!!  hahahaha   The other team's coach was getting madder n madder,,n i was getting merrier n merrier, laughing,,behind his back ,,of course.  Needless to say,,,it was a runaway,,in our favor.  The unbeaten team had just been stomped!!   yep,,,my proudest moment.  Forgot to mention,,we played that game in 110* weather that day.  I had also told em all,,,go to the water fountain n get wet!!,,,Which they did,  whooping n hollering all the way.

I grew up with 2 bros, n 3 neighbor boys,  soo yeah, i was the worst tom boy ever.  Had to show em i could do anything they could, n better.   Played baseball, football, tennis, volleyball, u name it,,all but golf.  Spilled over into adulthood.  No one was ever surprised at anything i did.  Well,,,one was, but he dont count, he wasnt from here.  That was the one that had to give me the drivers test for my motorcycle license.  He said,,ooo what do i do???? ive never given it to a female before. hahahahaha  Guess i was born before my time.  n i never let what people would say, bother me.

Wednesday, April 27, 2011

The Day After

Cant get any go up this morning.  Took a dose of my strong pain med just before i went to bed last nite,,,says 10-15 cc,,took 10 but when i woke up at 1;30 am,,took the 15cc.  Took that hard cover off my toe, and it kept bleeding, so i taped a pad of tissue paper on it.  What a hangover.  Got up at 8;30 thinking it was 10;30, but saw the clock and got on up intending to go back to bed.  Welll,,,here it is almost 11 n im still up.  Got my toe re-dressed, and it barely bled.

  Decided to get that prescription of pain pills filled.  Learned a long time ago, when its offered, DO NOT turn it down.  I like to always have some on hand in case i do need it sometime.  So, i called this morning as soon as i got up, and found out they had to order it!!!,,,,lmaoooo,,,good thing i didnt really need it.  It will be here this afternoon.  The store i get it at, is in the process of building a new place with a drive thru.  woooohoooo.  And its just up the street, not in the middle of town.  I have them deliver, because theres never a parking place, and i cant walk very far.  Its not a problem with my breathing,,,,its my back.  It just locks up on me, and i have to sit down to release those muscles.  Think when i lose weight that will cure the problem.  My back muscles dont like that heavy front weight pulling them down. lololol  After having 4 kids, i still had a hard flat stomach, until the gain.  My sis bragged on me being able to wear a bikini being in my 40s.  hahahahaha,,,  o well,,,

Just shut a window on the west side,,my feet r getting cold.  FANTASTIC!!!  After the 100? yesterday,,,loveeee it.  Makes for good napping,,which is coming up.  cya later?

Heyy,, Robertt!!! Glad to have ya.  U have a blog?

Been just sitting around here all day, not doing a dad burned thing.  Well, take that back,,did get out n use the comb on my over-haired cat.  Hes Hey Jude,,,  Have to do that every few days, n still get gobs off.  Know im gonna have a hair ball yet.  Have yall seen that video of the ducks, a mom with about a dozen little ones,,,trying to walk in the wind?  Its 1 of those, do i laugh ,,,r cry?  Its on my msn home page, included in some dog videos.  Cant put it on here, r i would.  Got it in an email last week, so maybe yall have too.

Got all excited ,,having another follower,,,wooooohooooo.  Had to check back in for a min.  Almost time for ,,,u know what,,,IDOL!!! lolol  My 3 r still there, Casey, James !!, N Scotty.  Just dont KNOW what ill do when its down to just those 3.  Watched the Voice last nite, liked it too.  Think i might get hooked on that too. lololol,,,n just why not?,,,Musics goood for the soul.  Lost it one time,,for a few years.  But it DID come back.  ok,,byeeee again,,,,

Tuesday, April 26, 2011

DD, i WONDER about,,but BB,,,who knows? lololol

Had that toenail root cut out.  Said keep it propped up today,,,wellll, i have,,after stopping at walmart.  Hasnt bled thru anything yet, and here i am,,,back.  Even packed in all my groceries, put em away.  OOO yeah, put trash out too,,,this all done before feeling comes back. hahahaha,,, Got that goood pain med if i need it, and can get more.  Im talking about the left over from lap band surgery 11 months ago.  He called in an ok if i need it.  Think i oughta get it,,,just in case???  Dont do drugs if i can help it.  Gonna try an aleve first....

BB i dont ,,,wonder,,,and i dont have one of those,,that jeep,,, n i dont stay mad at the world,,,so i just rattle around here.  lol  Sure would like for more to sign up as followers,,,make me feel like a few maybe enjoy all my rattlings,,n,,o yeah. dont swat golf balls either.  Used to swat soft balls,,,does that count? Think i offended 1,,,talking about nekkid stuff.  (biker meets)  Anyways,,,she just took right off. Must be 1 of those holy rollers.  OMG,, had a knock on my BACK door last week, thot it was 1 of my bros,,pulled it open,,, n lo n behold,,,1 of them,,,at my back door!!!! Said NOOO, not interested, n shut the door before she could talk.  of all the nerve!!!  Got a front door, with a doorbell,,,n even the back door has one too, sooo, wth was she knocking???   Wasnt one of those jehovah ppl.  Grew up across the street from a big family of those,,,,girls n i were great friends, but they NEVER convinced me i was going to hell if i wasnt 1 of the chosen ones.   lol,,,told em,,,dont u think theres already been 40000 there?  That was the limit.  Now, i do admire those, they do live their beliefs more than any other religion i know of.  Gosh ,,,how did i get off on that.  NEVER talk politics r religion,, in blogs.

That ol weatherman i never believe,,said it was gonna be around 99,,in austin.  That means 105 here.
Not gonna believe that til i c it either.  Glad im home,,,under my ac.  Wow,,,was COLD this morning. hahahaha,,,,55!!! Nearly had to get back out my wintertime robe.  Serious!  

Monday, April 25, 2011

Unexcused Absences

Well, hes back, and with an unexcused absence.  I told him off, too.  All these bloggers have responsibilities,,,u know.  U dont just leave, without a note.   Especially the daily ones.  Yall do know, im talking about DD, dont ya?  He didnt break down at the end of his drive, he didnt get lost in his swamp, he just plain ol didnt post!!!!

I got up too early, 8 am,,and still dragging here.  Havent even washed my dishes yet.  Takes me a while to get my go up.  Looked out a window and just couldnt believe it was raining, well,,,what u might call rain,,,actually, just a heavy drizzle.  But, well take it,,its wet.  Had to look out another one, just to be sure. lololol   Might have to have my yard mowed twice, this year.  N swears its gonna start raining the end of this month, and then on thru May.  River got up on 1 of its largest rises, in june, 1 year. 

OOO,,,im not doing respite today, why im here.  Have to go to MF tomorrow and get the root of this toenail taken off on the side.  Doc says it will cure the problem forever.  Dont know if i believe that r not, hes the one caused it in the first place.  Over 1 1/2 years ago,,first time i went to him.  Gotta try something tho, tired of messing with it, off n on, all the time.  (That make any sense?)  Anyhow,,respite makes me way too tired to function the next day, why i didnt do it today.  Need a few things from Walmart, (we dont have 1),,,so ill be gone most of the day.  JUST IN CASE I CANT POST TOMORROW.  lololol  Did yall know u cant get sevin dust any more????,,,discontinued!!  If u find any, grab it.  When it sells out, gone forever.  Ive used that always, now its just like the gov to take it off the market, cause it does some good.  I just want to get rid of that 1 trail of red ants, going past my car.  Have to nearly stand in it, to get in.

Went out to nephews yesterday, for Easter.  He didnt cook pork...brisket n chicken instead,,,When i asked he said he was tired of pork.....WHAT??? How do u get tired of pork?   I dont really like brisket, usually too dry, n im tired of chicken. lol,,,but,,,take what u get.  And his brisket was pretty moist.  Only way to cook one good, is a smoker.  Had an electric one i used for years, cooked the best turkeys,,,briskets, and capons,,u could ever eat.   That ol white meat on turkeys, ran with juices.  U put everything on, plugged it in,,went back when time was up,,,HOLA!! No tending. O yeah,,,remembered  i owe bro G,,,4.00 lost in moon.  Made myself a sticky note. 

I was the only female ever welcomed to play with the men at the bars.  I never played like females,,lol,,,in other words,,i kept up with the game,,and could set a bid if i had any way to do it,,even when they turned them over on shooter hands.  One time,,there were 3 men playing at one of the bars, one i didnt know, n i walked over n asked if i could join,,,n the 2 i knew said o no,,,there goes our money.. lolol,,,the other one,,u should have seen his frown. ahahahaha,,,He got a little more respect for me as the hands went on,,,n when i set a shooter, he was grinning from ear to ear.  Got all enthused then.. He lived out by N,,,n driving by one day, he saw her in the yard n slammed on his brakes, just to tell her her sis could dam sure play moon. hahahaha   She just shrugged, said ,,,we all can,,,we were raised right. lmaooo  He was killed not too long later in a car wreck.  But when i would walk in the door, if a game was going on, they were hollering,,,EEEEE,,, come play with us.  R a pool game, r a shuffle board game.  One had this OLD shuffle board table, would warp when it was hi humidity.  Loved that table,,u had to learn where to shoot every time.  N sometimes,,it had dead spots. hahahaha,,,ur puck would just,,,stop.  But it was a challenge, made it all the better.  U could curve those pucks to go from one side to the other,,,going around some.. hahahahah  Fun times.  Quit going to the bars when i quit drinking,,,now i cant cause of the smoke.  u know how us x smokers r. hahahahah

Think ill get up n do the dishes,,,

Sunday, April 24, 2011

Wondering,,,,,,wth is DD????

Still!!!! NO DD.  Think that long walk out his drive might have gotten him.  OR,,his puter broke down again.   Sure not like him to just up n leave, not saying anything.  R maybe Alzheimers  set in, n hes lost in that swamp.

Sure was good eatings, out at Ns.  Pork ribs, n chicken.  She makes a really good potato salad.  Its a lot like mine,  a little on the sweet side.  Lumpy.  Was told one time, i should market mine, lol.  Never used any recipe, so cant tell anyone how to do it.  But i do use lots of sweet relish, and a little dill.  Lots of mayo, a little mustard.  You ever buy those sweet onions, then try to cook with them?  FORGET IT.  All theyre good for, is eating raw.  And i still prefer that good ol onion. 

Easter bbq out at nephews house this afternoon.  Hes the one that cooked the small piglet,,whole, with an apple in its mouth.  lol,,,Might be doing it again.  He and  another one, win cook offs.  So u know ur gonna have good eatings,,,again.!!

Not much of a paper today.  Not loaded with sales things.  Guess i got all those last sunday.  Not even any coupons to cut out.  lol,, i pretend to be frugal, but then forget to use em.   Even when im holding em in my hand.   U c all this on tv, about saving big bucks on ur groceries.. BS,,,no way.   Im doing good to save 3 bucks.  Of course, i dont have a place for double r triple ones, all i get is face value.  Even with double, if ur buying name brands, ur NOT saving.

Geez, just nothing much to say today, soo,,,maybe, bbl.

Saturday, April 23, 2011

Wondering,,,about DD

WHERE IS DD????  I go thru my routine every day, to get to this, and,,,HES NOT HERE.  Think hes out at the end of his drive,,,broke down? lol,,,physically.   Maybe wandering around at one of those flea markets,,,getting lost?  OR,,,HORRORS,,, an alligator in his swamp got him.  Now, me,,u just never know about, but,,,NOT DD.

Sis n C r having a bar b q today,,,later.  He came home yesterday with this something in a box,,told her ,,brought u a surprise,,,(this box with holes cut in it).  Was this little hen,,and when the thang they call a dog started sniffing around, she went berserk.   hahahahaha  First thing i ever saw that was afraid of "that dog".  <<< not the snakes one. lol ok,,,back to the hen.  He works over in MF, and all day, they had watched this hen sitting on about a dozen eggs in the back of a truck, up under a tool box.  Then she was out on the parking lot running around, and they were afraid she would get run over.  So he had 2 kids run her down n catch her, loaded her up n brought her home...added her to the others in the pen.  Didnt bring the eggs, might have been rotten. Yall ever just watched chickens?  they r sooo funny.  The rooster left the others and went over and introduced himself, looking her over, twisting n turning his head.  Then 1 of the hens went over n let her know who was boss.  (Poor thing,,but she wont take that long, shes part game).  They kinda left her alone, but every once in a while, one would peck, not hard, just to keep her in the right ,,pecking,,order. lololol

Reminds me about this bar in Austin,,had a hen in a small pen, sitting on the bar.  The floor was painted with squares, and numbered.  U put ur money on a number,,,and watched her.  Where she pooped,,,that number won the pot.  hahahahaa  Dont know who had to do the cleaning.  lololol  Sure attracted a lot of rednecks,,,Think i still have the piece, cut out of the paper.

Was driving over in S Austin 1 time,,and this, looked like, a homeless man, was carrying a tv...Hed take a few steps, his pants would fall down,,No underwear,, and then hed set the tv down,,,lean over BUTT nekkid, and pull his pants up...nearly wrecked dont know how many times, lmaooo.  Finally found a place to turn around, had to see more,,,hahahahaha,,,,and take a picture.  By then this friend with me, got to feeling sorry for him n didnt c the humor in the situation.  lololol,,He finally made it to the bus stop, but going up the steps,,hahahaha, had to pull those pants up again!!! My pictures were so far away,,back then no zoom on my 35 mm,  u had to know what it was, to see the tiny spots of him.  Dont know how that connected to chickens,,,

Friday, April 22, 2011


hahahaha,,, used to matter,,,Now i have to look to c what day im on.  I love my gadgets, have a clock and a calendar on this screen.  Also, lots of little yellow sticky notes.  Soooo easy to keep up with things.  O yeah, also have my calculator for doing checkbook.  I was a bookkeeper for so many years, i ran those things sight unseen.  Like typing.  Probably about 90 #s a min, r more, lol..   Helped do an audit one time, for a bank, ran numbers for hours!!!  That was back when i worked for a CPA.  And that was my first job.

Gotta tell u the story how that came about.  After  all my 3 kids were in school, had lots of time, and was doing volunteer work at the library.  The librarian always told everybody i could do the work of 2 people in 1/2 the time. Well, one day, this woman came in, said they were new in town, and her hubby was a cpa.  In the process of talking to her, the librarian mentioned me, and later this lady came back and asked if i would come work for them!!  I told HIM i had never done any bookkeeping, but he said GOOD, that way it would be easier to teach me the double entry type, that i used from then on.  This was all back before computers.  And later, i also did it using a puter.  I was applying for that job, and the man asked me if i had ever used one, i said yes, just got thru with 5 months of classes,,then he asked how i got along with old people, (had 1 there in her 80s, thot she knew all), told him i had worked years in home health care with seniors.  Then he asked did i know anything about filing insurance claims,,yep, had worked in that 8 years too. hahahahaha,,,next ?,,,when could i come to work? hahahaha

Had that same thing happen back when i applied for a bk job.  There had been an ad in the paper for 3 weeks, wanting a bk for the 2nd largest employer here in town.   I had just quit the insurance one, so i finally called and asked if they had hired one yet,,,he said they thot so.  Well, in 2 minutes, my phone rang and he said could i come over?  I did, talked to him a minute, and he asked the same,,,,when could i start? lololol,,,the woman that was leaving knew i had worked with the CPA.  Learned everything about granite, in the years i worked there.  The son took over and lost the company in 5 years, and thats when i got into home health care,,,learned i loved it.  No more sitting in the same chair, same room, 40 hours a week.  Learned i hated that. lololol  Took a long paid vacation tho,,,unemployment, for 11 months.  Worked for cash as a bar tender for a while during that, loved that too.  Found out i could BS with the best. hahahahaha

Think ill get into the shower and get dressed early for a change.


Back,,forgot about telling about using a penny on stings.  Worked for me, after a paper wasp sting.  U hold a penny on it for 10 minutes, no pain, no swelling,,its gone.  Keeping a penny handy now.   Sure would like to hear from somebody else about doing that.

Thot i heard thunder last nite when i went to bed,, but went on to sleep.  Woke up about midnite, and YEP,,,it was,,,popping like crazy.  Got enough rain to wet the top of the ground, didnt even register in the gauge.  Have noooo idea where it came from.  Wasnt anything to make u even think that could happen.  WANT MORE.


Thursday, April 21, 2011

Fish Tales

My dad would call n say, "lets go fishing" up until he died.  I still miss that, n always will.  Not that we ever caught anything, lol, and not that it mattered.  We just enjoyed it.

Took my 2 young boys, and B, out to 1 of the slabs 1 time to fish, and they got tired of it, wandered down the river, and i wandered up, trying to find a better hole.  Looked back later, and saw them back on the slab, looking at some swimmers that had shown up,,,TOPLESS!!!!  Was i ever mad!!! I took off back down there n told those women off, loaded up the boys and left.  B still laughs about it, little me, 5-2, 115, telling those big women off.   They had boobs hanging down to their waists at that,,,gosh, why did they want to show that???  Guess it was 1 of those things,,,u laugh about later.  Years later.  B was about 12, n snickered all the way back to town.  He had my back tho..hahahahaha

DD asked what was B-brush, and i tried to explain it.  Might be called something else scientifically, but thats what its always been called around here. (gosh, i spelled that right).  Its everywhere, like rocks, cactus, n mesquite.  8-10 ft tall, brushy, cant stick ur hand in, no thorns but little growths that prick.  Blooms out every once in a while, little white flowers down the ends of the branches, smell almost overpowering.  Sickly sweet.   Bees love it.  and butterflies, hummingbirds.

Ranchers clear if off as much as they can, but its here to stay. DD, i think urs is called kidneywood.   While looking for the above, i found 1 that looked like urs too.   Lots of good pics there.

Late lunch time, maybe later.

Wednesday, April 20, 2011

How do u get a follower, then lose one??? Anybody know?  Well, if u know me, u also know i dont bother about such things.  Bye,,,u know who.

In the paper today, has a map of all the fires, realllly, realllly,,,bad.  Theres more than 20 active ones going now.  If i were Ben,,,, think i might get a little concerned.  Not just u,, Ben, we r all concerned right now.  Theres a lot right behind me, hasnt been mowed in a couple of years.  It also has an abandoned trailer house.  That get on fire, ill probably go with it.  Well, my house, i can get out the front, holler at my bro,,,GO GET THE FIRE TRUCKS!!!  lol  My other bro, B, put a new metal roof on a couple of years ago, so i might make it if G gets the trucks here real fast.

Now ,,,,lets talk turkey.... uh,,,liver i mean.  Like ol Ben, couldnt stand the smell, let alone the thot of eating it.  Then one day,,(i was in my 30s by then),,was with 2 friends in Austin, and we went to a Lubys to eat.  One ordered smothered liver n onions.. GOSH, that sounded sooo good!!!  I had already ordered shrimp, but got the craving for that liver n onions that day.  From then on, was 1 of my favs,,,love fried chicken livers too.  Had a server tell me one time, they didnt have fried shrimp.  I told her they always had, that i had gotten it a lot of times.  She just about called me a liar, i was furious!!!  She said they had NEVER had it.  I argued about it, but didnt get it.   You had to know they had it, but they DO!!!,,,the same friend had also shown me that.   Great big butterflied fried shrimp.   I never went back to that one.  We went to Lubys a lot, had a choice for everybody.  Had B and 1 of his friends with us 1 time, (thank God they sat at another table),,,and i looked over, and there was a mountain of used sugar packets on their table,,,then he got up n went to another table n got all of those,,,kept putting all that in his tea!!!  Said he couldnt make it taste sweet!!! hahahahaha,,,that was the day he decided to just drink unsweet tea, n did from then on.  Another place we liked was Ponchos,,,all u could eat mexican food.  This was way back when we always had our kids, plus,,,. We took them almost every week end to do something.  Went to lots of races, cars n motorcycles, hard track n dirt.  Boats too.  Always had B, (he was  just 4 years older than my oldest son)  n my kids adored him.  When they went off with him, I would tell them,,keep up with B,,,and they did.  He would forget n leave them if it was up to him...lmaooo,,, He did that with my 10 yr old nephew,,,left him at the stadium after a  UT football  game, had to go back n find him after B asked where he was. hahahahaha,,,didnt even bother the nephew.  When i forget something now,,,he says,,not to worry, hes always done that...and i believe it.

Time for lunch.  Crackers, ritz whole wheat, with pimiento cheese, a deviled egg, and a can of V8,,,never eat veges.  Cant eat salads now,,,lettuce sticks n stops me up.  Kinda just snack for lunch.  cya later,,,maybe,,,

 Just had supper, nearly time for Idol.  Thot we were gonna get storms, but they just sat there in Menard  n a few other counties.  Heard there was some baseball size hail, so they can have those.
Really havent done much of anything since i logged off earlier.  Back a few years ago, 10? r so,  heard there was a bad tornado out close to Castel, next day, drove out there and when i went over a hill,,,OMG,,,never ever saw anything like that.  Had been an F5.  Sucked the pavement off, even sucked the green out of the grass, what was left!!!  Was a never never land.  A news station out of Austin was there and went in right after it happened, and when they saw this man with a 2x4 stuck in his side, they put the cameras down n helped!!!  The man lived 2 weeks, but just was too bad.  And they had been in a good protected place.  That was the same year Jarrell got hit too. I think. 
That thing even took the hair off the cattle!  Hope i never c anything like that again.  OK...goneee,,,wasnt watching the time!!

Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Tooo Tired for Words

Not in the mood to be laughing today, but just couldnt help myself, after reading BBs blog.  hahahahaha  Know how easy those canoe type thingys flip over.  My x and bro, G, used a canoe to go down the river to the slab one time.  The river was up 2 r 3 feet, (they thot just right), so here they went.  A friend and another guy rented one in Austin and brought it up here to go with them.  They had never been in a canoe,,,took a while to get going in a straight line, and turning it back upright.  Told me to meet them in about 3 hours at that slab.  16 mile trip.  Well,,, i was there, but they werent.  I waited, n waited, n waited some more, 3 more hours went by.  By then it was getting dark, and i didnt know what to do.  I couldnt cross the slab, water was too deep for a vehicle.  About the time i had decided to go for help,,thot i saw something way up there coming around the bend.  Sure enough,,,was 2 canoes!  But instead of coming to the side i was on, they went to the other.  They sat there for a while, then finally loaded them on theirs heads and carried them across to the truck i was in.  My bro was barefooted and i asked why after i had said to keep his shoes on,,,and he said he HAD!...Lost them in an huge whirlpool getting flipped out.  They had gone around an huge rock too late to c it, got caught and nosedived down.  Also lost an oar.  The other 2 somehow got wrapped around another rock, ripping out rivets all over that rented one.  They had quite an adventure!!,,,we sold that canoe after that trip!,,,The two from Austin, worked all the next day to repair that canoe to take back.  Needless to say, they never rented another one either.  lololol  Theres lots of canoeists now, but they come here from UP the river, lots safer.  Also lots of kayaks and always intertubes.

I was awake til after 3 last nite, so tired today, can barely type.  Maybe after a shower i can get some go up.  Afraid to take those sleeping pills i have.  You can do things like ur awake, without even remembering it.  IM not taking something like THAT.  Took an aleve about 2.

It got up to 97 here yesterday, and more of the same coming up.  AND, no rain in forecast.  I was reading DDs blog today about his wildflowers, sooo beautiful, and this is a year we have none.  Ive seen maybe a dozen bluebonnets, and even less indian blankets.   No paint brushes.  The seeds will lay there for years, sometimes, til the right weather conditions come along, then wham,,,will be seas of blue, then red,,,then yellows.  Out of this world beautiful.  They show a background on the Ellen show that has to be this hill country, in a pretty good year.  I emailed n asked, but never got a reply.

Shower didnt help.  Tuesday, nothing i have to do today except get trash out.  Thats because they come way too early tomorrow.  Ive got a trail of red ants running down the length of my car port i need to block.  I leave them alone as long as they dont sting me, but need to reroute this trail.  Ill just use 7 dust to cut it off.  The bed is on out near the curb, np.  Dont want to find out if the penny works on one of those stings.  I studied those as a kid.  Even had a gallon jar full of dirt, with them in it.  Got to watch how they worked underground.  Read a lot about bees too, but never was a bee keeper, my dad was tho.  He didnt even use the protection and never got stung. lol, dont remember ever having honey out of them tho.  Think they went like the rabbits.  He quit raising those for eating, after nobody would eat their pets. hahahaha.  Raising fryers,(chickens) was different.  We did that, and would have a day for butchering, where we all pitched in.  Also had to have a big garden too.  He never quit that garden.  One time, my 5 year old son was there, and got in trouble for something, so he just went out and pulled up all the newly planted onions!!  Dad stood over him and made him plant every one back. lololol  He took a can of worms in one time, and mom told him to get those back outside.  The next morning, my bro, B, still a kid, got up in the dark and reached into his underwear drawer and,,,,,,,u guessed a hand full of worms!!!  Rude awakening,,,,hahahahahaha  Maybe thats when he started going without!! hahahahahaha 

ooooo geeezzz,,,maybe bl

Sunday, April 17, 2011

Bad, (Good?) Memories

SS, folks,,,meant to bbl, but just didnt make it.  I did go to Coopers, no parking close by, too long a line, so i waited a bit, went back,  was a parking space but,,,still too long a line.  I cant stand there in smoke (wood smoke is really bad for me),,so,,,thot,, well,,ill go to Inmans just up the street.  Drove by there and changed my mind ,,  GUESS WHERE I WENT THEN?????  SONIC!!! hahahahaha ,,,yep, horrible.  Got one of their new dogs, the New York one,  small tots, n managed to gag it down at home.  By then, i had decided to go back out to Ns.  Didnt get home til about 9, and that was that. 

My lap band isnt working like it did at first.  Its like its loosened up r something.  For the first week r so, i couldnt eat much of anything, and now its back kinda like it was.  I know i need more of the fill, but gonna ask why it doesnt last.  Is that normal?,,,lol,,,My friend has hers filled all the way, n can just take a bite r 2.  If she does more, she gags n kinda throws up.  Gonna have to get mine there.  She just kinda snacks all day, shes not starving.  Shes the one thats lost over 200 lbs.  When we weighed in, she had lost 25 in 3 months.  Ill get there, yet.

My toe is about well.  What else?,,,lets c.  No news on that ems thing from yesterday, yet.  No fires around.,,,,,YET.  The bros didnt catch any fish (normal), yet.  Some dude fell out of a tree about midnite, head first, out there at the going ons.  Dont think ems transported him tho.  lol,,,now that brought up a memory. 

During my 2nd marriage, he had a ranch out W of town on the river, and for 2 years, we hosted biker meets.  They  were on Labor day weekend, a 3 day party.  Wont get into what this town did to them the first year, (sheriff came out n apologized after they had found out who some of the members were. hahahaha),,,They wouldnt let the merchants sell kegs to them, r even let one do catering to them.  They had to go 70 miles away, and bring in kegs in an 18 wheeler, then made another run on Sunday.  Think these merchants werent furious????  But,,,back to my story.  The first year they had these wet t-shirt contests,,,which ended up nekkid contests. lol,,,I fussed enough to the president about why the men didnt do anything like the next year, they had the teenie weenie dick contest!!! HAHAHAHAHAH,,,Just 3 were brave (drunk?) enough to get up on that stage, (N they sure didnt have teenie weenies either) and one leaned over to kiss his honey and fell off head first, knocking himself totally out.  Their ems checked him out n he was ok,,,but this just left 2.  hahahahah,,,,Mercy,,,too early to laugh like this.  lmaooooo Mighta been the same thing out there last nite!!!  More tales on this subject later....

OMG!!!! stilll,,,,lmaoooo.  Any of yall ever been to a biker meet?  If not, u need to ,,,at least once in ur life!

Think ill get up n get dressed, Wait,,,i AM in a robe,,,,maybe do a little house cleaning.  Will try to bbl,,,

Fooled u, didnt i?,,,Got a little cleaning done,,,for some reason ive always hated to dust, even with those thingys on a stick.,,,so,,i didnt do that.  Tried to take Kaspersky off the desktop, and it kept giving errors and not doing it, so i left it and put in a call to puterman.  Went back about an hour later, and ??? it worked like a charm!!!,,,now, just explain THAT.  After i got that done, right now im putting the free AVG on, but gonna take a while.  Somehow,,,i put on an ARO too, got confused.  Wish theyd just keep things simple.  That ARO runs and fixes a few things, then tells u, u have to pay to get the other 2000 things done.  Gonna take that off, too, when AVG gets thru.

Ok yall, cya Tuesday, know i wont make it tomorrow.  Respite day. byeeeee

Saturday, April 16, 2011

I Know, I Know,,,late again

WOW, could NOT believe i slept til nearly 11.  I WAS up til 2;30, and when i woke up at 7;30, i thot,,,wayyy tooo early, n went back to sleep  My feet hurt after i went to bed, and i finally got up n took an aleve.  I have neuropathy and if i go right to sleep, theyre ok, but if i just lay there for an hour r so, then they get started.  Its like walking on nails, on a bed of fire. lololol,,,really!  I stick them out from under the cover to cool em off.  I take a medication and it works good, unless the above happens.  It started way back, before i gained all this weight, and before i was diabetic.

When i was awake around 7;30,, heard an ems call out to the park where the actions going on this week end.  Think a man fell off a horse, but anyway, was having horrible back pain.  One of our VFD men was making the call.  In a few minutes, he called back, said to hurry, man had passed out.  Still no response from ems.  After another few mins, the ems finally answered, then still more waiting.  Fireman called back,,,told ems to get a move on,,,they were doing cpr on him!!!.  Whats really pissing me off, is the response time from that ems!!!!  Just now called my bro, G, and hes gonna find out.  Hes a VFD man too.

Gotta change channels on this tv,,lol,,on a cooking show and now im starving.  Its the grilling one... Now i might have to go to Coopers and load up. Pork ribs,,,oooooo,,,Does that sound better than my left over 1/2 of a grilled cheese? hahahahaha  1 rib will make me a meal. 

Anybody upset over 2 soaps getting cut???,,,,Im sure not.  I wont even stay in a room with 1 of those things on!  The  ladies i worked with in home health all had the courtesy to turn off their tvs when i was there.  OOO NOOOO now im seeing an avocado burger!!!   Its mexican food now.  


Friday, April 15, 2011

Fun Times

Did i really hear that weatherman say it could get into the 30s tonite?  About 9:30 today, i had to go into front of the house and close the windows.  Got a north wind blowing good out there.  These cool nites makes for a good nites sleep.  Last week i was running the ACs to get that.  Couldnt get to sleep last nite, so i got up and ate a bite, did a puzzle, then went back to bed about 1, went rite to sleep then.  Slept straight thru til 8.  Unusual for me, im usually up 2-3 times.  For some reason, i have always woke up like that, for no reason.  i think i used to wake up for a cig, and now the habit continues.  I go rite back to sleep.

I made the mistake of driving out to the park yesterday, the big one.. OMG,,,had forgotten about the crawfish open this week end.  People were already piling in.   I used to go out for the washers, would be 20-30 teams, B included and usually running it,  and the zedeco music. But last year, u couldnt drive into the park, had to park miles off, and since i cant walk very far any more, i just turned around and came back home.  Theres about 15000 ppl that will be around on both days,,, a huge golf tourney,,hey BB,,,where r u?,,,(18 holes),,calf roping (huge affair, huge purse), and live bands.  Lots of booths set up for all sorts of things.  Im just not into that any more.  Got too old n decrepit.  (Notice i didnt say, too heavy).  lololol  O yeah, forgot to mention the tons of crawfish and bar b q to eat.  Ate those the first year, decided it was wayyyy too much trouble for that tiny little nibble to fool with.  This is the largest thing done here all year.  Years ago, used to be the chili cook offs.  Then for a few years it was the wild game cook offs.  One time, i raided the freezer for friends that were entered, and found one! squirrel, my uncle had left it with me,  and gave it to them.  They told me later they threw it on at the last minute just because it was there.  hahahahaha,,,,it won first place!!! out of the hundred entries!!!  There was a limit of 100.  That was the first time i had tasted of rattlesnake,  goooood... (tastes like chicken),,,hehehehe,,,NOT


Thursday, April 14, 2011

Nothin to Say

No news, good news?  Guess so,,,no updates since my last post anyway.  Toe is doing great, had a great nite's sleep,,laptop's back to,,,I'm on a roll here. hahahaha,,,

Picked up some sugar free chocolate chips for N yesterday, cant find em here.  Think i ought to require payment in cookies?  Love her bread pudding, sugar free.  She adjusts most recipes to sugar free.  Shes the one with out of control type 1 diabetes.  I know she eats right, and shes thin, n exercises, but its either way high r way low.  She cant afford a specialist, nor the treatment that would require.  She has fast acting insulin for when the numbers r way hi,,,like 500 r more,,,and eats sweets when its crashing down to 30s.  She wants to check on the pump, but when u have no money, u dont pay hi priced medical care.  Shes in the process of getting some help, has filed all the paper work, and now in waiting stage.   Shes not black r hispanic, r illegal alien,,,just a white girl needing some help.

Should have talked to the puter man,,,before i called dell last month.  I had changed a setting, and then couldnt open eml files, (ones i had saved in documents).    Da man told me about this program, Mailview, that opens any files.  Not sure how it all works, but ive put it on here, gonna have to figure it out.  He said i could save my mail to that but just the little i looked, i have a LOT to figure out. lol,,,he said to call if i needed to.  (guess what?,, i already need to).    He runs classes  on whatever people think they need, when he has enough to be interested in something.  Its 22 miles out there, so would cost me over 7.00 just for the trip.  Hate this, but is necessary, counting the cost of any trip, gas wise.  Cant save enough now to cover the cost of driving to HEB, unless i have a long list.  Ive heard a rumor we r getting a Lows,,,buying out the super s.  Never heard of them but have a little hope.  HEYYY!!!! We r also getting a chicken place, Express Chicken,,,wooohoooo.  Getting uptown now! lolololol  We do have a few traffic lites,,,hahahahaha.

Actually, we dont want it to change.  Over in Marble Falls, u can c how too much growth too soon, makes this little town horrible.  Besides just the town, a few miles out is Horseshoe Bay, pricey pricey place, and add it all together, makes the "horrible".  Hate for the world to discover this place.  lol Being the deer capital is bad enough.  Most who visit, always want to buy a little piece of this paradise.  lol,,,,AND, we have world famous Cooper's BarBQ, and Inmans Turkey Sausage. (thats in the building that was the ol Rambling Rose,,,) nuff said. 

See how i can just ramble on,,when i dont have nothing to say?,,,,

Remembered a few of these old sayings we all lived with.  Here we go,,,"I will, directly,,,im fixing to.  i ought to.  Its over yonder.  And gosh, i still use em most of the time,,,hahahahaha.  I taught myself to never say 'ain't',  n would correct myself when i did it.  That was back in the 5th grade.  When my youngest son was  about 15, he started correcting himself to SAY,,,'ain't'.   lol  Still miss that kid every day.  He will always be 16.  My bro, B, and i both know he would have been a zillionaire now, he was coming of age in the mid 80s, was a puter whiz, and a brain too.  We joke that yeah, with all that money, he would still play pool for a dollar and quit if he didnt win.   Bs oldest son is a replica of him,,,looks, brains, actions,,,everything.  Somehow, he got the exact same genes.  Ill always wonder if he hacked into the school records and set his grades to straight As all those years. ahahahahah,,,know he didnt, but,,,,he never had to study.  U could also ask him any football ?,,,and he could answer it instantly.  another howard cosell.

ok gone again.  MIGHT bbl

Wednesday, April 13, 2011

When Its Bad.,,,,Its BAD

Know its late, but what a day.  AND nite.... was up about 1/30 soaking that toe.  Made it til about 7/30 and got up, called that doc, and got an apt over there.  Had to drop off my laptop, go to grocery store, so,,why not c him and get this toe taken care of?  Which i did.  He got a big ol hunk of sharp nail out of the side, way down near the base.  Going back in 2 weeks n get the root removed, cure this problem forever.  He removes just the root on the side, and it still looks like a normal nail.

When i came out and looked at cell phone,,,there were 2 calls i didnt recognize.  The first one,  a lawyer, was saying something about needing to talk to this person today! (voice mail).  Tried to call the number back, couldnt, and couldnt leave a message either, so,,,hell with it..  LOLOL Think he'll ever believe that so n so didnt get his message??? hahahahah  Second one,,i did get, was a parole officer, did tell her that i SURE wasnt the one she wanted.  In just that short period of about 30 mins, these 2 calls were left on my voice mail.  Hope someone doesnt get a jail sentence over that. lmaoooo 

OK,,now to laptop.  Dropped it off at da man... and by the time i was thru over there, he was finishing up doing his thing.  Turned out,,,now lets c if i can get this straight,,,, my anti virus decided to overload, and just kept on n on.,,,every day collecteing data here, data there.  Went crazy, lost its mind.   Soooo,,,he couldnt delete all of that, so he just deleted IT.  Had put all my stuff over on another thing, took that off, put a free one, AVG, back on,, reloaded my stuff, and YEAH,,,, im GOOD.  Worst thing, ive got that same Kaspersky on my desktop too, now what to do?,,,,Know one thing, im calling them, and getting my money back.  AND the cost of getting this fixed.

Im so tired, yall, but just wanted to update today. 

Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Day of Rest,,

Laptop giving me all kinds of problems, so here i am,,,on my desktop.   Ive gotten so used to using the LT, hard to change.  Its been getting worse n worse for days, and today, just went to hell.  Says 0 memory, wont let me open even my email.  Yesterday n day before, ive been dumping files like crazy, and now im finding out nothing helped.  Still saying the same thing,,, need to dump 300 MB.  Got my kaspersky running a full scan now, c what it finds, and i really dont expect anything.   I have it set to run scans every week, i think.  Ive called my puter man and gonna take it to him tomorrow unless i do a drastic change today.  (Like i know what im talking about,,,lmaooo). Only thing i do know, i know where he lives, hahahaha.

Had a wild crazy horse running around up here today, lololol.  Had chasers, animal control, etc, but when he got ready to quit having his good time,,,he let them put that rope around his neck.  Then, the mule across the street kept braying, wanting more action.  What a day!! Dont ya love it? 

Have to make a run out to Ns house,,,she can get ingrown toenails out really good.  Got a bad one.  Been soaking in epsom salts, keeping neosporin on it for 2 days.  Time to get the operation done. lol  This goes back nearly 2 years, to when i first saw that foot doc and he cut it off too far down on the side, made it start then.  Went thru lots of stuff for months, and he finally cut off the side of my toenail.  It got well then, but now,,the nail is trying to grow out and getting ingrown again.  He dropped me when i asked him not to cut way down on the sides any more.    Well, thats what caused it in the first place!!!  His charge for cutting my toenails was WAY up there, billed to medicare.  Without medicare to cover it, would have been less than a 1/3.

O yeah, Ns got a new rooster and 4 more hens.  Well, gonna have, by the end of the week.  The 3 hens she has left are getting over being scared all the time and the 1 attacked so bad, she still doesnt know if its eye is ok r not.  Its keeping the lid closed, but when it first happened, it opened that lid just for a few seconds, and the eye looked good.  I was thinking last nite, maybe its stuck,,,  Ill get her and well check that out today. Tuesday is her house cleaning day,,,, u DO NOT DISTURB that.  She called and said she was thru, about 1;30. Im not going out til a bit later.

Ok,,done my do,,maybe,,,ill bbl.

Sunday, April 10, 2011

Good day, Sunday ppl

Used to just love sundays,,,getting all dressed up, going to church.  I even played piano for a couple of years way back there.  Now,,,no dress ups, no sunday nites,,,take time off for holidays.  Rare to find a preacher thats actually a God person, not in it for the money.  I dont believe being in a building will take u to heaven.  I DO believe that living a good life, will.  I have tried to do my best in that regard.

Had to start my laptop in safe mode today.  Then found out in a bit it was so low on memory, i couldnt even uninstall programs...had to delete some first.  What a mess.  Gotta remember im on a laptop,,,lol.  This one does have lots of memory, but not like desktop.  Have to start using flash drives. 

My sis, N, picked us all up some of that food at the fire dept. and i went out there for supper,,,,gosh, could just eat about 6 bites.   (wooohooo),,,well, anyway,,,found out that snake was NOT a rattler, had a long pointy tail.  They were back at the chicken pen when i got there, and i found out why,,,when i walked down there.  C had been close by working on something and heard a hen making a strange noise, and he went to c,,,and the rooster and another hen almost had this one killed...were both on her pecking on her head. OMG,,,still makes me sick.  Was blood all over her, and looked like 1 eye was gone.  Another few seconds and she would have been dead.  He ran the 2 off, out of the pen, and closed the gate.  Later they put antibiotics on her, and i did c her eye open, and i think it will be ok.  They had pecked on top of her head n on 1 eye.  Needless to say,,,theres 2 less chickens out there today.  Their neighbor told them they could have a rooster, n maybe 2 more hens.  He also told them they needed to feed them oyster shells.  Later i remembered that dad always fed back the shells to ours.  Not sure that i believe thats why those 2 did that tho.  What do yall think?  Back when i had some,,,that never happened.  Didnt feed them oyster shells, nor egg shells.

Need to go out to HEB, but sure not gonna today, n cant tomorrow.  Too hot today, respite tomorrow.  Ill just keep adding to my list.  Reason i have to go out there, is i cant get some things here.  Cant save that much any more, with the gas so high.  Like,,,im on my last roll of Charmin,,,ultra strong, ultra large and nobody carries that here.  Also, my soft soap,, i like the new one,,sea mineral, has those little bead things in it.  And,,,my breakfast bars. wow,,,what DO they have here? lololol

Started a movie last nite, but its a long one.  Sandra Bullock,,,with that huge black kid, football player.  Got to the part where hes leaving for college.  (Memorys gone,,,lol) and NO ,,,i dont need to be on the other end at respite.  What has brought all this alzheimers on?  I dont think it used to be that way.  Its like autism.  Ive never even known a kid with it, and they talk like its everywhere now. 

Been trying to think while im watching the masters. Gonna take a break, bbl

Saturday, April 9, 2011

Rambling on

I've been watching the live stream of newly hatched bald eagles,,,at  They hatched daily and the oldest one will probably be the only survivor.  He's mean!  It's on ustream, if u can't find it by the above address, the Decorah eagles.  They r brand new.  Got to see the pair change places this morning, and feed the 3, then soo carefully sit on them.  It went off for a few minutes, and that older one was trying to eat the other 2!!!,,,They played dead, lol.  Was watching hummingbirds, but the cam wasn't on one day, and by the next, they had flown out of the nest!!  Then turned to the eagles, and just 1 had hatched so i've kept up with them.

Just today, i finished up the food my friend had sent home with me.  Don't even know how many meals it was, can't eat much.  But i would eat a little with 1 of those huge rolls.  Today i finished the roll with sugar free peach preserves. ummmm.  Roll was buttered, of course.  6 ritz crackers with pimento cheese makes me a meal.  Don't need much in my food budget,,,,lololol,,,wooohoooo.

Changed my sheets today, and took off the electric blanket.  Even got it washed and hanging outside.  Have a quilt at the foot just in case i need extra cover.  Plus,,,the comforter is still on.  I have to take that to the launder mat to wash it, then bring it home and hang out.  My spell checker says thats the way to do laundermat,,,,lololol,,,so ok,,,

Gosh, have water running out on one of the crepe myrtles,, a really old one.  Probably doesnt need it, but getting it anyway.  Nearly all my landscaping is native, or  things that survive on little water.  Also, ones that have blooms to attract hummers and butterflys.  Theres 2 mimosa trees that were here when i bought it, and they love those blooms.  AND, i DON'T care what anybody says about hackberry trees, I LIKE EM.  No care needed, and last to drop leaves.  Have 3 large ones, and 2 more growing in great places that need shade.  lol,,,everything needs shade here.  Have a huge chinaberry tree on west side that used to be all the shade i had on that side and i guess they r a lot more hardy than i had thot.  Had 1 pop up behind my storage shed, and thot, gee, wish it would make it.  Was too far for me to water, so i just left it alone.  wow, its in its 3 year now, growing like a weed, never had any care.  Im so proud of it, lol.  In the 10 years ive lived here, i now have a great big hackberry, and another chinaberry getting there,,,on the west side.  My sis, N, has her front yard full of oaks,,and theyve been blooming,,,omg,,,what a mess.  Between the exchange of leaves and the blooms on them,,,u begin to wonder why u ever wanted them!


Not much to add.  Fire Dept. is having their annual fish fry, bar-b-q today, and gonna go by and get a plate to go.  Last time i ate their fish, it was so salty, i couldnt go back for 2 r 3 years, (can't eat much salt), so maybe it will be ok this time.  Sis, N, is gonna pick them up, and im going out there n eat with them.  LOLOLOLO,,,,she was getting her minnow jars out of pump house, and 1 had this little snake in it,,, she swears was a rattler.  I described a young one, n she said yessssss,,,that was what it looked like, so maybe she did. I was laughing cause it couldnt possibly bite being in that jar, but she yelled loud enough to get C down  there,,,which he proceeded to smash it in the jar.  Surprised he didnt get the big guns out! LMAOOO.  A rattler doesnt have diamonds on its back til its about 2 years old, will have the black n white stripes on the tail,,,and a button.  The head is also not triangle shaped yet.  The more i told her, the more she swore it was one,,,hahahahaha.  I think he smashed it enough u wouldnt be able to tell even if u could find it now.  She kept saying it was ,,,cause it was striking, and had its tail up.  All snakes do that!!! hahahaha o well,,,maybe i just have a sick sense of humor.  I nearly picked that one up in my house that time, cause it didnt look much like a rattler.  Then later, my bro, B, told me why.  Now, that means theres a den nearby, and they need to really watch.  One that young hasnt come far from a den.  Shes probably already called B...hahahahaha, bring out ur gas!!!,,now!!! hahahaha,,,and here i sit, laughing with tears,,,,

Gosh its tooo hot.  Down to 95.4 now,,,Know lots more coming.  bye yall, tc

Friday, April 8, 2011

Happy Days

I swear, if i had to complain as much as Ben, up there, think id get help.  hahahahaha,,,have to read his blog, just to make my day happy.  Ben, r u really that miserable?  Always look on the bright side, was drilled into us from the getgo.  Every cloud has a silver lining.  etc etc lol  Now, there were a few years back there, i didnt have a bright side, was hell.  Maybe thats where he is now.  If so, u have alll my sympathy.

im one of those that dont use caps,,,o well,,,

Great news today!!!!... took about 45 mins to eat 2 hard boiled eggs with 1 piece of toast!!!  The mornings r the worst.  (what my friend told me)  Dont think i dare try to eat out, u can upchuck instantly if something kinda hangs up.  hahaha,,,anybody wanna take me out? Its not very much, and u could use a napkin.  Havent been that brave yet, tho.

Think ill probably be running my front ACs today.  Got so bad yesterday, for just a while, nearly did then.  Having all that energy yesterday left me drained today, i guess, havent done doodlely today.

Just had a man stop by and want all these ?s answered about the property next door.  Kept telling him,,,go to the agency,,i dont know. lololol,,,NOT telling anybody anything.  X n son have first option, but,,,im still not telling anybody anything.

Wish i knew how to transfer files to this.  Theres another 1 I need to do,,,"25 Reasons I Owe My Mom".  Anybody want it, i can email it to ya.  1st on the list,,,my mom taught me to appreciate a job well done,,,, if ur going to kill each other, do it outside, i just finished cleaning.

Just ate lunch, was way easier.  Still couldnt eat very much.  YEAAAA bbl


1.  My mother taught me TO APPRECIATE A JOB WELL DONE.
    “If you’re going to kill each other, do it outside.  I just finished cleaning.

2.  My mother taught me RELIGION
    “You had better pray that will come ot of the carpet.”

3.  My mother taught me about TIME TRAVEL
    “If you don’t straighten up, I’m going to knock you into the middle of next week.”

4.  My mother taught me LOGIC
     “Because I said so, that’s why.”

5.  My mother taught me MORE LOGIC
. “If you fall out of that swing and break your neck, you’re not going to the store with me.”

6.  My mother taught me FORESIGHT
     “Make sure you wear clean underwear, in case you’re in an accident.”

7.  My mother taught me IRONY
     “Keep crying, and I’ll give you something to cry about.”

8.  My mother taught me about the science of OSMOSIS
     “Shut your mouth and eat your supper.”

9.  My mother taught me about  CONTORTIONISM
     “Will you look at that dirt on the back of your neck?”

10. My mother taught me about STAMINA
      “You’ll sit there until all that spinach is gone.”

ll.  My mother taught me about WEATHER
      “This room of yours looks as if a tornado went through it.”

12.  My mother taught me about HYPOCRISY
       “If I told you once, I’ve told you a million times.  Don’t exaggerate!”

13.  My mother taught me the CIRCLE OF LIFE
       “I brought you into this world, and I can take you out.”

14.  My mother taught me about BEHAVIOR MODIFICATION
       “Stop acting like your father.”

15.  My mother taught me about ENVY
      “There are millions of less fortunate children in this world who don’t have wonderful parents like you”

16.  My mother taught me about ANTICIPATION
       “Just wait until we get home.”

17.  My mother taught me about RECEIVING
       “You are going to get it when you get home.”

18.  My mother  taught me MEDICAL SCIENCE
      “If you don’t stop crossing your eyes, they are going to freeze that way.”

19.  My mother taught me about ESP
       “Put your sweater on, don’t you think I know when you are cold?”

20.  My mother taught me about HUMOR
       “When that lawn mower cuts off your toes, don’t come running to me.”

21.  My mother taught me about HOW TO BECOME AN ADULT
       “If you don’t eat your vegetables, you’ll never grow up.”

22. My mother taught me about GENETICS
      “You’re just like your father.”

23.  My mother taught me about my ROOTS
      “Shut that door behind you.  Do you think you were born in a barn?”

24.  My mother taught me WISDOM
       “When you get to be my age, you’ll understand.”

25.  And my favorite:  My mother taught me about JUSTICE
       “One day you’ll have kids, and I hope they turn out just like YOU”!!!

 hmmmm,,,how did it work this time????

Thursday, April 7, 2011

Have Another! lunch invite, lolol,,,n cant EAT

But,,,, im going anyway,,,i can at least taste,,,She's cooked a pot roast,,,yummmmm.   This is the friend, S, that took me to Austin Tues.  N invited me out last nite for supper,,,deer meat with mashed potatoes, gravy, pea salad, and YES,, i ate til i was way way over full. lolol,,,o yeah,,,bread pudding for dessert too.  Had to bring that home for later.  The amount i could eat was about half as much as earlier, and i didnt get hungry before bedtime either.  So, things r looking GOOOD.

Been real cloudy all morning, but i went out n started watering anyway.  (bring rain?)  At least no sun nor wind to dry it out.  O yeah, went thru car wash yesterday too.  Gotta rain now.  Guess i could hang my load of wash outside,,, leaving my windows open too.  What else can i do?  Let yall know about this.  Gotta work.

DD ,,, my sis, N, chased a red bird outa her chicken pen, and it was so tired, it landed on the ground.  Her cat had it instantly.  Now he goes with her every time hoping for a repeat.  When she walks this,,,thing she calls a dog, lol (c my vid on youtube, TROUBLEnTX)  both outside cats go with her.    The neighbors r just fascinated by that.   The half grown cats, were throw outs, r bigger than the ,,,dog.  I have a few other vids too,,,TROUBLEnTX1,,,check those out too, if u dare.

Time to go,,,,that lunch is calling.  Ill think about yall while im eating,,,home made rolls toooooo.  Not sure i can eat those, that bread is hard to do, but i can smell.                     

RAIN RAIN RAIN,,,thats my wish. byeee


surpriseeee,,,i did get to eat one of those rolls.  Just 1, because they were as big as burger buns.  Took small bites, chewed a lot. lol,,but,,,it worked.  Was smothered beef, lots of onions, n lots of gravy.  Then a pot of pinto beans cooked with chopped up ham.   A macaroni salad.  Yall hungry yet?  Then, she packed up all this stuff to take home with me, and of course, i didnt argue, much.  Did wash a few dishes for my meal, lololol.  Meals,,i mean.

Darn it, all those on Idol were good last nite,,,but i still just voted for my fav 3, Casey, James, and Scotty.  Wow,,,that Scotty last nite,,,and Wow,,,again.  He did an Elvis song, and ,,well,,just Wow.  Hes just 17, got that deep voice like Johnny Cash.  Getting scary now, to c who is eliminated. 

Just dont know whats wrong with me.  Had all this energy today, have done all kinds of things.  Went out to take a cover off the front AC, and was in the process of doing so,,,n felt something just staring at me.  YES, was a yellowjacket!!!,  right there in my face, almost.  He put his wings up, glaring at me, and,,,I LEFT.  But,, guess what,,,i went back,,armed.  Got that sucker with one shot. lololol  Then, i finished the job.  Now if it gets in the 90s any more, im ready.  I have wall units, not central.  Lots more economical.  I cool the front during the day, and the back, my bed room, at nite.  Have one of those gas heaters with a thermostat, and just that and 1 r 2 burners in my kitchen, is all i need to heat the front.  Never heat the back, like it cold.  I do heat the bed before i go back there, then turn the blanket off when i get into bed.  Works for me.

Well, that catches me up, getting kinda late in the afternoon, better get out n run a couple of errands.  OOO YEAH,,, all those clouds r gone.  All that stuff i did,,,for nothing.


Wednesday, April 6, 2011

My Ideal Doc.

Thank God i changed docs.  HE didnt tell me to start counting calories and go back to the dietician.  He checked how many cc i had in that thing, (3 outa 9),,,coundnt believe it, checked again,,,still was the 3!!!!  Stupid doc over in Round Rock, had told me it was 7.  Never checked.  Well,,,he gave me 2 cc and told me to come back in 4 weeks, might need more.  oooo tytyty new doc.... lol  Couldnt eat much after that, either.  Like,, on the way back we stopped at a McDs,,got stuff to go, and i could only eat the little fish patty.  For supper, could only eat 1/2 my grilled cheese.  wow!!! yea!!!  Bread and lettuce just dont work.  If u eat them, it will hurt and u will gag and throw up, not much, but enough to relieve it.  wooohooo.,,,after nearly a year, messing around with the original doc, chosen sight unseen out of a group i didnt know,,,,there is hope.  Talking about bread there,  i can eat toast.  U take small bites, chew at least 30 times, which i had done anyway, and u can eat just about anything.  The friend i went with, had hers about a year before i did, (she lives 2 blocks from me) and shes lost over 200 lbs.,,,without exercising too.  Shes had 2 foot surgeries since then and can walk quite a bit now.  lol... We weigh about the same now.  So, for any of yall thinking about lap band,,,DO IT.  It also cures type 2 diabetes.  Im off one of my pills, but will be off all in the future, even the high blood pressure one, and the cholesterol.  Hate having to take all these pills.  Half r vitamins tho.

Who am i to complain, my son is in so much worse condition, what with all his 4 back surgeries, and another one in the future.  He lives in constant pain.  Makes me cry,,,wish it were me.  Had to laugh about SS printing out his med records from just one place, and it just kept going, and going.  Dont know how many pages it took,,,and that was just one.  He has finally applied for disability, and 25 years ago, after first back surgery, his doc told him to do it then.  Dont think he'll have any problem getting it.  He told me that last neck surgery was over 100000. dollars.  He did have SSI to cover that.  He had to wait for months to get the approval, and one wrong move could have done him in.  BAD.  ok,,,enough.  Gotta look on the bright side, to what hes done with all the kids throughout his life.  Has saved the life of quite a few, just by going by every day to make sure they had food, clothing, etc, til CPS could take them.  Then he kept an eye on the foster parents to make sure they werent mistreated.

Did i tell u, he and his dad, my first x, r buying the block to the East of me? Well, his dad.  When he, son, looked at it, knew they HAD to have it.  At the top of the hill, u can see everywhere.  Down on the town, the dam on river, mountains.  Best location in town.  And,,,best of all,,,the quiet!! Has just one street on North side, that in 2 blocks, is a dead end.  Very little traffic.  NO DOGS.  lol,,,over there where they live, there r 100s, barking day n nite.  DD, these arent dogs like urs... these r in pens, no attention,,,just left alone to bark.  mostly big dogs too.  OMG,,,gotta tell u about the new drug sniffing dog the DEA bought a few years ago.  It lived 1/2 block from them, big german sheppard, and x was out with his cats,,when the dog got outa the pen and came hurtling down the street straight to one of the cats.  My x grabbed up the cat and saved her and took her into the house. Then he called and told them he would shoot that dog if he saw it come back.  They had already had 2 neighbor dogs come over in their yard and kill one of their beloved siamese.  And yes, they kicked up a stink about that, ended up with the 2 pitt bulls being put down.  Anyway, they told him he better not, that dog had cost 5000. dollars.  He didnt even hesitate, told them his cat had cost 10!!!! and he would shoot the dam dog.  It never showed up any more.  So thats what they have to live with over there.  My x goes home in time to take the cats out for just a while, then back in they go.  Texman, what would u do?  lol,,,I know what i would do...never even hesitate.  Working in home health, lots of people had little dogs, and  i really liked them.  Not the 2 pekingese, tho.  Yapping hyper never shut up dogs.  Just thot about what happened back when he bought that house, hadnt even moved in, and a skunk had gotten in thru the cat door.  He called the police dept. and they sent an officer who went in blasting!!!!,,,shot holes in walls, ceiling, etc. and of course the skunk let loose while he was dying.  Sure cost the city to clean that up and replace all the carpet.  Fired that stupid officer too. lmaoooo

Lordy Lordy, gonna HAVE to start watering.  Never going to rain.  Dont water much, just trees and shrubs.

Well folks,,,its lunch time,,,i think.  Im hungry anyway,,,do have that 1/2 grilled cheese left.  Sound good?  

Monday, April 4, 2011

Blue Monday

Didnt go to respite today, sure glad.  Couldnt go to sleep last nite, then when i woke up at 7;30,,,went back to sleep til 9;30!.  Needed to rest up today, for that trip to Austin tomorrow.  Hate the thot of having to go, but going with a friend so wont be too bad.  Gonna ask that new doc to fill this lap band up so i cant even swallow water!!  Been almost a year now, and i havent lost the weight like i should have.  Well, not any.  That other doc would never get it tight enough.  Told me to count calories and exercise.  I told her thats why i had the lap band to start with.  Tried every diet there ever was, nothing ever worked. Never liked her.

Winds blowing like crazy today, carrying that west texas dust and poisons.  Think thats why theres so many allergys now.  They do all that spraying and it gets carried right on down here. 

Just not much to say today,  title says it all.  Maybe tomorrow will bring some excitement.  At least a story.


Sunday, April 3, 2011

There Are Fish in the Lake!

Both brothers and sister went out to the lake late yesterday, and i kinda tagged along.  Got my trip's worth with all the laughing I had to do, going off with that group.  First off,  B n N decided to change places just a little bit, (we're out in the dry lake bed, on sand) so i followed them on down and decided to turn my car around, which i did.  Then told them i was gonna go back to G's place and sit up there, which i did.  Winds blowing like a hurricane,,,went from 90 here in town to down right COLD out there, and they had set up facing that wind off that water.  Just got my chair all set up, and here comes B,,,hes gotten stuck turning around,,,saying,,dont know how u made it in ur car.   (can tell hes getting in a mood)   Well N is in a 4w dr ,,,so she gets the privilege of pulling him out.  They decide then to go back around the bend n try that spot, a little out of the wind, its to the back now.  yeaaaa,,,,, B's saying u never catch fish with the wind to ur back, (whats hes always heard anyway, he cant talk cause he only caught fish once,,,yesterday.)   I lean over n tell N, gonna be funny when those fish start biting over here,,,,hehehe,,,AND THEY DID!!!  Wasnt 10 minutes til she had one.  Then she and G sat there and caught quite a lot of them,,,B sitting in his truck out of the wind,,,not even getting a bite. He was watching his poles he had set up, tho.,,,,N's sitting there by me, holding her tea, a cig, and all of a sudden, her pole bends over, shes yelling and trying to get outa her chair, then finally does, cant get her pole outa the holder, finally does, chair flips over, tea, cigs and all,,, but,,,she gets the biggest catch of the day reeled in...lololol  Wasnt anything to tie the stringer to, so B got out his sledge hammer and tied it to that,,,saying,, lets just c them pull THAT in.   He finally got outa his truck, got enough dry wood together, and built an illegal fire.  Wind was blowing toward the water, so wasnt worried about it.  Were in a total burn ban.  But nobody showed up.  Didnt know he and N had waded out and got wet, getting minnows earlier.

Was thinking later, how good it is, for us all to still like being together and having fun.  I should be sore from all the laughing i had to do, but when N couldnt get outa that chair ,,,thot i would choke!!! hahahaha  Shes the one 4 months older than my son.   B is 9 months older than my dotter. lololol  Then G is,,,welll,,,, about the same as me.  When my youngest son was born, my 4 year old one,,,came marching into my hospital room that morning,,,and said,,,"Just wanna know one thing",,,, i said,,,"what?",,,"Is that baby out there, my brother or my uncle!!!???"  He and his aunt,,,N,,,started to school together, and Mom and i had always wondered what would happen if they got in the same room, but it was fine.  they might despise each other at home, but out,,,they were family. lololol  She told me, yeah, she remembered when he took the rattlesnake eggs to school and didnt get in trouble,,,he was always the teacher's pet.   What she said, anyway. lol

Our church newsletter had this notice in it,,,MEN'S domino nite,,,on thurs. every other week.,,,,WELL!!!! I went marching in there and told em,,,that was waving a red flag in my face,,,,lolololol.... one thing ,,all of us were raised right, and that was doing every domino game from the time we could add the ends together.  Old family games, always.  Anyway, wasnt long til another couple of women showed up, and i spent a couple of times teaching,,,but then told em they were on their own, only way to learn was to do it.  Also ,,,wasnt long til that newsletter said,,,GAME nite,,,hahahahah.  Anybody that joined this family,, learned domino games. Moon is our fav, rite now, we play dollar, dollar in family games, not church.    Mostly 42 on game nite.  We also learned horseshoes and washers.  Grew up with em.  Passed all of them on to our kids too.  You dont sit around with us, being bored, there is always something going on.  B has an 8 ft pool table too.  U play on that thing, and go into a bar with those smaller ones, piece of cake.  Id never carry my stick in,,,lol,,,but would go out to my car and get it, if i played.  Always wanted to be a pool shark, but never got that good, was as good as anybody else tho.

Think it might be hot out side, showing 93 in the shade, lol.

think ill sit out on the patio for a while.  always cool there, yall tc

Saturday, April 2, 2011

Mechanical Mama

Like ol buddy Texman, i thot today was ANY day but saturday.  When cartoons came on, instead of news,,,knew where i was. lol,,,not that it matters anyway.    I keep a gadget of calendar and clock on my screen here, all i have to do is look, which i did to verify i had guessed right,,,it really was saturday.  I also keep the little yellow sticky notes too.,,,that way, its staring me in the face on what appointments ,,,etc,,, i have to do.  One is going to Austin tuesday to c a new lap band doctor.  Going with a friend that got it done a few months before i did, and lives about 2 blocks from me.  She set an appointment for same day, same time too, so im going with them.  Cant go there by myself because u have to park in a parking garage about a block away and i cant walk that far without sitting down.  My back just locks up and i HAVE to sit down. Her hubby will let us off at the door and go park. 

Ok now,,,on the subject of mechanics.   Im a darn good one,,,well, on diagnosing.  Both xes made livings from cars, so i did pick up things along the way.  One nite, (on a cold dark nite),,,came upon a car with 2 little ol ladies, dead stopped at a stop sign, car deader than a hammer.  My bf and i got out with MY flashers on, and i told one to open the hood.  When she did, i wiggled the connector on the battery and told her to try it now,,,started right up.  lolol,,,they were very impressed!!!  BF too.  I drove behind them almost all the way to their house, and I  told them to get those tightened up.  They swore they would, and i dont doubt they did.   Didnt tell them i had had that happen quite a few times in my life,,,,hehehe.  First time my car wont start, i replace the battery.  U can charge em up and they will last a while, but,,,,,will always happen again and at the most inconvenient time.  And of course, all u men, i know sometimes its NOT the battery.  hahahahaha,,,its the connectors. lmaoooo.  My bro gave me one of those starter thingys,,so i can jump off that if necessary.  (Guess i might as well ,,fess up,,,first time i needed it, i had let IT run down!)  You do have to plug it in about once a month to keep it charged up.

My mom gave me an extra clicky thingy for my car and i looked up how to reset those things (bro had a book)  and took it,,,book and all, to my son to reset it.  First words were, IVE never had one of those things work!  Well, i didnt say a word while he got in under the dash and followed instructions on how to reprogram.. Sure enough,,,didnt work,,,Thats when i butted in, and told him to try it while its pointing at that box thingy under there.  He growled around, but did, and oooo WOW<,,LOL N BEHOLD<<<<it does work!!!  Sometimes moms do know better,,,Dont ever tell him i said that,,,lmao.

I believe that a car might run forever, as long as u do upkeep.  So,,,ive always kept mine done.  Dont drive much anymore, but get a feeling sometimes to check how long its been since an oil change, usually really close on that.  My son and i did some horse trading, so he owes me 2 of those now.  Hope he remembers, lol.   Maybe i have selective memory.

My back is almost well today.  Even slept good, and i havent taken any more aleve.  Will be more careful next time i have to trim my toenails.

My sis called and said she went out to the lake with our bros,,late yesterday,  and our youngest bro is the only one that caught a lot!!.  how can that be?  Ive had that happen tooo many times, too.  Ur fishing  same spot, same bait, and just one is catching the fish.  And besides that, hes the only one that doesnt really care about eating em. hahahaha  Im glad he did, cause he usually is the only one NOT catching any.

Well, thats all folks,,,gotta get up and do,,,,something. 

Friday, April 1, 2011

Back Problems?,,,old age?,,,,wth knows

Had to take an aleve so maybe i can move a little.  Don't know what i did to a muscle in my back, kinda all down the right side, waist to hip.  Started yesterday, and had to shift positions all nite to sleep.  There's a dull pain just sitting here.  Think it's like DDs memory problem. lol  Loved his description of what i do. hahahaha  And i cant believe they drove all the way to Ben's then turned around n went home!! lmaoo.... was it the cats? Musta been, cats r sooo territorial.  My mom had one that was worse than any guard dog ever thot of being.  Saw her run lots of BIG dogs off.  They never thot to argue with that ferocious ball of fur flying at them, spitting and slapping those bad claws.  Everybody was half scared of her too, she would attack YOU when u petted her sometimes.  Or when u just walked by.  But never me.  Everybody kept telling mom to get rid of her, but she never did.  I liked her!  Maybe that's why she never was mean to me.  For some reason, animals n kids have always liked me.

Went out yesterday and on the other side of my car, 4 sheep were laying there under the tree, and got up when they saw me.  Have NOOO idea who owns sheep in this neighborhood, but I left them alone, thot,,,let em eat some of my weeds, lol.  Later when i came back, tho, they were gone.  The ol mule across the street was sure interested in em too.  He was keeping a good eye on them.  Love to hear him braying, which he doesnt do much, but i sure like it when he brays at me.  Dont care what my neighbors keep, long as its not DOGS!!!   The druggies that had to move, from across the street, had this little weiner dog that just yepped allllll the dam time, for NO reason.  They had him in a pen, and i never saw them pay any attention to him.  I complained a lot!!! and i will any other time too!!!  This is a quiet neighborhood and it does not need barking dam dogs!!! ok,,,lol, now u know.  hahahaha.  Used to have these big dogs that roamed around and would come by and get into my pond.  I ran them off with my pellet gun.  One of the cops that came by when i had called about them, told me i could shoot em if they were doing harm,  which they were, but i just couldnt use my 22.  just kept calling.  Guess the owners finally got tired of fines, and got rid of them, dont see big dogs around here any more.  We do have laws on dogs here.

ok all u dog lovers, hit me with it.  Ive had 2 dogs i loved,,,both were german sheppards, very smart, and easy to train.  But Im more of a cat person.  Bought a siamese way back, female, show quality (that was just coincidence) and that started lots of years of breeding and selling these very special cats.  I was so picky about who i sold them to, most of the time, i gave them away so i knew who got them and how they would be treated.  I never fooled with papers, just wanted them as pets and sold them that way too.  That line finally all died out over the years, and i just have 1 cat now, Jude, that i dont know his pedigree and dont care.  Ive always named my cats from songs, lol.  The last siamese was Fancy.

Almost noon, think i might get dressed.  And maybe find some lunch.  And maybe check around outside, c whats out there today. lololol,,,

Well,,,,now i know!,,,Pulled that muscle stretching to the left to trim my toe nails yesterday.  It showed me when i got dressed.  When u got this mid section like i got, takes a lot of stretch to do that.  Never had this happen before tho.  Gonna just baby it around til it gets well, hopefully,,,today. ha ha

Didnt see anything new outside.  Disappointed.  Ive lived here almost 10 years, and there could be anything show up.  Its just over the top of a hill from the river, and theres LOTS of unusual things on the river.  One thing i sooo enjoyed was a pair of roadrunners.  They were around about the first 5 years, and so enjoyable.  They would hide behind a bush r something and stretch that long neck out to c what i was doing.  lol  Got to c them doing a mating ritual!!!  why cant u get these kind of things on film?  The female was in the front yard, and i looked out just in time to c the male running across the street with a lizard.  He dropped it at her feet, then started doing all this jumping, dipping, running around her, all these crazy looking things while she stood there with her wings hanging down,,,,This went on til a car went by and broke it up.  You never saw the little ones, they stayed in the nest til they were as big in size as the parents, then would be with them for a while.  Sure have missed them, dont know what happened to them.  They nested in a tree in a neighbors yard, but they dont know either.  (they own the mule, only neighbor i have right now)  They live on up on the end of the street, 1/2 a block r so.

gonna leave yall with this, sooo much to write about, but will wait til later....